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We exist in a strange moment in time. Ideologues who revere and preach Communism sip on their Unicorn Frappuccinos in Starbucks and instant message their comrades via Facebook using their iPhones. Those who wish to live in a world created by the ‘resistance’ of neo-Marxism, with its foundations cemented in the fortune 500, would see tradition and spirituality torn asunder and replaced with a secular, monolithic hellhole where anti-establishment rhetoric is censored, and our daily lives are monitored.

If you have questioned how and where this train of thought emerged, look no further than Dr. Tomislav Sunic’s Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age, published by Arktos. The book features essays from Sunic himself, evolutionary psychologist Dr Kevin MacDonald, and philosopher Alain De Benoist. MacDonald's book The Culture of Critique made waves exploring how Jews initiated and advanced a number of important intellectual and political movements during the 20th century. DeBenoist is the leading philosopher and voice of the French Nouvelle Droite a European school of political thought that emerged in France during the late 1960s. Suffice to say, Homo Americanus has guests of great pedigree!

Born in Croatia 1953, Tomislav Sunic is a prolific writer. A former professor of Political Science and translator, he has served in various diplomatic positions with the Croatian government. He achieved his undergraduate degree in French and English Language and Literature during the late 70s, where he was exposed to the radical ideas of the European New Right permeating out of France, guided by Alain De Benoist. Sunic has a pleasingly direct style, and has proven himself as an important voice and intellectual for the modern European New Right. He holds a doctorate in Political Science from the University of California and has authored publications such as Against Democracy and Equality (2011), and Titans Are in Town: A Novella and Accompanying Essays (2017). He currently resides in Zagreb, where he continues to work as a freelance writer, including as a contributor on political semiotics and the spirit of Communist totalitarianism to the French quarterly Catholica.

Sunic investigates Americanism, the patriotic values of the United States, as it has evolved from its Puritanical roots -via post-war Frankfurt School psychology- into a monolithic, bland consumerist culture obsessed with consuming, rights, and privileges. These are the characteristics of a new type of man Sunic names Homo Americanus. The Puritans sought to develop a promised land for all people by the people, without aristocracy or regality; a rejection of the Old World. As Benoist states in his postscript:

“They also wanted to create a new society that would regenerate mankind. They wanted to create a new promised land that would become the model of the universal republic. This bible-inspired theme, based on the idea of the ‘chosen’ America… a leitmotiv throughout American history.”


The legacy of the Judeo-Christian Puritans that still lingers in modern day USA has resulted in the soft takeover of US politics and foreign policy by the Jewish lobby. This takeover can be identified in the obscurity of the Iraq war (2003) and the ongoing conflict In Syria. As Sunic states, the Puritans had a culture obsessed with a “Judaic rationalization of religious life”; Benoist reminds us “Governor John Cotton suggested the adoption of Hebrew as the official language for the former British colonies”. This has precluded a revival and love for the original settlers’ racial and national past, as Benoist mentions;

“The problem is not so much that Americans ‘have no history, but rather that they do not wish to have one… the past is reminiscent of their European roots”.

Those who were once European, born and descended, have now turned their back on Europe due to;

“[t]he massive influx of non-European immigrants as well as the persistence of the pseudo-Marxist and neo-liberal role models of ethnic diversity who still frame the discourse in American universities”.

Today, American society is characterized by the quasi-dictatorship of secular ‘empathy' and the market. The mere mention of ‘wrongthink’ has become taboo in public discourse, thus inhibiting open dialogue surrounding political, religious or other controversial issues. As a result of this hyper-politically correct culture, right-leaning intellectuals such as Sunic, McDonald, and Benoist are ridiculed and libeled as they present objective criticism. This type of censorship has played a central role in the creation of Homo Americanus; a man with shallow thoughts and desires with a false smile plastered on his face. Critics of this false idol is met with the cold shoulder at best. At worst, ideas that harm the Golden Calf of Homo Americanus is shut down and branded as anti-semitic, racist, and xenophobic, the character of the critic is assassinated, o the person of the critic is sentenced to prison time. Consider the sentences as a result of Holocaust denial, antisemitism, and xenophobia, meted out for the act of posing unanswerable questions.

