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Recently the United Kingdom has finally had some news that puts us right back on top. Yes, that's right- after spending so long playing second fiddle to those swaggering, sneeringly glamorous New Yorkers (for 218 years!), we have done it. Finally, London is the most multicultural, multicriminal city in the West- number one for getting raped, stabbed, burgled and assaulted. In your face, America.

As we know all too well from the Gamergate fiasco, when looking at real-world problems with difficult answers the most important thing to do is to shift the blame onto people who say edgy things online. From The Times:

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, said that often- trivial disputes between young people were escalating into murder and stabbings at unprecedented rates. The goading of rivals on online message boards and video sites “revs people up” and normalized violence, she said.

The speed at which disputes gathered pace echoed the way in which some Islamists, including the perpetrator of the lorry attack in Nice in 2016, were radicalized within days or weeks.

A febrile online atmosphere was among factors responsible for rising knife crime. Also to blame were drug-dealing, absent fathers and socioeconomics, Ms. Dick said.

Well, that's a whole lot of sweeping under the carpet and no mistake- you may remember Cressida Dick claiming that gangs of rapists have “probably” been in Britain for “centuries and centuries and centuries” so that's Nothing To Do With Islam, either. It is very cute how we see the topic of jihad slid into the middle of the quote to reinforce the message. It wasn't Islam that drove a man to murder 83 people and injure 453 more. It was the internet!

Damn you, 4Chan!

Maybe Dick is right, and YouTube is more of a problem than Islam, Facebook is worse than a failed multi-generational multicultural experiment, Gab is more terrible than mass immigration that not one British person was asked about; and LinkedIn is not just a place to get a new job, it is far more crippling to our society than the reality that Race and IQ are real; and most uncomfortable of all, IQ predicts both achievement and propensity for criminality. In Britain, Black people were over 3 times more likely to be arrested than White people in 2016, and Black women were more than twice as likely to be arrested as White women.

Wait! That's because Britain is racist!

Not so. As we know that from several studies into race bias, the UK is one of the least racist countries on the face of the planet. It appears to be the case that as the Cathedral can no longer say that Britons are racists, and it is objectively true that London is no longer British with only a 45% Ethnic British population, we are now entering a period where race is simply ignored. This is mind-blowingly irresponsible. The solution? Blame the internet.

It must be social media that drives a spike in criminality of such magnitude that even without the dreaded AR-15 we see more butchery on the streets of London than New York. It is the internet that led to a boy being stabbed to death over some stolen pasta. Drug crime is the fault of Instagram. Acid attacks? Blame Jack Dorsey for not clamping down on what can be said on Twitter.


Pesky things like facts and evidence might suggest otherwise. The Evening Standard reported last year that between June 2016 and June 2017:

The blade offenses include 214 killings, 391 attempted murders, 438 rapes, 182 other sexual assaults, and 14,429 robberies. There were also more than 18,500 assaults involving an injury or intent to inflict harm with a blade and 2,816 threats to kill with a knife.

The statisticians said that a 47 percent rise in knife crimes in London —where 35 young people aged under 25 have been killed by stabbings in the past 12 months — was a prime cause of the national increase.


Cressida Dick acknowledges as a footnote that absentee fathers and drug dealing are a problem, but will not state the obvious. We are dealing with a capital city that is no longer British controlled. As the BBC reported sullenly:

On Friday, a woman, 36, became the 10th victim after being stabbed to death in Haringey, north London.

In September last year, the MP for Croydon Central, Sarah Jones, said social media was "fuelling an escalation in the cycle of violence among young people".

The Evening Standard said the following:

The 36-year-old was found suffering stab wounds, a spokesman said. She was pronounced dead just after 8 am. A 38-year-old man who knew the victim was arrested at the scene and is being held at a north London police station.

I want to use this short quote to show you how to read reports from the BBC and most British media when they try to discuss crime and race. You will rarely see mention of race or religion on the BBC, unless that piece is resolutely pro-multiculturalism. The problem is that in Britain, race does not matter at all when describing crime- even when to ignore it means death. Everyone, regardless of origin, ethnicity or belief system can be as British as I am, and then race is all that matters- because those new British citizens need help and protection from me, for some reason.

