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Dear Daughter-In-Law,

I have been sitting on this for a while to make sure that what I say is what I want to say so here goes.

You say you know what cognitive dissonance is but the question is where do you apply it.  That to my mind is very important.  So by application maybe not.

You have stated that you do not have the time to do exhaustive research and I would agree with that, but you do get information somewhere.  Do you know the efficacy of your aggregating source(s) or, more to the point, their sources, and do you take the time to eliminate their built-in bias?  Yes, I have mine.

I do not feel that you need to research facts and figures as I believe that the truth lies before you and you need only uncover it.  So my real question is; are you ready to get at the real truth and the fundamental question is:  What is the primal drive for all living things here on earth and if in other places I suspect there also.  It is also the drive behind all of the news of today.

The answer is reproduction.  More to the point, reproduction of one's self.  From the smallest of life forms to us, it drives all activity. Our conscious brains may seem to change that in some cases, but it drives everyone and everything.  For this to happen, it takes resources and every living and maybe not living things like prions seek those resources and in sufficient abundance to make reproduction happen.  This includes the successful growth and maturity of this effort so that it may continue to reproduce.

There are many schemes to this effort but again with only one result.  Now here comes the problem and that is that resources are relatively scarce even when there is a seeming abundance.  A petri dish full of nourishment and one amoeba will quickly prove my point.  A single dish or single Earth; no difference.  When you seek resources and claim them, there are less available for others.  Add to this when you consume others may not have the opportunity to reproduce.  So when the farmer plows the ground, a rabbit may lose habitat.  The horror to the rabbit (though probably not recognized) is that genes get eliminated from the gene pool.  With humans who are inherently slow reproducers (relatively few with an extended period to maturity), it is generally recognized.

Humans are driven to many types of behavior, but how much of all of this effort is towards reproduction, I would say most of it.  So, now to you; what drove you to seek a fertility clinic when you knew that there is a surplus of humans on this planet and that the surplus is the cause many problems that are only to get worse. If you answer this question honestly, then you know that you have already read the answer in the preceding statements.  If you solve the problem with a close approximation of my response, then continue, if no, then no production of facts will ever allow you comfort with my view of the world and you need to find something else to read.

If you are still with me, here we go.  If you went through an exhaustive drill to pregnancy and you understand the primal drive that brought forth your genetic heritage how do you relate this act on your part to the rest of the world?

Humans as rational beings invest tremendous effort into bringing their offspring to maturity and reproductive status. They must protect, educate and provide a cultural belief system.

Out there, everywhere is the competition.  Who is the competition?  The competition is everyone (and everything) who wants to displace your efforts with theirs.  So a woman who travels 1000 miles for resources is a strong competitor who may displace you as a competitor and certainly will if you voluntarily give up your resources.  You may not see resources as scarce but they are limited especially if it is your hard-won resources that are going to her with no or little effort on her part.

Gauging on our past conversations, I would guess that you would say there are resources available for all.  Well maybe in the short run absent an economic collapse or world war (both likely short term events based on the 80-year war cycle that is historically accurate).  But consider the exponential growth of the world population.  How long before there are so many people that there are not enough resources for your child or grandchildren or great-grandchildren if not then when, so the answer has to be NO.  There are not enough resources for anything less than a stable population – longer term.

So, why would you strengthen your competitors' chances by diminishing your own?  In this, your emotive brain is your enemy.  You have been culturally conditioned to feel sorry for and companionate to those you think are in need.  The real questions here who conditioned you (mom and dad were also conditioned, not to be seen as the source) and what were their motives and goals.  Along with that, should you not look to your own and family needs first – the primal need.

The answer to the question is relatively simple.  Those who would be superior to you, gather more resources to their efforts and otherwise displace you on the ladder of reproductive success (eliminate your genes from the pool).  The previous answer requires you to think hard and identify those who originated your ideas and where they reside in relation to you.

Remember the great drivers for primal success: Reproductive superiority, Resource superiority and Power Over/Control of the competitors.

So the second answer is also before you, but you must answer it yourself, and I know you have enough information right now to answer the question.  However, in considering the answer, remember that real altruism probably does not exist except in the case of people who know that they cannot reproduce.  That it is also likely limited to immediate family or tribe.

So, let us look at a few competitive strategies.
Abortion, in the 2012-2014 period in New York State there were approximately 280,000 abortions and 265,000 live births.  Now states are making legal or contemplating making lawful what is effectively infanticide.

Competition gone.

Telling women that they can have it all.  College, jobs, and family all of it successfully.  However when you are working long hours and commuting
there is no time for all of it.  So how many women are 40+ and fertility is
gone.  What this does is eliminate the brightest and most capable.

Completion eliminated.

