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The time comes in every girl's life where she has to pull up her big girl panties, take a good hard long look in the mirror, and be honest about what she can do to become the woman she is meant to be. That day is today. Grab a mirror and come in to my boudoir, ladies.

1. Feminism is cancer and women are still malignant

  • There's a really cool new brain cancer treatment called a gamma knife. It's a computerized machine that secures your noggin in a vice and targets tumor growth in the human brain with pinpoint precision; using this treatment spares the patient infertility, hair loss, vomiting, tissue damage to unaffected areas and round after round of chemotherapy. Amazing, really.

I wish there were a similar device that could target the latent feminist propaganda that has seeped in to our brains and has nestled itself in the fissures and sulci from having been raised on and around it, but alas, it cannot be so. We women will have to all perform extensive brain surgery on ourselves and each other until every last bit of cancerous plaque has been scraped from our thinkers. You're probably offended by now, dear reader, that I've called you a vile malignant feminist, if so, just be aware that that is a symptom. Time to excise it. So what is feminism anyway? Well let's do a quick history.

  • 1st wave: 200 women met at the turn of the 20th century to discuss political and social considerations and voted on what issues were most important amongst themselves. It didn't go very far until White women united together when black former slaves were going to get the right to vote ahead of them. (Quite understandably) Reproductive rights issues began in this wave, Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in 1916, 4 years before women won the right to vote in 1920.
  • 2nd wave: this wave was all about women's liberation, both sexually and intellectually but additionally from the home, which is arguably the worst and most damaging aspect and though the issues of work equality and educational opportunities were being discussed academically it wasn't until the 3 million woman reach of a book released in 1963 called The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan (born Betty Goldstein) who went on to form National Organization for Women only 3 years later. Her book sparked anger in women who felt they were getting a raw deal in their traditional roles. To her credit she was against the extreme polarization factions that demonized men and homemakers, not that it mattered in the end.
  • 3rd wave: Intersectional, angry, and much more political. This wave was sparked by the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court amid a sexual harassment claim from Anita Hill. This prompted Rebecca Walker to write an article about it. Simultaneously on the pop culture stage Riot Grrrl, a punk subculture was launched in Washington where art, music, and literature were dedicated to talking about rape, abuse, anger at men, and oppression of their sex- whether real or imagined.
  • 4th wave: the current permutation which began in 2012 with the popularization of social media. Unsurprisingly it's primarily about sex. Women's issues have always been centered around sex from ancient prostitution and birth control methods all the way to Victorian era masturbation treatments for hysteria through to the present day with sexualized feminism against specialization of women. The duality of even more sexual liberation and the focus on rape culture is at its best confusing and at worst an all out assault on men, particularly White men, and masculinity in general. It is becoming clearer that the final form of feminism will be the metaphysical castration and subsequent elimination of men from society. The civil rights aspect is focused on those with gender confusion and humanizing the worst aspects of sexuality including pedophilia. 4th wave feminism is a complete rejection of home and hearth and is a cold, ugly, and usually naked screeching mob of angry women who are no longer sure what they are angry about.

Women who prefer the nuclear family, abstention from elected politics, aim to become mothers and wives (or already are), and in many cases are willing to repeal the 19th Amendment have nothing to gain from this neo-Marxist cult.

2. Demanding respect of your feelings and opinions by virtue of being a woman is feminist ideology.

Respect is earned. Since we are somewhat in an ‘all hands on deck’ position it doesn't make sense to ask women to take the bench in the effort to reshape our society. If anything we owe our service to the cause in recompense for the damage our gender has wrought. However, since that requires that we occupy space in a sphere that we all agree is -and should be- masculine, we need to understand the rules on which they operate and meet them on their playing field. We must not demand that they make special considerations for us and create a safe space for our lady feelings and “atta girl" our every thought. Surely that is counter-productive and a long-term degenerative factor in our movement. Be prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at you whether it is name calling (which is immature), questions of your virtue and criticism of your presence, and even animosity of your entire gender. As much as feminism has damaged women, it has also damaged men in their ability to trust and relate to women. We can fix it.

3. Defending each other even when we are in the wrong has to end.

Us girls gotta stick together is absolutely true when we are out in public and have to use the restroom, but carrying that mindset into debates with our side is not helpful and often drowns out the validity of your position. In fact, if you can't defend your position on your own amid harsh criticism perhaps you shouldn't make it at all. There's no reason to expect to be treated better than men treat each other, and you should probably expect to be treated worse- particularly if you brigade some chap with a thot-army. If you are of the mindset that this is a culture war, then our social media interactions are a tabletop battlefield and no one wants to go to war with a big fat baby. Lowered standards, weakness, and the emotional impact of women in battle are the reasons the far right don't want women in the actual military, why would it be different online? Get yourself up to snuff, or find something else to do; like making tasty sandwiches!

