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Dear Open-Minded People of the Left,

This is an open letter from a self-described White identitarian, an advocate of pro-European racial identity.

You may condemn me, but I ask you to hear me out. I have criticized you in the past, sometimes savagely, but today I come to you with an olive branch—and an explanation.

Today, I would like to help you understand the movement for White identity from the perspective of a pro-White advocate.

You have almost certainly been taught to regard our movement, whether branded as Dissident Right or Alt-Right, or by some other name, as “hateful” and “racist.” I do not blame you for this error, and I yet retain a belief, however optimistic, that some of you are open enough to hear me out.

Openness is important to me: openness to new ideas, new beliefs, new arguments. I do not always change my mind, but I have nevertheless done so many times, and it is always refreshing to have my thinking challenged.

I talk about openness because it was openness that led me to the Left as a young adult, and openness, among other things, that ultimately led me away after many years. I don’t expect you to be impressed or surprised that I was a Democrat-voting anti-war leftist during most of George W. Bush’s disastrous presidency, but I mention it because, for me, it was profoundly significant.


So, what transformed me from a Kerry and Obama voter to a right-winger and pro-White identitarian?

The short version: I came to the conclusion that the Left’s political strategy is to exploit Whites, and especially White men, while simultaneously seeking to guilt-trip and deride us.

For all too many on the Left, Whites and especially White men are expected to carry the burdens of building a new and “progressive” order, at the same time as we are derided and shamed for representing the old order.

We are not your mules, beasts of burden for you to exploit even as you complain about our stubbornness.

With this in mind, here are 4 reasons I have found for the existence of the White identity movement.


Reason 1): Welfare State Parasitism

For many on the Left, the welfare state is at the heart of their vision for what government should be.

It’s also largely funded by White people.

As a group, on average, non-Hispanic Whites are responsible for a public budget surplus which, by some estimates, reaches $553.52 billion, or $2,795 per capita.

By contrast, Hispanics run a budget deficit of $411.95 billion, or $7,289 per person. Blacks run a budget deficit of $389.71 billion, or $10,016 per capita.

Overall, non-Hispanic Whites paid at least 75.86% of all taxes in 2014—not bad for a group that numbered 62.1% of the national population.

Not only do Whites pay for more than their “fair share” of the welfare state, they pay into it even though it disproportionately benefits other groups. By one back-of-the-envelope estimate, Blacks alone have received $8.3 trillion extra in disproportionate welfare payments since 1971.

Spare me your cries of Not All X Are Like That. If you are an adult, you ought to be able to comprehend the concepts of trends, averages, and broader patterns, while also recognizing that of course people are individuals.

White identitarians may differ about what should be done regarding the welfare state. Some may favor reform, while others, including yours truly, favor abolition. However, this is one of the most important areas of public policy that is relevant to White identity: as a racial group, Whites are paying for “diversity.”


Reason 2): Mass Migration and White Replacement

Whites are the only group whose replacement in their own lands is something to celebrate, according to many on the Left and in the Cathedral media. I note that most of these same people and entities – those of the non-dual-citizen variety – show no discernible desire to leave White-majority lands.

“The US will become ‘minority white’ in 2045, Census projects,” William Frey writes for Brookings. The subtitle is “Youthful minorities are the engine of future growth,” and the picture shows a smiling group of people from various racial backgrounds.

In the interests of transparency, allow me to observe that not everyone agrees: there is a counter-argument that Whites will not become the minority if one takes a more inclusive definition of White people, one which incorporates people of mixed White heritage who identify as White and one or more other groups.

Writing for the New York Times, Niraj Chokshi explains that a new study on Trump voters found, and I quote: “White, Christian and male voters, the study suggests, turned to Mr. Trump because they felt their status was at risk.”

I completely agree with Chokshi, and I believe that this played a part in my own journey from voting for Goofy Gary Johnson in 2016 to supporting Donald Trump.

Think about this for a moment – and I mean really think about it: why in the world would anyone want to lose status in their own country?