Grooming permanently eliminates competition.

FYI, according to the latest FBI statistics 68% of white women raped are by Black men.  While Hispanics and Semitic (Moslems) and
counted as white the estimated percentage rises to over 80%.  Asians don’t show up.  Rapes of black women by white men – no category, as some of the past years had none reported.

War eliminates the best male breeding prospects along with other destruction.

Social causes,  convincing all to have no or one child.  China, Japan, and Western Europe are under this problem, along with Whites in this country.  I was convinced of this and did not realize I was being suckered by those who would eliminate me from the gene pool.  So two children instead of the
needed three.  All of my customers in rich bitch land had three or more, so
you see that they knew more than I did.

Add to all of this the encouragement of becoming a nonproducer.  Gays,
Lesbians, Rabid Feminists, and those suffering from the false syndrome of  "there are no good/decent men out there."  Men are driven by female behavior, so if a guy is rejected continuously, he walks away - forever.  Men in most corporations are terrified of the women they meet and work with.  They see them as both competitors, and career destroyers as any hint or complaint will see them out.  Men also know that before a judge they will get no justice as the system is biased.  Besides, there are enough bar hookups to keep a so-called desirable male occupied.  So the desirable male sexes his brains out but never reproduces.  After all who wants to be a meal ticket for a less than desirable female (reverse hypergamy).  Dating sites on both sides of the coin are filled with deceivers.  Believe me in the truth that no male will seek out a woman with someone else’s child.  I saw a study in England where there is a 24 hour DNA test that some 20% of husbands found that the child of their marriage was not theirs and in one area the number is 30%.  All of the above destroys the competition and drives all men away.

Men also know that the more partners a woman has the more likely divorce, or break up.  And the worse a marriage partner.

Denigration of marriage, religion, social convention, and traditional roles.  The unwed mothers of the welfare state birth and raise feral children.  I watched a long video produced by a Black group that talked about how even when a man wanted to be part of raising a child and contributing to that child they are more often than not slapped with a restraining order to stay away.

Hypergamy, as currently practiced where instead of marrying up the woman breeds up and seeks a beta male as a provider for her bastard.  Goodearnest men are rejected by those who consciously or unconsciously
practice this.  No man wants to be deceived into raising another’s child.
Men sense this and walk away.  So when this is encouraged women write
their ticket to misery.

Good news is not easy to find.

So now we come to the potential support or your ability to follow the prime directive your family and tribe.  Your family and clan whether you wish to acknowledge it or not are as follows: white, primarily western European and mostly Christian.  The current location is North America.  Parts of our family are here for over 100 years, not founders but long enough.

Now there is a movement long in coming to dispose you of your right to exist and follow the prime directive.  It is couched in political terms like socialism, globalism companionate something or other, but in truth, it is part of a war against your existence.

Rhodesia was the first battle, whites did not fight in racial terms and lost trying to reason and negotiate.  South Africa the same thing.  Now Rhodesians, South Africans and lately added White Namibians are added to the coming genocide.  I suspect the Paks and Indians will soon be added.

The battle for Europe is fully engaged.  Russia and most of Eastern Europe have said no to the invaders.  Some others like Denmark and Italy are fighting back.  England is on the cusp, no Brexit and they are done.  Brexit and there is a possibility that they may prevail.  The rest of Europe is being destroyed by white politicians who have bought into the elitist tripe.

Which brings me to the promoters of this war against white humanity.  It is the elitists who think that they will survive and rule if only they can eliminate the only group capable of competing – white people.  So we have endless wars to bleed out the whites and weaken them and breed the intelligence back to sub 80 IQ.

In their case the effort to keep their genetic material pure goes as follows.  Exclusive communities, private secondary schools, select colleges, social engagements you will never know about, exclusive resorts, private medicine, start halfway up the corporate ladder, mentors and all of the rest.  They keep themselves away from you and you never even know that they exist.  On the reproductive front matchups are carefully engineered.

So, when you feel sorry for the invaders you are enabling the genocide of our family and tribe.  The invaders are not here to help you they are here to supplant you.  So everything you do for them is a thing against you.  Do you not have a right to exist hard won and fought for?  Do you not want your family line to go on?  Do you want to be driven to the level that brought about the Yellow Vests in France?  The elites crushed the middle class that lived outside the metropolitan areas and brought them to misery and poverty, and they are revolting in their manner, but it is too little and too late.  In truth for them, anything short of a civil war will not be enough.

So when you ask me why I say build the wall, throw the invaders out (men, women, children all 50,000,000 of them) you now know why.  I am selfish for me, you and my grandchildren.  I want us to go on and our tribe.

I am getting too old to defend you from what I will guarantee is coming.


by Letters To Republic Standard

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