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The British Government doesn't care about British people, beyond their use as a source of revenue. We Britons are now culturally irrelevant and unloved; despite clear evidence of our impending extinction that if were said about a dandelion, or snail, or bird, would be sufficient grounds for great outcry and demands from George Monbiot et al that Something Must Be Done. Indeed, something must be done.

The demand from a cowed and tax-farmed public is not for answers, but for punishment. Punishment for those who dare to be offensive enough to ask; what did we Britons do that was so wrong, that we must be erased from history?

The future is a caramel-colored, and subjugated either to a police state, or a caliphate. Either result is a reality that Britons, or whatever replaces them, will be ruled by an uncaring machine of bureaucracy or a proselytizing and punitive Islamic faith that will happily grow the ranks of the dar al-Islam by coercion, convenience and the War of the Womb.


The demographic projections in this article are based on current migratory and fertility rate data. Shocking as these forecasts may be to you, I fear that with the population explosion predicted in Africa this century, reality may be far worse, if one can fathom a worse situation than Britons becoming a minority which will almost certainly not survive to be the scant 37% of the population predicted for us in 2101.

As some people have discovered to their cost, the Police will not enforce public order when Islam is involved. They will arrest you for pointing out the uneven application of the law. This video is horrendous, and truly shows that Her Majesty's Constabulary are now an oppressive force that is the enemy of the people.

That's right, you did just see police officers burst into a woman's home and arrest her for perverting the course of "justice" whatever that means in England these days. The police have become corrupt. The police are evil in ways that are simply unimaginable to most people. But this is the truth. Her crime was to point out that the park regulations of Hyde Park, London, prohibit public prayer -by anyone. These policemen are too spineless to do their duty, and instead throw their critics in the clink.

I don't know about you, but I want there to be a future for ethnic Britons. I've explained in detail in previous articles what a British person is. I feel some shame that I did not discover or realize until this year that I have a genetically distinct ethnic identity and the importance of this, that culture is indeed downstream from race. How bovine of thought that was of me. The cult of self-annihilation is strong with our people. But what is a British person today?


A British person is a slave. Britons are not permitted to cry out as they are raped. A Briton is a second-class citizen in a first-class dystopia.

Britons are an endangered species, and nobody cares. In fact, our destruction is demanded in the media, for Whiteness is the original sin of our age. Those who reject this evil, genocidal and racist framing are branded "far right", even by newspapers that are ostensibly right-leaning like the Daily Mail. Britons may not be shown in a positive light in the press. Our demise is celebrated by neo-Marxists, followers of Islam and racists alike, for different reasons. Though guests in our lands, benefiting from our labor, the non-White residents of Britain do not speak out against our obvious destruction. Many elected officials consider the extinction of Britons to be a net gain, but nobody accuses these people of being Nazis, or genocidal. Instead, those who say; "No, I will not die quietly"- these are Nazis, who must be punched.

If a Briton offends a Muslim, ethnic minority, Jew, homosexual, transsexual or other protected class, their public life is forfeit. If you express anger that your own capital city, second city and many other towns are places which are no longer English, then your reputation is forfeit. If you speak out against the extermination of British people, against the denigration and debasement of your culture, your freedom is forfeit. If you cannot afford to flee your hometown -which your ancestors built and lived in for generations- before the tide of migration and Islam, your daughters are forfeit.


Our leaders evidently believe that if we are boiled like frogs at just such a temperature, we will not notice that we are dying out. It is essential to the agenda of demographic replacement that we do not realize what is happening to us. In fact, the state itself is only vaguely aware and understanding; programmed automatons have replaced genuine leadership in Britain these past 20 years. Only by accepting the twisted logic that appearances are all that matter, that the positioning of White Britons as the permanent out-group, the "other" in their own lands can this system justify itself. The Britons, for their part, are conditioned to only feel just and righteous when they care deeply about the minorities, who have been elevated to godhood. There are many frogs in government, also.