This is where Sunic begins to draw similarities between Homo Americanus and his “twin brother" Homo Sovieticus, a man that emerged from the dissolution of the Communist bloc in eastern Europe and Russia.

Communism: a utopian make-believe that in reality could only function via a system of constant propaganda and censorship of anti-establishment rhetoric. What is worrisome about Homo Americanus, is that he refuses to recognize the lie of the Capitalist system which promises utopia as Communism did, but defines it differently - individual freedom. However, both capitalism and communism are tacitly designed to kill individualism. In communism this is achieved by removing all personal possessions and spirituality. A person's value depends on how much they can produce and contribute to the system. In capitalism, this is achieved via a monoculture of consumerism and guilt; it is secular in nature, and decadence & degeneracy are lauded.

Unbeknown to him, Homo Sovieticus was a slave to conformity. He abided by the stringent rules and regulations of the Soviet Union, and had no loyalty to his peers. He had his nationhood eradicated and subsequently became a citizen of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics exclusively. Similarly, in the Americanized West, we are told that nationhood and pride in our ethnic backgrounds are primitive and wrong. We are told that we are citizens of the world who live in an open society. We are told that diversity will make us stronger, despite rising racial tensions worldwide. Benoist expands on this further;

“Capitalism cannot transform the world into a vast market… unless the planet first becomes atomized and the world renounces all forms of symbolic imagination...for the logic of profit and continuous accumulation”.

His point being the inherent necessity for capitalism to erase borders and remove all nations’ history in order to create a one-world market rather than a world of nations. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Under Communism, a person was in serious trouble once he put the system or its executors into question. Recall the treatment of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist, historian, and short story writer. He was an outspoken critic of the Soviet Union and Communism. He helped to raise global awareness of its Gulag forced labor camp system, and who, in 1945, accused of ‘anti-Soviet propaganda’ based on comments written in letters to a personal friend, was imprisoned for 9 years. The epic Gulag Archipelago was the result, a stark critique of Communist power, and the human soul itself. Though the modern gulag is digital rather than Siberian, those who question the authority of the American left, are exiled. Recall the deplatforming of Alex Jones and InfoWars. Though the implications are not as severe (yet) the more power the American left gains, the harder they will come down on dissidents. Just as did the Soviets.

There is a striking similarity between these two systems in attitude to education and intellectuals. Under Communism professors who miraculously escaped from the purges and continued to work were treated as low-caste. In a society like this, those who do not produce are useless as their material usefulness does not exist - a produce or perish mentality. Students were seen as potential dissidents to the communist regime, as professors might fill their minds with dangerous ideologies. Meanwhile, laborers would be in a fog to the state propaganda and despise the lazy students educating themselves on the backs of the taxpayers.

Under Capitalism, true professors are laughed at as lifetime academics who couldn’t make it in the ‘real world’; the butt of a joke. Why struggle against a politically compromised academia, when one could use your intellect to profit from it, or choose another career path entirely? The motives are different but the same principle is inherent in both systems - that which is not material is not worth respect. Such philosophy is detrimental to the soul and has crippling consequences for us as both material and spiritual beings.

The proletariat in the land-of-the-not-so-free buy into the state propaganda via news networks and social media, thus feeding the system that serves to only benefit the so-called elites. To paraphrase Sunic, the American system has succeeded in many facets of communism that the Soviets failed in - fooling the masses into feeding the system that wants to destroy them.

In short, Homo Americanus is an excellent exploration into the evolution of Americanism, from its Puritanical roots into the Global Superpower we know today. In this review, I have barely scratched the surface of the very many talking points of the eminent thinkers Sunic, McDonald and De Benoist.

Sunic explores many other facets of Americanism such as American foreign policy; how it polices the world and interferes in other countries’ domestic politics in order to further its own interests, its techno-scientific obsession with progress, and America’s important role in the future of all European peoples worldwide.

Required reading for all interesting in the Dissident Right and its enemies.

Homo Americanus is published by Arktos Media, and is available for order now through their website.


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