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Ash Sharp

Rarely can one go online these days without encountering British European Union sycophants. Rambling about racist plebs and tugging their forelocks to Brussels, it's amazing the working class Brits haven't brought out Madame Guillotine.

Hardcore remainiacs like the Marxist commentator David Aaronovitch go on the tax-payer-funded BBC to bemoan that, if only we could wait two years, lots of pro-Brexit voters would be dead. That's hardly a ringing endorsement of your position if the best you can do is wait for your opponents to simply die of old age.


Amazing that we Britons will use the taxes of our people to pay a Communist to denounce the decision of the majority of the people, on a TV station ostensibly owned and in service of the people. Sounds awfully pravda, doesn't it?

Speaking of the Ministry of Truth (commonly known as the Guardian newspaper), in those hallowed pages Mr. Timothy Garton Ash, a working class hero and Professor of European Studies at Oxford University notes that we need not wait for old people to die at all. Oh no, there will be no need for such unpleasant talk as that.

Instead, Europe could simply overturn the democratic will of the people of Britain and stop Brexit completely.


I'm so terribly sorry, you 17 million Britons who took part in the largest democratic event in your country's history- the people who lost don't like it. Therefore, your democracy is worthless.

There is a different hot take -as there always is with people flailing for relevancy- which is that 17 million people were hoodwinked. It was the dastardly upper classes, of course- the real racists and xenophobes who just don't like brown people. People with names like Aaronovitch and Garton-Ash are not the real elites, you see. They are the liberal elite, who only want the best for the plebs, if only they could just be convinced to stop voting the wrong way.

You see the real enemy is the bourgeoisie, the same wealthy elites who live in white villages might see a foreigner through the tinted glass of their limos. They tricked the poor with their money, to make the poor choose the wrong thing. It was of course not the sainted working classes, who have seen their jobs dwindle and factories close who really wanted to change things up a bit. It couldn't be the working man who decided to vote against importing more people who want to bugger his daughters. That just doesn't make sense.

Thankfully, the privately educated James O'Brien of LBC is here to remind the plebs that they actually wanted to stay in the EU all along, and it has all been a mix up.


Very convincing, I am sure that you will agree. Under such a relentless assault of reality, I have accepted the truth. The reality is that 17 million of my countrymen are knuckle-dragging morons who were lied to by the British Elite, who are racists. The knuckledraggers are also racists, but we can be sure that the erudite and bilingual Belgians and Frenchmen have the best interests of the British workers at heart. It cannot be disputed now that the UK is going to plunge into a brutal and crushing economic depression. The game is up. Brexit is a death sentence for us all. Britain will be isolated, all the talented people will move to Berlin and the dreck of society will fall to cannibalism. The sky is indeed falling.

Except for one tiny thing. The reality, that cursed reality, doesn't agree.

Aside from the numerous trade deals that the UK will be able to make on her own, free of EU red tape, it turns out that the prophesied 'brain drain' isn't happening. According to a new report, in 2017 British tech companies hit nearly £3bn ($4bn)- double the volume of 2016, and four times that achieved by France.

According to City A.M;

Investors poured £1.3bn into fintech firms, with currency exchange unicorn Transferwise gaining £212m from Old Mutual Global Investors and Silicon Valley VC firm IVP. Meanwhile, peer-to-peer lending platform Funding Circle raised £82m and digital-only payments firms Monzo and Revolut raised investments of £71m and £64m respectively.

Well. That is a surprise- I thought that Britain was going to sink beneath the waves?

Colin Stanbridge, chief executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:

“It is vital the London remains open to both talent and investment now and after Brexit.  Irrespective of future trade deals or the color of passports, as London heads to megacity status we need to ensure that we continue to attract the people in quality and quantity as well as the financial investment which will allow London to flourish and remain a globally competitive city.”

The UK Tech industry is thrashing that of the entire continent of Europe, but you won't read about this in the leftist dominated media, or see it on BBC News.

It cannot be denied that there are many problems in Britain; gangs of Muslim rapists, arresting comedians for making jokes at the expense of Nazis and bad teeth, to name but three. It would not appear to be the case that the Queen is going to have to sell her jewels- not yet, anyway. The truly fascinating part of this entire Brexit story is how many folks are willing to denounce their own people for the crime of taking an active part in democracy. Isn't that kind of the point of having a democracy in the first place?

And Lo, they shall have a vote- and the vote shall be meaningful; unless Tarquin from Canterbury doesn't like it, because it means he might have to get a visa to go skiing in Val-d'Isère. Then you will have to do it all again, and this time, you had better get it right, you racist plebs.

Despite the machinations of the media, parliament and the middle class traitors, Brexit represents a turning point. Champagne socialists in the leafy parts of London have stood on their soapboxes for decades, bemoaning how the poor suffer, and vote against their own interests.

Definitely a woman of the people, is our Daphne. Note: there are precisely zero working class people in the whole of Great Britain who are named Daphne. Let us not even mention the surname.

The arrogance displayed is shocking. How hypocritical to make such a remark, and then write #VotingMatters. Yes, voting does matter- that's how President Trump got his job, and that's why Brexit is happening. To think that because someone has less money than you and votes opposed to you means that they must be stupid is utterly disgraceful, and so common. How dare these elitists look down on their compatriots like this? There is a very sharp line from Hemingway that should be tattooed onto the forehead of every Remain voter, in reverse of course.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Brexit will happen. It must happen for British democracy to mean anything at all. If it does not, it can only mean revolution.

Power to the people, comrades.

The Editor

by The Editor