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John Rousseau

Rinaldo Walcott, Aadita Chaudhury, and Vicky Mochama are idiots.

Who are they?

These three stooges of the Wifried Laurier social justice cult assault Lindsay Shepherd on a weekly basis for being a crying white girl. Isn't that racist? Rinaldo Walcott’s tweet on December, 18th, 2017 is a common sentiment.

They are racist, bigoted, and do not understand basic vocabulary such as the meaning of the word violent.  But first, let us have a little backstory. For those of you who do not know, Ms. Shepherd is a woman who showed a video of noted intellectual Jordan Peterson in her college classroom to stimulate a debate on grammar. She was punished and humiliated for this. As a result of the debate over Shepherd, these three footsoldiers of political correctness and their squealing purple-haired minions imply that far-right people have violently attacked the mentally ill and gay people of the Wilfrid Laurier University campus.

Don’t take my word for it that these people are insane racists, and stupid to boot. For here is a video of Ms. Mochama racially abusing Shepherd and incorrectly calling her 'far-right.' Most of those on the ar-right do not agree with anything that Shepherd believes. Come to think of it, most centrists would disagree with the left-leaning Shepherd on a great many things, too. This conflict on the left might be entertaining to some- but it shouldn't be. What we should pay attention to is how the far left views its own dissidents like Shepherd. Heaven only knows what these Neo-Marxists think of websites like Right Side News.

Comments on Shepherd begin at 6:10

The insanity continued with a tweet from Mr. Walcott implying that Ms. Shepherd’s actions are somehow linked to direct violent acts.

Ms. Shepherd has asked her accusers for police reports documenting this violence. They have not supplied any evidence at the time of going to press. They cannot supply proof. No physical violence to the mentally ill or gay has occurred at Wilfrid as a result of Ms. Shepherd, or even the so called far right. Amazing as it may seem, this is actually not why these people are stupid.

Walcott and his fellow ideologues are stupid because they are cultists, and they don't even know it!

There is nothing wrong with a strong faith, but these three ideologues do not even know they are preaching on the mountain top.

Their religious dogma is as follows:

As people who are not white, we are for perpetuity the victims of white people.

Notice that the following tweet references colonialism, bigotry, and an undefined systemic oppression that is, to date, completely  undefined. These are historical, or impossible to quantify crimes committed by no-one who lives.

As people who are not white, we have the right to the money that we think white people possess.

“Ms. Shackleford suggests many times that white people owe non-whites money. Yet, she ignores the fact that black people benefit from capitalism. In fact, one noted scholar who is black and studies black business history proved that African-Americans spend $1,000,000,000,000 in America alone each year. If you have one trillion dollars to spend on consumer goods, it is fair to say that money is not your problem- demographically speaking at least.

As people who are not white, we are victims of a system, so we cannot be racist.

The director of the controversial show Dear White People, Justin Simien, recently gave an interview to the Huffington Post where he described the common belief in the non-white community that non-whites cannot be racist. To most people this idea is insane, and with good reason. It implies that the races are so different that white  people are some kind of ubermensch wielding masterful control of the planet.  Their logic is that it requires power over someone else to be racist, and non-whites lack power in America. This is very strange logic indeed. In 1890, or 1920, an average African-American did not have very much power over an average white person. Yet today we see Black Lives Matter inspired African-Americans assaulting and torturing white people. The woman involved in that crime received no jail time, despite being both black and a woman- which according to intersectional theory should mean that Donald J. Trump should execute her with a battle-axe in accordance with the secret laws of White Supremacy.

Lindsay Shepherd

This is a common logical problem in the anti-white movement. Anti-white idiots like Simien, Walcott, Chaudhury, and Mochama take beliefs that were once true and apply them with prejudice and without context to today. In 1890 white people were so powerful that an African-American victim of crime could not even be heard in court. Today, not only are African-Americans allowed to testify in court, but they do not even receive one day in jail for torturing mentally-handicapped white men!

As we are the sole judges, all white words we do not like are acts of physical violence

The Lindsay Shepherd case highlighted the insane belief that words are physical violence. In her grilling by her supervisor and two other university staff, Shepherd was told that she had violated the “Gendered and Sexual Violence” policy by showing a clip of Jordan Peterson. It is beyond the scope of this article to explain the philosophy behind the idea that words are violence, but the troika that punished Shepherd stated that this belief was true. In this new world, listening to opposing viewpoints is an act of physical violence.

If you look at their beliefs, it becomes clear that nothing can change the minds of these radicals. Whites are always guilty, possessing indelible corruption at a genetic level. Non-whites are always innocent, as if God created only them in his own image.

Insanity: They believe all whites are forever smeared with original-sin. They believe all non-whites are forever innocent due to "systemic" issues; they believe that words are physical violence!

So this is why the cult at Wilfrid Laurier are idiots. They believe the world can never change, and they believe in a religious faith without knowing it. Despite denouncing racism, they ignore their own racist beliefs. Demonizing white people, even white people who largely agree with them such as Lindsay Shepherd. Ms. Shepherd is a very liberal young woman, as most young women tend to be, but her outlandish stance that speech should be free is too much to bear. She has been cast out of the cathedral, and she is being ritually punished for her race and her opinions.

Will Walcott, Chaudhury, and Mocham are professional moochers. They will cling to their bigoted race-cult, steeped in hatred, until the day that their non-jobs are terminated. Then it will not be a time for reflection of where they went wrong, but rather one of writing scathing papers about the evil of white supremacy that victimized them.

Social Justice Warriors never change. Never apologise to them, never give them a single inch.

The Editor

by The Editor