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I'm no stranger to travelling to non-white countries. I've always been drawn to lush tropical places with balmy breezes and the feeling of sand pushing between my toes or the sticky heat blanket that hovers in a rainforest thick with the smell of fruit and flora underpinned with a slight whiff of the dank odor of decay of the forest floor. I've hiked hot stone forts exploring the grooves from where cannons used to fire, and posed for photos in dungeons in which pirates were kept. I have night-kayaked through an overhung bayou to a bay full of bio-lumescent plankton. I've shopped in traditional markets where I had to haggle over the price of goods in a language I don't speak using money I barely understand while running my fingers over hand dyed and woven fabrics and the clinking hand crafted jewelry as the weight of it was placed upon me by hands darker than my own. I've eaten foods I wouldn't dream of ordering at home and I've laughed with and mourned with people who look nothing like me. I'd change none of it, and I'll seek more of it should the opportunity arise.

The beauty of humanity is in our true diversity. The range of races of Mankind, able to pursue their destinies in peace. You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

I am aware of the differences between the majority and mean of my people and the majority and mean of other groups of people; how it impacts my daily life and the economic impact it has on myself, community, state and country. I could drown you in federal crime statistics by race and per capita that illustrate that the crime rates exponentially increase everywhere homogeneity is reduced in favor of multiculturalism.

This phenomena is most prevalent in White western nations as there isn't a lot of immigration to places with less luxury, convenience, and peace. As countries like Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Norway, Poland and much of Africa do have homogeneity the crime statistics data by comparison is also available. From the maps below, I think it is pretty fair to say that ethnic diversity leads to death; whether you're ready to allocate blame or responsibility is unimportant.

Notice anything?


I don't hate entire ethnicities and nations of people because they look or behave differently than I do. I have no resentment for people in other countries, when I visit their countries I go with a respect and reverence for their unique history, culture and customs. I research acceptable attire and easily misinterpreted gestures, and I adhere to their cultural norms as best as I can.

I have never been to Chad, in Africa. I know enough of their culture that were I to visit there and became thirsty were someone to ask me if I would like some water I am supposed to decline, even if I am very thirsty, because in Chad the person asking may not have water to give me; they are being polite and recognizing my suffering. You shouldn't accept a verbal offer of water, unless they place that water in your hand and tell you to drink it. I understand it is very rude otherwise; you have put someone in a position to give that which they may not have to spare. There are nuances in social graces and laws everywhere you can go, and those people hold them with reverence; it's their way of life, as much as the idiosyncrasies of your culture are sacred to you. It is who we are.

There's a saying that goes “You can take a girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl." it's a very popular saying everywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line and west of the Rockies. This is not the orginal saying either- it has roots in the European homelands from which White America descends. It rings as true for a southern, Wranglers-wearing American as it does for a Somalian or Pakistani or Swede. We are all products of our cultures, in a biologically deterministic manner.

"For the unbroken life of the English nation over a thousand years and more is a phenomenon unique in history, the product of a specific set of circumstances like those which in biology are supposed to start by chance a new line of evolution. Institutions which elsewhere are recent and artificial creations appear in England almost as works of nature, spontaneous and unquestioned." ~ Enoch Powell, 1961

It's true that I seek a total moratorium on immigration from 2nd and 3rd world nations and a limited immigration from other 1st world nations. It's true that I ultimately seek a homogeneous nation; but would accept the option for homogeneous neighborhoods. New York, Toronto, and most other North American cities once naturally formed such a state of being. Chinatown, the Italian Quarter, and so on. In am more comfortable with people who look and act like me, that share my values, share the effort and ethics to achieve similar goals and who respect as I respect, gesture as I gesture, and understand as I understand. This is the life of ease; which everyone seeks, in their own way.

Except, that is, for the pro-immigrant left and weak, so-called "conservatives" of the centrist persuasion. They have the audacity to claim that everyone is equal, without evidence to support and so much in the contrary. Such is their audacity that they will seek to ruin your life, take your job and your family, and, in the case of the untimely demise of Andrew Dodson, your very life, should you dare to argue or refuse to kowtow to this obvious lie. The multiculturalists have the expectation that everyone can be equal and under that assumption anyone can be picked up from any other place in the world, plopped into an American or European suburb and thrive there without the faintest idea of our laws and customs, without the desire to integrate, and without the proper preparation, and, in some cases, inoculation. The left insists the difference between people is economic opportunity and money. What a cruel way to treat another human being for the luxury of interesting cuisine and the ability to say “I love diversity, multiculturalism is great.”

In Pakistan they have a naming ceremony Where the grandfather is asked to name a newborn. Following Islamic tradition, once a name has been given, the child’s head is shaved and the weight of the hair is used to determine an equal weight in gold or silver which is then given as a charitable contribution.


In Pakistan, so stringent are the laws regarding women and men that adult single men have taken to courting young males for companionship and sex, often between the ages of 5-10 years old. Sometimes giving them gifts or money, sometimes not. The boy then becomes a man, and should a marriage not be arranged the man will commonly resort to recycling the practice that was practiced upon him. This is a rape culture. In the West, there are no such laws preventing men from socializing with women and girls. So what happens when you import thousands of nominally heterosexual cultural rape victims and their older rapists who were also rape victims who are possessed of a deeply held faith that inherently disrespects people that are not of that faith? Rotherham. You get Rotherham.

Gang-rape is the result confluence of a Western society that has few laws structuring social interactions between genders, and a group of people that require strict social codes. Yet, it's the Western people, you and I, who have bothered to learn these intricacies that are shouted down as racists because we'd prefer to not have this in our homes, and near our children. And while it is the irresponsible and ignorant masses that allow for these injustices to occur, those on the self-described right side of history advocate for it with fervor; and are lauded as tolerant and progressive, who ego-stroke their good deeds as they slurp bastardized curry dishes from within colorfully curtained restaurants nestled within their predominantly white demographic neighborhoods. They don't even feign horror when a beautiful, lively White girl is found to have been raped, chopped up and served as a meal to unsuspecting kebab shop patrons. Diversity is our strength. Freedom is slavery.

It's no secret that the Middle East has been wracked by near-continuous conflict for the entirety of our lives -and the West did not help by pouring gasoline on an oil fire. Yet, we are called racist for urging our Western countries to deny entry to individuals and families from those regions. Can a person who learned to shoot other people from the age of 5 who has become a seasoned fighter in an endless religious and regional resource war can suddenly move to White suburbia and unlearn conflict, resentment, violence, animosity and struggle just because there's electricity, an internet connection and a corner grocer? If anything the culture shock of realizing everyone around you is only passively aware of your multi-generational strife, and is patently unaware of how many acts of torture you've witnessed, relatives you've lost, heads you've seen roll, surely breeds more resentment at the ignorant Westerners and their trinkets. Of course, hashtag Not All.


Acknowledging the differences between white and black or other PoC isn't inherently bigoted, it's just acknowledgement of biological and cultural reality. Forcing proximity, affirmative action, and other elements of social engineering upon people under threat of social ostracization and job loss creates an environment of resentment.

In this circumstance, racism from all parties is not just likely, but inevitable.

Sophie Schwindlig

by Sophie Schwindlig

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