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As President Donald Trump's UK state visit draws nearer the liberal hysteria grows louder; and the moral outrage brigade strike yet again.

If the question arises; 'is the UK a free country?' the historical answer would have been a qualified yes. In recent times it has become increasingly clear this may not be the case in the current year. In the not-so United Kingdom even world leaders get the childish ban all the things censorious treatment that we see so often from the left. This is a tactic the leftist movement worldwide loves to perpetuate in its attempts to censor anything that doesn't agree with their worldview. They cannot argue, so instead they can only shut it down.

The modern day boogeyman of communist nightmares- A certain President Donald J.Trump of New York and Washington D.C., is certainly one of those deplorable things that must not be heard. Now we see that the idiocy already seen on the Labour Party benches also extends to the council chambers of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, in London.

In an unprecedented and shameful move, Greenwich Council has claimed they have banned Mr. Trump from entering the Borough, when he visits next year. A state visit that, we must remind the good councilmen of Greenwich, will be at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II herself.

The official date of the visit is not yet set, but is expected to take place sometime during February 2018 to coincide with the grand opening of the new £750Million American Embassy, in the beating heart of London.

Now that the Labour majority council (population: 279,800)  has declared that the President of the United States of America (population (325 million) isn't welcome, stating that;

“Should a state visit go ahead, President Trump would not be welcome in the area.”

The Council gave this rationale for the measure;

“alarm at the decision of President Trump to retweet islamophobic propaganda” and “sadness at the President's bigoted attitude towards women and ethnic minorities.”

This is typical of the parroted liberal propaganda which is pushed by the mainstream media. Politics and media are joined at the hip, and there is no right to reply even for a president as verbose as Mr. Trump.

The brewing non-scandal stems entirely from when President Trump retweeted videos posted by Britain First’s Jayda Fransen. Fransen is a controversial figure who is currently facing a prison sentence for criticizing the seemingly untouchable ideology of Islam, but about whom the President knew nothing at the time of his posts.


An argument can be made against President Trump’s gunslinging style of Twitter-diplomacy, but thatis a discussion for another article entirely. Once again, the United Kingdom is proving that she may not be as free a society as we once thought. The freedom to criticise religion once a fundamental cornerstone of liberalism itself, is no longer permitted. Not even by visiting state dignitaries. Not even when it is true. Not even in a Christian country. Even the old heretic Bertrand Russell must be doing 9000 revolutions per minute by now.

Greenwich Council leader Denise Hyland proffered the usual eye-rolling responses we usually see rolled out by hardline Neo-Marxist professors. He said:

"On a daily basis we work hand in hand with residents from all communities to ensure this borough is a peaceful and welcoming place that celebrates difference and diversity, but in the case of President Trump, we are willing to make an exception.

“We are one of 32 London boroughs, all different, all individual but all home to people from across the world.

"This diversity strengthens our borough. It enriches our lives on a daily basis. And it reminds us all that we have so much more in common than divides us.

“As one of the most multicultural London boroughs, we are a place that has worked tirelessly to break down barriers. We have no time for people who want to build walls, when we have done so much to break them down."

Such meaningless platitudes are enough to have people reaching for anti-nausea medication.

Diversity is not a strength.

Should we be surprised when we have the liberal mainstream media constantly spreading fake news against President Trump whipping up the useful idiots into a frenzy? Useful idiots like London mayor Sadiq Kahn railing against the leader of the free world calling the British government to have the visit cancelled after Trump rightfully criticized the mayor for his response to the London bridge terrorist attack.

“I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,”  Kahn said in July.

This is coming from a man who in his infinite wisdom has said that terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.”


No, Mayor Khan, it is your policies that go against everything that civilized people stand for, everything that any decent human being with any modicum of intelligence and morality should stand for.

We can expect to see more of this liberal lunacy as we move closer to the appointed state visit. Britain can expect Neo-Marxist protests and more fake news, but ultimately this will backfire. The leftist rabble continues to shoot themselves in the foot with their transparent attempts at moral superiority. The left fails in their goal because to anyone outside of their pretentious and elitist echo-chamber their true face of intolerance is revealed.

Fall in line with the approved opinion, or they will call you a racist, a bigot, an islamophobe. What nobody seems to get about Mr. Trump is- he doesn’t actually care about insults. He just keeps winning. He acts with purpose to expose his enemies, and then moves to destroy them utterly.


Be warned, Greenwich Council. Be warned, Sadiq Khan. You are very little fish, in a very big pond.

Pip R N Stanton

by Pip R N Stanton

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