Perhaps that is a good thing and I am missing the point of all this entirely- but I do have certain quibbles about a reality that asks me to simultaneously deny my own racial identity at all costs, and then flip-flops between demanding that ethnic minorities are looking at with unwavering adoration and turning a blind eye to inconvenient statistics on crime, FGM, rape gangs and the utter failure of integration of the same groups. That is a maddening double standard, enforced now by hate speech laws which are so subjective no Briton can speak freely in his own land, about things that are true.

This is how the BBC reports on an Iraqi who was trained to kill by ISIS, who was still allowed into the country and tried to blow up a train full of my kin.

Meanwhile, the BBC consider the reasonable call for tighter immigration to be far right and "right-wing rhetoric." If people decide to call a group far right then that is how the BBC will report. The BBC is an anti-White British organization- there can be no other rationale in a world where concern over immigration is a far right (i.e, White) position while ignoring overwhelming evidence of the impact of immigration on the lives of real people.

Haringey, where Friday's murder took place, has some interesting demography. as of a school census in 2013, 18.7% of school pupils between the ages of 3 and 18 were White British. The overall population of Haringey was less than 35% White British- and that's as of the 2011 census.

From Haringey Council's website:

Almost two-thirds of our population and over 70% of our young people are from ethnic minority backgrounds, and over 100 languages are spoken in the borough. Our population is the fifth most ethnically diverse in the country... The borough ranks among the most deprived in the country with pockets of extreme deprivation in the east.... the population is estimated to reach 286,900 by 2020, an increase of 5.9% from 2015. By 2025, Haringey’s population is estimated to reach 300,600, an increase of 10.9% from 2015.

Population growth locally is due to higher annual births than annual deaths, and net migration gain driven by high annual international migration.

We all know that correlation is not causation, and that race alone is not an indicator of criminality. That being said, we cannot ascribe the case of Haringey to mere coincidence when taken with the sad corollaries in so many boroughs of London.  Proclaiming not all is never an argument when faced with overwhelming evidence showing a significant over-representation.

In 2010, The Telegraph reported:

The official figures, which examine the ethnicity of those accused of violent offenses in London, suggest the majority of men held responsible by police for gun crimes, robberies, and street crimes are black...

The data provide a breakdown of the ethnicity of the 18,091 men and boys who police took action against for a range of violent and sexual offenses in London in 2009-10.

They show that among those proceeded against for street crimes, 54 percent were black; for robbery, 59 percent; and for gun crimes, 67 percent. Street crimes include muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property.

This was eight years ago. These statistics were the golden years in comparison to today. Incidentally, the Met Police lost their national statistics accreditation from the governing body in 2014, after it came to light that the police were misrepresenting data. I suppose they were racist numbers and had to be massaged to better represent the actual reality that diversity is our strength.


The point is that we have known for years that Black males are vastly over-represented in both crimes and as victims of violent crimes. Ignoring the problem in favor of pursuing "hate-crimes" and simply ignoring low-value crimes such as mugging and shoplifting has given a free ride to criminals across the city. Fewer police officers on the streets, shops looted with impunity and with a swift threat of violence to any citizen who dares defend themselves- for all know that London is truly lawless. The police cannot protect you from crime, but don’t complain. That could be hate speech.

“The black community has to look at itself and say that, at the end of the day, these figures suggest we are heavily – not casually – involved in violent crime. We are also involved in crime against ourselves – and we regularly attack each other.”  ~Shaun Bailey, 2010

Instead of addressing this problem- which if we do genuinely have any concern about human life at all, we must- Cressida Dick and a compliant media will instead blame Twitter spats and request further censorship of the online world. Bear in mind, this is a milieu where writing Islam promotes killing people will already have your Twitter account deleted. What we need then is to make it impossible for anyone to say "for some reason, blacks and certain other minorities are statistically over-represented in violent crime and that needs addressing, or more people will die." Well, I have said it. Arrest me for caring about people enough to not want them to die on the streets of my lost and broken capital city.

Why do the BBC and the Metropolitan Police make excuses for London becoming a Third World country? Well; the truth is racist.

The Editor

by The Editor