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Pope Francis’ continuous support for mass immigration has left many Catholics feeling alienated from the Vatican and its Pontiff. He praises the demographic changes occurring in Europe during his sermons, and has repeatedly interfered with border enforcement policy in a number of countries, most recently in America. You might be forgiven for thinking he is being solely lead by his own political beliefs, but there are much deeper forces at play.

The first point to note is the Catholic Church’s own membership. Whilst its followers and believers continue to plummet in the developed world, in the third world its growth is unprecedented. In 1900 there were approximately 10 million Christians in Africa, yet today there are 500 million Christians in Africa; and by 2040, there are predicted to be as many as 1 billion. As the Church becomes more Africanized, so will its actions and policies.

From the Vatican’s perspective, it is now too politically risky to openly criticize African Catholics for migrating to Europe. The Vatican does not want to offend its future core demographic.

But by far the biggest driver of Vatican immigration rhetoric is the most obvious – money. In the USA, the Catholic Church has a vast network of agencies which get paid by the federal government to resettle migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in towns and cities. The more immigrants they resettle, the more money the agencies receive. Incredibly, according to research done by the Center for Migration Studies, a third of all migrants arriving in the US are resettled by the Catholic Church.

Although many of the migrants are Catholics from central and southern American, many are also from Muslim countries. It can be said then that the Church is working for migrants because of a financial incentive, and is blind to the fact that it is funding its own replacement. A key example of this was demonstrated for all to see in Syracuse, New York State a few years ago. 75% of all refugees settling in the city were Muslim, and within just a few years a famous Catholic Church was converted into a mosque.


The history of the Vatican’s role in refugee settlement in the US is also more bizarre than you might think. Saul Alinsky, the infamous Jewish leftist who wrote Rules for Radicals, actually played a major role in setting up the CCHD (the Catholic Campaign for Human Development). He used this organisation to fund his own Industrial Areas Foundation, the same foundation which taught Barack Obama the art of community organising. When Obama became President of the United States, he gave vast sums to the Catholic Church so that they could continue their resettlement program - $79 million in 2014 alone.

The more you look, the more the left’s tentacles are revealed. Their complicated and powerful networks in the immigration industry work hand in hand with the Catholic Church’s own programs. With this in mind, you can begin to build a picture of just how difficult it is to dismantle the pro-migration lobby in America. The lobby involves charities, religious organizations and political power; and President Trump will need to tackle all three of these if he is to be successful in cutting immigration.

Whilst being very conservative on the issue of abortion, the American Catholic Church is essentially far-left when it comes to immigration policy. No better is this demonstrated in its Justice for Immigrants campaign, which has the slogan "one family under God". They frequently write open letters to politicians and lobby for amnesty, and are also actively working to reunite families and children who entered the country illegally. One of this campaign’s key promises is to protect the illegal immigrants who are part of the DACA program, something which has brought them into conflict with the Trump Administration.


In a classic case of doublethink, the Justice for Immigrants campaign’s principles page outlines the right of sovereign nations to protect its borders, but then immediately contradicts itself by proclaiming people have a right to migrate to another country, and that wealthy countries have no right to protect their wealth from others. In fact they go further, and say that sovereign nations should accommodate migration flows.

Remember, the more immigrants the Catholic Church looks after, the more funding the Catholic Church receives. Only a naïve person could attribute the Justice for Immigrants campaign to doctrine or political leanings alone.

The ignorance and unsympathetic attitude some Catholic clergy show towards the safety of Western citizens is also very worrying.

One particularly notorious incident involving Cardinal Egan of New York and Bishop DiMarzio of Brooklyn took place in 2003 at Flushing Meadows. They both supported and addressed a pro - illegal immigrant rally known as "freedom riders". This caused outrage, because just a stone's throw away from where the rally had taken place, 5 illegal immigrants had assaulted a woman and her boyfriend, before dragging the woman away and repeatedly raping her, before almost beating her to death.

In 2016 Cardinal Nichols, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, openly stated that he wanted Britons to learn from the "vibrancy of the Muslim faith". At the time of his comments, the full scale of the Pakistani grooming gangs scandal was being revealed in the media, and Europe was suffering high crime levels because of the migrant crisis. He came across as deluded and out of touch.

The Pro-migrant Catholic Clergy in Germany were involved in what can only be described as one of the most bizarre coincidences in modern times. On the 5th January 2015, the staff of Cologne Cathedral switched off the building’s lights to protest against an anti-Islam/anti migration rally that was scheduled to take place. Almost a year to the day after they had done that, on the night of the 31st December 2015/1st January 2016, the Cologne sex attacks occurred right outside the cathedral. Over 500 white women were either raped or molested by over 2000 non-white men, many of whom had only migrated to Germany in the previous year.

The Catholic Church’s position on immigration is another factor patriots need to worry about, because like it or not, the Pope is still very influential in world discourse. You cannot underestimate the lobbying power the Vatican possesses in world politics, or the persuasive influence it has over its 1.2 billion followers. A future Pope who wants to protect the West’s demographics, and persuade its members in the third world to stay put, could be very beneficial for the prospects of nationalist movements in the future.

As well as being highly critical of the Vatican’s pro-immigration agenda, it is also right to praise it with regards to others issues such as supporting the traditional family.

In times gone by, the Church of crusaders and conquistadors stood strong with the European’s right to self-determination; and hopefully one day soon it will do the same again.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.