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Ash Sharp

Roy Moore lost. It's important to note that on the road to Making America Great Again there are going to be many times along the way that we have the opportunity to stop and reflect. This is one of them.

Those of us on the right can reflect a little on hubris. Roy Moore by any measure was not a good candidate. The lesser of two evils, definitely, but not a good candidate.

As we have seen time and again, the puritanical hypocrisy of the political left knows no bounds, and enough rabid accusations of pedophilia are sufficient to encourage an abstention in many voters, particularly when coupled with Roy Moore's outspoken past.

Even while Roy Moore was not the worst candidate possible, the lesson here to Republicans is you cannot push just anyone in for election and hope for the #MAGA wave to carry you. The opposition will fight dirtier than you can possibly imagine.

As we reported in September, Moore was not only up against the DNC, the far left, race baiters, gay rights activists and Doug Jones. There was also the utterly corrupt media to contend with.

The result in the case of Roy Moore Vs Doug Jones, was Jonah Goldberg at the National Review encapsulating a particularly weak-minded position in the pre-amble. In Goldberg's view, ancient accusations against Roy Moore are just as terrible as Doug Jones' opinion on abortion. Responding to a fantastic philosophical piece  by Tully Borland which argued that unrestricted abortion today is less heinous than a 32-year-old making moves on a 14-year-old in 1977 he wrote;

 His argument isn’t that Doug Jones is an evil man per se, it’s that the Democrats are so evil and the Alabama Senate seat is so important, Republicans should abandon any standards of personal conduct that are inconvenient to victory. To Borland, even not voting for either of them equates to choosing the greater evil. That’s not only grotesque, it’s a kind of moral nihilism that cannot be neatly contained purely in the realm of politics. It’s soul-corrupting. -Jonah Goldberg, NRO.

Goldberg lets a whiff of the post-modernist seep out here between the gaps in his mind. He says that all evil is equally evil, and therefore you should abstain if, well, shucks, you just can't quite put your finger on whether killing a newborn as it crowns in 2017 is worse than being a creep in the 1970s. It's the same line of thinking as the leftists who claim rape is always worse than murder. Absolutism.

That was the failure of the Roy Moore campaign, and in the selection of Roy Moore in the first place. America must understand that we are still living in an intersectionalist world- the social politics is still one framed by the Neo-Marxist left. The pandering to identity politics did not end with the election of Donald Trump, nor will it end anytime soon.

Identity Politics Electioneering Dooms Roy Moore

The bizarrely monikered Human Rights Campaign backed Jones. As a movement particular promoting the 'Gay Agenda' of alphabet soup identity, we should not be surprised that their President Chad Griffin cares nothing about aborting children the day before birth. Post-election, HRC (interesting acronym) released the following statement:

 “Tonight, in rejecting avowed bigot Roy Moore, Alabama voters solidified once and for all that attacking and demonizing the LGBTQ community is a sure-fire way to get yourself beat on Election Day,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama is monumental, and was made possible by the overwhelming and unprecedented, grassroots resistance of ordinary Alabamians against the politics of hate and division. From our victories in North Carolina, Virginia, and now in Alabama, Equality Voters have proven that LGBTQ people and our allies are a voting bloc to be respected, sought-after and feared by candidates on both sides of the aisle. The American people will no longer tolerate discrimination against their family, friends and neighbors.”

The Neo-Marxist rhetoric remains the same regardless of the candidate. Hate and division. Equality. Allies. This is the epitome of politically correct newspeak. If it was not Roy Moore in the running, another accusation of anti-gay bigotry would have been made against any candidate the Republican Party had put forwards.

The irony is that for so long the left has been pushing the normalization of pedophilia that we find ourselves in the curious position of wondering on what kind of insane world we live on. The answer is that the left stands for nothing except power at all costs. Pander to the voting blocs, and once in power- well, it doesn't matter that your candidate is another cisgender straight white male patriarch like Jones. He's the right kind of evil oppressive overlord, you see? As soon as the celebrations die down, we will return to your regularly scheduled anti-white agenda. 


The weaponized rhetoric of intersectionality will be flipped for any purpose. If you disagree with these lurid headlines you are a bigot. Pedophilia is a gender, you are the monster for being disgusted. Oh, now we find accusations of behavior far less sordid than these, but committed by an Enemy. Now we are disgusted by "pedophiles" after all, at least until it becomes politically expedient to support them again. 

The aim is to keep the frame of the conversation in constant motion, so you, dear reader, have no idea what reality is.