Do you, dear open-minded reader on the Left, want to be replaced? Before you try to rebut me, realize that I am not only talking about matters of race, ethnicity, culture, and religion but also about literally any other source of identity – including political and social views, for example.

Now, let me ask the question again: how did you feel when Donald Trump won the election?

Did you perhaps feel that someone who represented the Other, a different identity, a different group of people, was trying to replace you?

Before you object that there is no comparison between a political ideology and a racial identification, allow me to observe that race has become rather politicized in this country.

In fact, this brings me to my third point.


Reason 3): Whites Are Blamed for Everything

White male-bashing is a stock in trade for the Left, and if you have been paying attention you know this to be true. I will openly admit that all too often, Whites are masters of racial masochism. White guilt is mostly our fault, and we need to take responsibility for ending it.

The removal of statues commemorating various figures of the Confederacy has become a flashpoint in the Culture War, and since I see the Culture War in substantially racial terms I would be remiss not to talk about it.

Besides, this New York Times article, “Monuments for A New Era” landed in my feed:

“It has taken a tremendous effort to remove the Confederate statues that have been taken down so far. This is a great beginning. I’d like to replace the 68-foot-4-inch column and base that for 133 years provided a platform for a figure of the white supremacist general Robert E. Lee with an anti-monument. I’d call it ‘The Legacy of Slavery Is in the Way of Progress and Will Be Until America, Which Benefits From That Legacy, Has Been Replaced With a Completely Different Society.’”

Even without the aforementioned points about welfare parasitism, and even if we did not have the convenient FBI Table 21 and other interesting information about the color of crime, there’s still an interesting historical argument to be had here.

I’ll note that national institutions are the key reason a nation ends up rich or poor, and the reason the United Kingdom jump-started the Industrial Revolution had everything to do with the invention of invention – in other words, being able to invent something, patent it, and profit from it.

African slaves in America would have been slaves in Africa if not for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and there’s even an argument that on net and on average, Whites did not benefit from slavery at the time (read it for yourself and tell me what you think).

To take another example, one I posted to our Republic Standard Facebook page the other day, consider this New York Times piece (are you sensing a pattern yet?) about White guilt:

“I’m riddled with shame. White shame. This isn’t helpful to me or to anyone, especially people of color. I feel like there is no “me” outside of my white/upper middle class/cisgender identity. I feel like my literal existence hurts people like I’m always taking up space that should belong to someone else.”


Does this sound like a healthy mentality to you? Do you see the problem? This person cannot escape from their negatively internalized White identity, the consequence of toxic anti-White narratives they have absorbed from the anti-White media and culture.

Now, I am much more than an identitarian. I do not think that this person simply needs a positive racial identity instead of a negative one – indeed, it is obvious to me that they need a healthier approach to their identity that is less reductive and essentialist.

I would advise this individual to cultivate their hobbies, spend time with friends, and stop taking themselves so seriously. The world is both more tragic and more wonderful than they are giving it credit for, and they will not begin to appreciate that subtle poetry until they have unburdened themselves.


I would also tell them that it’s okay to be White.

Not bad, not good, but definitely okay.

Here’s the thing: we’re not advocating for racial hatred or supremacy. Those things are terribly destructive forces – that’s actually a big part of my thesis here.

One of my own priorities in this movement is pushing back against the notion that the so-called far right represents “hate,” which is what the entire Cathedral media would apparently have you believe.

But of course, we’re also arguing against racial masochism.

What we’re arguing for is the right of Whites to an identity and to collective interests. I accept that we will hold different views: the entire broader landscape of the Dissident Right and Alt-Right has fault-lines between Christians and Heathens (capitalization intentional), traditionalists and secularists, and (simplifying a bit) libertarians and authoritarians.

Human beings evolved to live in groups, and it is entirely natural to prioritize one’s own groups – family, community, tribe, ethnic or racial group, nation, religion, fraternal organization – over others.

