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There's nothing wrong with celebrating your culture and the achievements of your race. Just don't be a bigot when you do it.

It's the most kwanza-ish time of the year! The whole month of February is about getting woke and celebrating your blackness. At Republic Standard, we absolutely support that. Good for you. While we have your attention though, could we ask a small favor?


White supremacy is only a thing because you live in a white country. There are more white people about, so they do end up running the place. You mean it like we’re all wearing hoods on a weekend. That is not cool. The KKK isn’t a big thing, no matter how much Francesca Ramsay says it is.

Well, that's pretty mean. January already gets a bad rap for being cold and not as exciting as December. Why is that the fault of White people? Sheesh.

Black history does not revolve around slavery. That's really short-sighted of you. We're not even going to touch the Islam thing. This is an article about positivity. There's no need to mention the Barbary Slave Trade or the reason why there are African-Americans but not African-Jordanians.

Eugenics was a failed idea proposed before we had charted the human genome. Since we now understand the similarities (and differences) between the races, it is quite clear that just like when selecting races in Dungeons & Dragons each race has certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, there are numerous health issues that affect Black people that the hated Whites just skip around. Blacks on average may well be marginally better performers in athletics, but for brute strength, you probably want to go for a Lithuanian. Sad to say, the gulf between the average Ashkenazi Jew and Liberian in intellectual pursuits is quite huge. It's just normal genetic differences, and it is fine to be different. You can't tell that to Black Supremacist Hitler types though.

Framing your entire identity around how mad you want another race of people to get with you is a poor strategy for long-term happiness. Thinking about you at this troubling time.

I ain't mad atcha, Ms. Keisha.

I am a little worried that you want people you don't know to be upset. Are you okay? It's okay to be black, you know. Just be black.

Do white people usually tell you things? I advise that you continue to allow anyone to tell you useful things, like, 'I love you' and 'have a nice day', or 'look out for that old lady, you're drunk as hell and should not be driving' and 'put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers, you are under arrest.'

Oh my sweet summer child, I wish it were so- yes indeed. I wish that was okay to celebrate Whiteness, but you see- it just isn't. White culture is not allowed to be spoken of, at all. White people do not have a culture (or so we are told). You can celebrate your culture as much as you like- every day! Would you like a glass of milk?

And then, of course, you have the virtue signaling low information White people who don't know anything at all. See, it can't be so that Whites are so dominant and yet there is this White girl who didn't get the memo. Black people in America have never had it so good. The lowest unemployment- Ever! That's amazing! Sure, criminality is still disproportionately high, but I'm sure the Congressional Black Caucus is getting right on that. This is their time, this is why they sat through the Donald's State of the Union. This Black History Month, the Black members of Congress are going to Make African-Americans Great Again. You just watch.

Violence solves nothing, and racially aggravated threats of violence are a bad thing indeed, not to mention against Twitter's terms of service. Tut tut. Please don't assault people or advocate violence against people because they are white. White people are often armed with guns, and it will be no good crying to me if you take a bullet.

Remember everyone, have a great and informative black history month but don't be racist to your local White people. White people are human beings with feelings, just like you. Racism is not good for anyone. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

I have a feeling February might be long and stressful for a lot of woke people, and that's not fun or cool at all.

Look after each other. If in doubt, remember what Morgan Freeman said about Racism.

The Editor

by The Editor