This position falls flat when we ask the Forbidden Questions. These questions are so powerful that those who ask them must be destroyed at all costs, lest a slave revolt take place. This is why our education system denudes our young people of critical faculties. This is why we are kept stupid.


These questions are:

  1. Why is the British Government pursuing a socio-economic agenda that will doom our people to oblivion within a century?

  2. Why is it that our once glorious capital city has no Londoners?

  3. Why is it that scores of candidates for Parliament across party lines accepted bribes from Israel to represent the interests of that country over our own?

  4. How is it just or fair that of all the many ethnic groups in Britain, the only demographic that it is permissable to be prejudiced against is the indigenous population?

  5. Why are Britons not permitted to act in the interests of British people when all other groups are free to pursue their group interests?

  6. Why is it that the British police will look away as British (and Sikh) children are raped, tortured and murdered for fear of being called racists, but will imprison Britons (who often die in jail under suspicious circumstances) for offending an Islamic god?

  7. Who owns the British media?

  8. Who really controls the British Establishment?

There is no true answer to any one of these questions that could be given by our government that would not begin a revolution so bloody and violent that the Frenchmen will gasp in horror.


The state cannot answer these questions, nor show why any British person should look at these demographic predictions with anything but ice-cold fury. Instead, the state hopes that the cattle will not struggle and stampede, kept fat and slow with excess sugar, too little exercise and mindless entertainment, estranged from our heritage and future alike, as a child from a broken home who is raised on stories of how evil his father is. In good conscience no Briton can see this truth and remain silent- and so those Britons will be discredited, jailed, or killed. Fellow slaves will call those Britons the usual insults but it is they who are the Sonderkommandos. Useful idiots indeed, accelerating their own nihilistic desires to fever pitch, devoid of intellect; overcome by the trap of excess empathy for the other, and none for themselves. Happily they dig the mass grave, with a shovel called equality.

Ignore the attempts to shame you for being. I would shame no other person for being happy to exist as they are, unmolested. Why would I? This tactic is not for the use of the socialist or neoliberal who hate you- it is they who should -must- feel ashamed. How can anyone look at what as happened to Birmingham, Bradford, Blackburn, London, Luton and countless other towns and not be ashamed for their part? It is our shame- all of it; but it is not a British shame.

Birmingham will be an Islamic City-State.

Brothers and Sisters, it is time to put down the yoke that we were promised we would never wear. We were born for better days than this, but we must make that reality happen through our own toil.No one will return our heritage lightly. No one has given us anything for free- in fact, we pay for the golden era of others. What you have been taught to value is worthless. What you have been taught is worthless is more precious than all the Queen's jewels and ermine.

Thee haughty tyrants ne'er shall tame:
All their attempts to bend thee down,
Will but arouse thy generous flame;
But work their woe, and thy renown.

"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
"Britons never will be slaves." "

The anarchists have a saying that bears being repurposed for more noble goals. Agitate. Educate. Organize. It should be clear now that without you, there is no England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales. We may not like each other a lot of the time, but none of us wish the other exterminated, for all our bloody history and flaws. Become an educated person, understand this reality; and to those who call this awakening racist, it could not be further from the truth. Preserving our existence means preserving a force of good, order and prosperity in this dark world. This force has for centuries protected the weak, educated the ignorant, provided shelter to the refugee and the oppressed. We have replaced this great civilization with a police state that will oppress everyone in their turn, until there is nothing left but slaves who cannot see their chains. Only a free British people with a leadership that elevates their interests will emancipate us, and save our ethnic group from extinction -which need I remind you if it were anything other than a subset of White people, would not be a controversial demand. More to the point, we were never asked if we wished to be destroyed. We were merely told how it was to be.

Britons, it is time to awake. It is time to organize, and band together. It is time to put this age of fear to the torch. It is time for us to forge alliances across ideological differences, in the name of our own survival.

The alternative is continued slavery and death.

The Editor

by The Editor