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This is going to be a long piece, so you might want to make a cup of tea in advance. You may need it to steady your nerves by the time we are through. What you are about to witness is the utter capitulation of the British Establishment to Islam in real time.

We begin at Westminster. A report published in October 2017 stated 425 out of 850 British passport holders who went to fight for ISIS have been allowed to return to the UK. Even by my GCSE grade C maths, that's half of the people who declared their undying allegiance to the Caliphate are now back in Britain. Compared to nations which saw higher numbers of so-called citizens go to fight for the caliphate, this ratio is huge. For context, 1,910 jihadists went from France to Syria/Iraq but only 271 have returned. We don't have exact numbers of fatalities at this time. Even so, one might have assumed that declaring oneself as an enemy of the Crown and butchering innocent people in Syria might be a crime in Great Britain. Not so.

In Parliament on the 31st of January, Labour MP John Woodcock demanded answers:

“Are more than 400 of those returning individuals in jail or going through the court system? We simply do not know, because the Government will not release the figures, despite repeated requests. There is strong demand from the public to know how many who traveled to fight foreign jihad are currently free in British communities. Those men and women are escaping justice, despite having been prepared to fight British troops in the name of a sickeningly evil cause.

If they are not locked up or deradicalized, they are potentially able to import back to British streets brutal killing techniques learned on the battlefield."

He is exactly right, though deradicalization is a phenomena that even Quilliam -the government funded anti-radicalization think-tank set up by former radical Maajid Nawaz- has only had any success with non-Muslim radicals. Still, Woodcock is an optimist. Addressing Victoria Atkins, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Vulnerability, Safeguarding and Countering Extremism, Woodcock said:

“Can the Minister tell me, or get her colleague to write to me on, the proportion of the 850 individuals who are no longer deemed to be of national security concern and whether any of them have been tried?”

Victoria Atkins responded with some of the most staggeringly foolish words ever spoken about an enemy.

“As we have stated previously in the House, we know that more than 850 UK-linked individuals of national security concern traveled to engage with the Syrian conflict.

We estimate that over 15% of those who traveled have been killed in fighting in the region and just under half have returned to the UK. A significant proportion of those individuals who have already returned are assessed as no longer being of national security concern.

The Government have been clear throughout the conflict that any British national who has traveled to Syria or Iraq and chosen to fight for Daesh has made themselves a legitimate target while in the conflict zone."

Correct me if I am wrong, but if there is a logical reason for hitting Jihadis with drones and SAS kill-teams in Syria, why is there no reason to pay any attention at all to them when they return to the UK?

Why are people who swore an oath to raise the black flag of ISIS over Parliament and to behead the Queen not being shot on sight? If last night's prime-time British television is anything to go by, the real danger to the British public comes not from 400 Jihadis but from a mid-thirties activist and journalist who says the unbelievable: that the religion of Islam justifies violence.

Put that one together. 400 people who said they would kill for Islam are not a problem now. Not a national security concern. This is madness.

The State Broadcaster BBC has not even see fit to report on this huge story. 400 Jihadis are not worthy of their attention. Where is their attention? Well- I shall tell you.

There is a man who says that some Muslims will kill for Islam. Of late, he has been the recipient of death threats which the police ignored. This citizen found the man making the threats himself- a deluded Muslim youth radicalized by a Muslim YouTuber who goes by the name Ali Dawah. Dawah has attempted to share this man's home address on two occasions- for what purpose I am sure you can guess. Dawah gave the wrong address out both times- putting innocent people at risk. The youth who made the threats -and is a schizophrenic- apologizes when confronted.

“Why does [sic] people show hatred in you [sic]? Because first I didn’t know you, that’s why I was doing it. When I knew you [sic], you’re a good person, you’re not a bad person”.

Who is this reprehensible man, who is more deadly than half of the ISIS British contingent put together? Tommy Robinson, of course.


Last night on the BBC a prerecorded interview with Tommy Robinson was broadcast in which he was grilled about whether he is responsible for far-right radicalization in the country. This comes after an extensive media (and possibly judicial) campaign to tie Robinson to the actions of the murderer Darren Osborne, who is now found guilty in court of using a truck to attack Muslims leaving Finsbury Park mosque.