You may not have a strong racial identity, and you may not have any desire for one. Perhaps for you, the whole of humanity constitutes one human race, and you feel a sense of attachment and loyalty to them.

And you know what? That’s all well and fine. I completely respect your preferences. Are you willing to respect mine?


Reason 4): The Double Standards

Whites are supposed to be responsible for the actions of our forebears, even when these were not exceptional by the standards of past eras. And if we dare to question the egalitarian dogmas about race, we’re “White supremacists” no matter how much we say the opposite.

However, non-Whites with social media histories of anti-White rhetoric land jobs at the prestigious New York Times – just look at Sarah Jeong.

Meanwhile, VICE reports that police in Chicago were using “bait trucks” loaded with Nikes to catch criminals – until they stopped, because of community outrage.

Why, you might ask, were some in the community outraged? Was the tactic not effective in catching criminals? Were the trucks taking up valuable parking spots? Were the trucks somehow drawing crime into particular areas?

If you watch the video, you will see that some in the local Black population were outraged that the police would leave bait trucks full of Nikes in the hood, because of course people are going to steal them! There was even an apology.

This, and the ridiculous spectacle of the Starbucks frame game, demonstrates the absolute state of race relations in America today: Whites have to be responsible for everyone, but Blacks are not expected to even be responsible for themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, police shoot more Whites than Blacks – not only in absolute numbers but proportionately if one takes crime rates into account. And yet, the justified shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in 2014 produced the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” myth… which begat the destructive Ferguson riots, which were defended by the Left.

Climb into the wayback machine, and we see Trayvon Martin: shot dead while attacking George Zimmerman, turned into an instant martyr even as his killer was tried and hung in the kangaroo court of Cathedral media-manipulated public opinion. Martin was posthumously awarded an honorary degree in aeronautical science by Florida Memorial University.


This is how race relations in this country, and in so much of the Western world, currently stand:

  1. Whites must be responsible for everything and everyone, and most of all for our individual and collective racial sins.
  2. Blacks may act like irresponsible, hysterical, and even violent children and their misdeeds will be minimized, denied, or lionized, as the case and the narrative may demand.

Do you begin to understand how very absurd this world looks to us?

And it is we, the White race, who are supposed to bear all the burdens, from the economic to the cultural, of diminishing ourselves.

Can you imagine any other group being the target of Qatar’s “woke” agitprop outlet AJ+?

Can you imagine any other group being described as too abundant, and therefore not diverse enough?

Can you imagine any other group being denied a sense of racial pride?

Can you imagine any other group taking all of this denigration from anybody, and not standing up for themselves?

If race relations in the U.S. and the West are ever to truly progress, they must do so on a foundation of honesty and mutual engagement.

White ethno-masochism offers only a compromised foundation, one which has contributed to the warped and perverse narrative that rules this culture today. This narrative has served no one but professional grievance-mongers and other parasites, and it must be replaced.

It is true that many Whites remain immured in White guilt, willing to wear the proverbial saddle and carry the load. That is to their detriment, and to the detriment of the very people they claim to be trying to help, since it promotes a false narrative of racial victimization, childishness, and learned helplessness.

Some of us, however, have woken up. We are no longer intimidated by the false cries of “racism,” and we will no longer apologize for defending our own interests and taking our own side. We do not preach animosity, only honesty about our interests and our priorities.

This is an olive branch. You, Open-Minded People of the Left, have the power to de-escalate the racial conflict that some among you have done so much to stir. You can push back against the anti-White rhetoric and model good behavior that will win you the admiration of reasonable people across the spectrum.

You cannot assimilate us to the standard leftist narratives on race, because we have self-respect and because we keenly understand that they run counter to our interests. Accept this, and we can move toward a better future built on honesty and the respect that is accorded to people who refuse to be exploited and derided.

We are not your mules, and the sooner everyone understands this, the better for us all.


Julius Roy-Davis

by Julius Roy-Davis

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