The lesson is that candidates for future elections should not be the lesser of two evils when your opponent will dress up a literal advocate of infanticide as some modern-day Atticus Finch.

 "African American voters, particularly black women, are carrying the load for the Democratic Party again. This race will not be lost on the backs of black voters."  - Bakari Sellers.

At the time Jones was losing; and as it turned out, Bakari Sellers was one hundred percent correct.


The racial voting split is well documented. As even leftist academics grudgingly admit, the non-white voting bloc is utterly hooked on state support. The reasons for this are myriad and there is no need to expand on them when talking about the Alabama election, but we should note the demographic split. There is no need for MAGA candidates to pander to voting blocs as the Democrats do.

This being said, we should demand that the candidates are MAGA ready. Roy Moore was not. I have no doubt the accusations were spurious, but he was not able to shrug off the lies and dismiss them as the political tactic they clearly were. Perhaps when he rode into town yesterday he should have been in a posse, following a new sheriff. We will learn from this.

The Democratic party is going to ramp up the identity politics across all fronts, as is plainly obvious from this election. The votes will show increasing polarization as the DNC fails to grasp the Presidential loss. Although ideologically incapable of changing course from this Neo-Marxist, intersectionally feminist politic, it is not necessary for Democrats to convert everyone to their cult. Doubling down on the rhetoric makes the leftists look insane, but then, it doesn't matter if they still win at the ballot box.

All one needs to do is to identify where the opponent fails on the intersectional spectrum of oppressions and hammer, hammer, hammer. As we saw with many historical Republican voters with Obama, the black identity of the candidate over-rode reason and was boosted by the weak opposition of McCain. Once the average, non-politically active American is told that to vote for anyone but the Democrat is racist, anti-woman, anti-gay; we regularly see conformity. People did not want to tell their kids that they didn't vote for the first black president. Fair enough, understandable at the time, post Bush Junior.

Notice also that the campaign of the leftists has been entirely consistent with their negative campaign at the Presidential Election. #NoMoore. He's a sex offender. He's a bigot. He's this. He's that. You're all Nazis and so is the President of the United States. There is no need whatsoever to campaign on your own beliefs and principles if you can just say- that guy is worse. Literally, this has been the campaign for Jones.


It doesn't even matter as to the veracity of these claims, the more the left kept the spotlight on Roy Moore and off Doug Jones, the better it was for their boy. We must remember we're not dealing with a political movement, but a frenzied cult.

The Republican activists were too slow off the mark and lumbered with too compromised a candidate in Roy Moore to do the smart thing.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but in case there is another Jones out there pushing abortion at incredibly late-term with large black voting blocks- here's a tip. Hammer. Hammer that issue like it is going out of fashion. We have to take this L, but let us all learn from it. If you let the Democrats set the board, provide the refreshments and put their best face towards the camera, the conversation is framed for a slick shyster to win.

Do not permit the leftists frame the conversation. This election should have been about Doug Jones the Baby Killer, funded by George Soros and giving voting rights to felons. Instead, we had Cowboy Roy Moore, definitely 100% touching infants for kicks, and with well publicized stunts in his past that mad his tarring all to easy.

The histrionic #MeToo movement is a political ploy to attack the President. The political left will throw Weinstein and a hundred Hollywood directors and liberal TV pundits to the wolves if they believe this witch-hunt will land a hit on Mr. Trump. It is this tactic that won it for Jones.

In every upcoming election, from municipality to state, this will be the leftist tactic. 

If you begin with puppet celebrities and a leftist controlled media, you already have the narrative in your hands.

That's the optics. That's how Roy Moore lost- not that we should worry about that, anyway.

Thanks to generations of Cultural Marxist teaching through universities, the political left is bedecked with political operators. What the political right has is a conviction. The winning strategy for this on-going Four Dimensional Chess is yet to be defined- perhaps it is true that the Marxists will defeat us, in the end.

What we must realize as conservatives is that the day of the cowboy politician is over. Roy Moore can ride off into the sunset as an example of how the old Republican identity does not work; it cannot be converted or reconciled with the demands of Making America Great Again. There is a great need for new models of operation. We already had the first example of this with the President himself but no one said the nation would be rebuilt in a single year. The mission is obviously still on. 

If anything else we should at least be grateful for the opportunity to get better. To select better candidates. To update our tactics. It's a long road to seven more years and beyond, and it is now clear that the MAGA Movement has to be ready for full spectrum conflict at every stage.

Onwards, indeed.

The Editor

by The Editor