I wonder where he got that that idea.

Apologies for the poor quality audio, it is external content.

This pre-recorded and edited interview was followed by a live segment in which the same interviewer soft balled Fiyaz Mughal on Robinson’s interview. Mughal is a Muslim activist who repeatedly misrepresented hate-crimes in the UK. Mughal was so consistently mendacious that his organization 'Tell Mama' lost its government grant. Yet, he is qualified enough to tell the British public what was really going on.

Mughal says that it is generalizations about Muslims made by non-Muslims that make non-Muslims kill Muslims. Utter lies. He then complains that there are not enough restrictions of free speech. I suppose it is inconvenient when people can complain about the global Jihad.

Imagine that, a man lies to the public about how Islamophobic the British public is and then he appears on the flagship BBC news magazine show to explain how Islamophobic and right wing the public is. Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson is dragged over hot coals and accused of being Oswald Moseley reborn for telling the truth about Islam. Not once in nearly a decade has Robinson wavered from this message.

You cannot make this up. The State ignores the jihadi threat that is blatantly obvious to anyone with a functioning cerebellum. Then, the very next day that this has been challenged in the Houses of Parliament, The BBC accuses Tommy Robinson of being a far-right hatemonger and the real threat to the nation. He is barely allowed to speak in his own defence by an interrogative journalist who attempts to shout him down at every opportunity. To ram it home, we are told that to pay attention to the blatantly obvious is racist, by a man who has lied repeatedly about anti-Muslim hate crimes in the past and is allowed to tell the British public completely without challenge from the same BBC journalist that the real culprit for terrorism is the British people themselves.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary that Britain is, in fact, one of the most tolerant places on the planet, the BBC is desperately trying to construct a narrative. The narrative is that 'Far-Right' terrorism is an equivalent threat to that of Islamic terrorism. This is a nonsense, but it does explain why we must focus on Robinson, instead of the more than 900 victims of Islamic terrorism worldwide in January 2018 alone.

The narrative you see portrayed by the BBC is that somehow the tweets from Robinson are are a more potent factor in the radicalization of Darren Osborne than decades of Islamic terrorism in the United Kingdom. the 7/7 attacks in which 52 people were murdered by 4 suicide bombers was almost thirteen years ago.


Since that dreadful day there have been 40 more Islamic terror attacks in the United Kingdom which have injured 261 people. 57 more people have been killed. Think about this as you read. Perhaps you are at work. Look around you. How many people do you work with? Imagine 57 of them dead. Imagine everyone in your class from school, murdered.

But Robinson tweeted things that were not nice to the Religion of Peace, so he is the problem.

This false narrative also employs the deeply flawed (and long debunked) assumption that still somehow persists among a great number of otherwise intelligent people that criticism of Islam creates Islamic terrorists. Bunkum. If criticism of Islam causes Jihadists, and criticism of Islam also causes Far-Right terrorists to spring out of the ground, then we ought to make criticising Islam a crime and be done with it. Even when you adopt this tenet of sharia law, it will not prevent jihad. The entirety of the Islamic world is testament to that. If you cease criticism of Islam, then you may be killed for being kuffar or apostate or on the suspicion you are a witch.

The very idea of what the British Establishment is trying to do is anathema to me and all people who think themselves free.

I will not stop saying that Islam is not a religion of peace. I will not stop saying it is incompatible with Western Civilization. I will not look away or make excuses while my people are murdered and raped and made to feel like they are the guilty ones. I will not stop saying these things even if I can never set foot in the United Kingdom again on pain of imprisonment or death. I will keep saying these things not out of hate for Muslims or ‘racism’ but because they must be said because they are true.

Nevermind that millions of people read the mass marketing mailshot from Robinson and did not drive a truck into anyone at all. Never mind that there is no evidence of Robinson ever inciting violence against anyone, and large volumes of evidence that he has counseled against violence for years. Never mind he burned the flag of the Third Reich and denounced racism. Tommy is a racist, it is known.

Islam is the contributory factor to terrorist attacks in the vast majority of cases worldwide.