4. Being liberal with your body is a grave mistake.

This is more for you single ladies. It's no secret that the right wing in general and the far right in particular is very physically attractive- mostly, anyway. We right wing females also suffer a bit with anonymity. This being said, any point you need to make is not bolstered or improved by your cleavage, and certainly not your bare breasts. I can't even believe I have to say this but the word is out, and real men who have conquered baser instincts are tired of it. Some may even be sliding in your DMs to see if you have the fortitude to stand by your principles. Luring people with sexy pictures will bring you followers on social media, but they will be beta-orbiters and perverts; ask yourself if you really need that. Don't seek validation through social media. It is a false reality.


5.Hashtag tradlife is a meme

Please stop. Can you not? Oh em gee, who do you think you are fooling? If you were half as trad as you think you are you wouldn't be online between 5 and 10 hours a day seeking out arguments with marxist leftists to tell them how amazing being so trad is, and feigning offense when they reject the idea that a woman can be happy in the home. They can see you online instead of with your kids, you know. You would be doing laundry and cleaning and cooking elaborate meals for you family and taking the kids on educational outings. The hypocrisy is laughable, as almost everyone is laughing at you. I'm not suggesting that showing the beauty of motherhood and sharing recipes, sewing tips with other Nationalist women is a bad thing; but let's be honest, a Nazi themed dessert or a slice of home baked bread after N-bombing black Twitter for 4 hours (where are your children?) is not #tradlife, it's TwitLife -operative word twit- and you need to be honest with yourself. If you refer back to my previous article 9 Things Alt-Right Men Need to Know you will see that I not only think that women currently belong in the online political and cultural sphere, but are invaluable to it and the men we provide support to. This isn't a criticism of your presence, it's a criticism of the fake and often haughty clique attitude that pushes hard against newly-arriving females for failing to meet some select set of standards that you, yourself fail to meet. This is a call for self-reflection and honesty. Please, if you have something to really teach us, your peers, share and instruct in the lost ways of our people. Share knowledge, and the morality will follow.

By the by, canned vegetables are also not “trad” unless you grew them in your garden, harvested them, canned them yourself and served them in the barren depths of winter. Boxed starches are not traditional, they are post-modern attacks on your physiology and immune system using processed foods to keep you fat and sick. Anyone can cook dried pasta and jarred sauce. Your Bolognese isn't impressive unless you made it from scratch even if the pic is your husband's plate. One pro-tip, a good bolognese always begins with soffritto. Learn it, love it.

6. "Thot Patrolling" is not only necessary- it is under utilized

I'd argue that your primary mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help guide other women out of the mire of degeneracy and into a more complete version of themselves. Purity spiraling isn't helpful -since we don't exist in Victorian London- but as we are trying to reform society we need to be willing to police our own when standards have fallen. It shouldn't be the job of the lads to course correct us, we should be doing it ourselves with and for each other. If you truly are offended by the White Sharia meme then it's time to shoulder the social responsibility to make sure that those opinions are obsolete. While men in an ideal world treat women with respect, we cannot expect respect to be the default position. Hostility also be the default position, and there have been some accusations of women being driven out of the movement by hostility from men. I hope that's an exaggeration, but if not it's a result of us failing to pay attention to each other and step in before things get out of hand. We have some very wise and mature women in our midst who would make wonderful mentors for the younger ladies and leftist converts, especially those that crossed from the left to the right. This is part of building a strong and stable high-trust homogeneous community.

7. Ask yourself: How am I working to secure our future?

Being a conscious white woman simply isn't enough. We have to take care of our bodies before and after children, from the food we prepare to the degree of athleticism we take on to be attractive to our spouses physically, mentally and spiritually. In other words; your job isn't over when you marry up and pop out babies. I was recently told “no man wants a frumpy sack of potatoes stuffed into sweatpants for a wife, long hair and a trad apron isn't enough." This speaks volumes. How can we re-build society from a social and cultural aspect if you can't be bothered to do the work to stay attractive in your relationship, or even get into one? Furthermore, what future are you building for your children if you can't physically keep up with them to teach them what they need to know? Eat well, be active, make babies, have a strong home, don't take your spouse for granted, and live as an example to others.

8. Onwards, Sisters

We can be a powerful force behind and beside our men, driving them forward toward victory. Or, we can be a hindrance and a distraction. If we fail, they fail and thus we all fail. It's imperative that we make the changes necessary to be their strength when they grow weary, and the comfort when they are troubled. We can make enemies of each other or we can unite together to accomplish our goals and reverse the Marxist stain on our society. It's up to us, no-one is going to do it for us.

The power of woman has been proven to work in the service of our enemies, for decades. It can work even better for us, following our natural order.


Sophie Schwindlig

by Sophie Schwindlig

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