The terrorist supporting Al-Quds march takes place every year in London, demanding death to the Jew, death to Israel. The media ignore it. When British people of many races and faiths rally against extremism, it is branded as a "Far Right" rally by the BBC. Children are nail-bombed at pop concerts. People enjoying a beer in London are hit with trucks and stabbed. Within 4 weeks, the media focus changes to a tragic fire in a tower block in London. and never returns. The victims of terrorism are forgotten in favour of the victims of a tragedy that is on the permitted list of things to be angry about. Despite this, British people do not rise up and exterminate the Muslims wherever they are found- and that is a very good thing indeed that they do not.

To reiterate: Hundreds of people are injured or killed by Muslims in the name of Allah and the Jihad on British soil in scores of terrorist attacks. This is not enough to radicalize Darren Osborne into attacking Muslims with a truck. Tommy Robinson tweets about how Islam is a protected ideology in Britain, and this is enough to drive Osborne to murder. Preposterous. This is narrative generation. Mark my words, every attack in the name of Islam will be portrayed in the media as having the Far Right as the catalyst. It is a variation on the idea that Western Imperialism caused Boko Haram to spring up, or the Bali bombing. It is an utter nonsense.

"Consider this, look again at the awful carnage in Bali, and shudder if you ever said, or thought, that the bombs in London in July, or the bombs in Baghdad every day, or the bombs in Bali last Friday, are caused by any "policy" but that of the bombers themselves." Christopher Hitchens, 2005

Let us for a moment consider history and contemplate how far Britain has fallen.

After World War II, John Amery was found guilty of the crime of high treason. A fascist, he left the United Kingdom and found his way into the service of Adolf Hitler. During the war, he made pro-Nazi propaganda and attempted to recruit Britons from POW camps for a Waffen SS unit, the Britisches Freikorps. After his capture in Italy, he was returned in bonds to face trial. Amery pled guilty to eight counts of high treason, leaving the court with only one option. Sentencing him to death in 1945, Mr. Justice Humphreys said:

"John Amery ... I am satisfied that you knew what you did and that you did it intentionally and deliberately after you had received warning from ... your fellow countrymen that the course you were pursuing amounted to high treason. They called you a traitor and you heard them; but in spite of that, you continued in that course. You now stand a self-confessed traitor to your King and country, and you have forfeited your right to live."

Britain no longer holds the death penalty, but I ask- who is treasonous? Is it Robinson, who criticises Islam? Is it Fiyaz Mughal, who lies and points the finger at Britons for any perceived slight against his faith?

Is it the 850 British citizens who left to fight for a terrorist cause against their own nation?

John Amery swore his allegiance to the Third Reich and paid for his crimes with his life. 850 men swore allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi- who is still at large- and more than 400 of these men are not only in the United Kingdom but are no longer considered to be any danger at all.

The real danger we are told comes not from veterans of a brutal Jihad which beheaded and immolated and slaughtered its way across Syria. These warriors were simply misguided, I suppose. It comes from Tommy Robinson and his Twitter account. In 2014, the government's policy was to attempt to arrest these jihadis- though it was already being challenged at that time. Lord Macdonald QC at the time said that charging returning jihadists with treason was "a juvenile response to a grown-up problem". Now we simply capitulate. That's the mature response of the British Government and the BBC.

Much better it is to turn 400 combatants loose and pray that jihadis aren't going to do what they swore oaths to Allah they would do.

The real danger comes from tweets. The real danger is a mid-thirties white man in Luton, who condemns terrorism of all kinds. Twitter leftists were out in force last night lambasting the BBC for even putting Robinson on the show to defend himself- which he did admirably under the circumstances. Is Robinson the most dangerous man in Britain? The BBC seem to think so. Members of Parliament agree, by the fact that far more police attention is paid to Robinson than is being paid to people who went to war against the United Kingdom and her citizens.

Islam is an existential threat to the Western World, but it is only thanks to the utter capitulation of the establishment powers and the support of leftist politicians that it will conquer us all. Robinson has been a canary in this coal mine for so long he knows nothing but the stench of gas. He has little hope of leading a normal life- whatever that can even mean when you are a man so vilified by half the country for speaking the truth.

Just another day in the Caliphate.

The Editor

by The Editor