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Following the murder last week of Daniel Hillig in Chemnitz, many ordinary Germans have taken to the streets in protest. Hillig was brutally stabbed to death by a gang of immigrants including an Iraqi career criminal who should not have been in the country. The protests have by all accounts been peaceful, save for when the protesters are provoked by communist activists and disrespectful invaders. One foreigner spat on the spot where Hillig died, and said "Scheiße Deutsche." This was the spark for some limited violence earlier in the week.

Naturally, the mainstream media coverage pulls in just one direction. BBC World uncritically provided a platform to hard-left activist/journalist Jan-Henrik Webbe, who has made a small career from writing pro-Antifa screeds, attacking the police for doing their job, and denigrating anyone who opposes the demographic replacement of Germans.

Webbe said:

"It's a mix of people from conservative right to the extreme right, and the extreme right is very dangerous, particularly for journalists."


Won't somebody think of the journalists? Aren't they the real victims here?

As the German press finds out when they actually talk to Germans, the so-called extreme right in Chemnitz are in fact regular Germans with legitimate concerns and grievances; the murdering and raping of their fellow citizens by foreigners invited by Angela Merkel being one.

As we can see from the following videos, the reality of Chemnitz is one of the dignified German people peacefully protesting against the murders of their countrymen. The leftist blog Buzzfeed nevertheless makes the claim that the ten thousand strong gathering is far right and neo-Nazi.

Indeed. Look at all these hate-filled lunatics, daring to march through the streets of their own town, bearing the pictures of Germans who have lost their lives thanks to the actions of the globalist Merkel and the leftist apologists for multiculturalism.

The narrative that the far-right is blossoming in Chemnitz is repeated across many mainstream media articles. The Guardian claims that this region of East Germany "has long been known as a hotbed of far-right extremism." No doubt the Stasi thought the same during the Cold War. The same piece quotes a leftist activist:

“We don’t want fascism in Germany, do we?” said Nadia Smirnowa, who was holding the brightly colored flag of the 15th battalion of international volunteers, who fought with the republican forces in the Spanish civil war against the fascist forces of Francisco Franco. “Things started here in 1933 and they shouldn’t start again. It was bad enough that a party, which is very nearly Nazi [in ideology] is represented in parliament, we don’t want that. It’s really bad news.”


It should not require stating that public resistance and opposition to Germans being murdered by illegal immigrants is not fascism. Waving the flag of an international brigade doesn't make you a hero. Nevertheless, we can always count on an inexhaustible supply of these throwaway quotes from useful idiots with a state-approved understanding of history. The Guardian reporter goes on to sneer at those who rightfully fear for their livelihoods if they are lied about by the media:

The “people” don’t want to give their names, though. One man said that he fears losing his job if he is identified as one of the protesters, but insisted he is not a Nazi.

“This can’t go on. People have to integrate,” he said. “If my Czech boss talks about migrants, it’s fine, but as a German you are automatically a Nazi.”

Spoken like a true and loyal member of the NSDAP. It is unfathomable, of course, that in a nation that has long made the iconography and ideas of national socialism illegal one might not want to be named in the Lügenpresse as a Nazi. One final point on The Guardian's fair and balanced reporting on Chemnitz is that while the implied message is that those who are not Nazis should not fear to give their names, the article leads with an image of a masked communist carrying a red flag. One can only assume that this gentleman is simply protecting his identity from the polizei who, as we all know, are the real Nazis.


Back in the realm of reality, if the far-right truly have taken Chemnitz, then it appears "they" have taken it all. Women, children, and old ladies are on the streets with their menfolk. How disgraceful- I hope that Herr Webbe, BuzzfeedDE and The Guardian have got the scoop on how these people were forced at gunpoint by Nazis to protest the murder of a German citizen of Cuban origin.

Finally, the nu-narrative coming from a contrite former-"Nazi" is that the anti-immigration AfD Party made up the migrant crisis. Merkel did nothing wrong, contrary to the aforementioned article in The Guardian which states:

In 2015, at the height of Europe’s migrant crisis, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, made the now controversial claim “We’ll manage it”, as almost a million refugees arrived in the country seeking asylum. That was more than four times the number that arrived in 2014.

As reported by the German website, the reality is that there is no migrant crisis at all; and if there is one, it is just an aspect of the EU's freedom of movement:

According to AfD dropout Franziska Schreiber, the story of Merkel's opening of the border at the time was deliberately invented within the AfD party:

"We deliberately set the narrative that Merkel would have opened the borders. That never happened. That's what we thought up, as functionaries in the AfD youth organization. One should not forget that."

Merkel has not opened the borders, says Schreiber, referring to the open internal borders in the EU. In fact, the Schengen Agreement on the opening of internal borders came into force in 1995, well ahead of Merkel's term in office. Indeed, and Vladimir Putin sunk the Titanic with a case of vodka. That the Schengen area exists did not spark the migrant crisis 20 years later, though it has certainly facilitated the movement of terrorists and criminals. Even though the EU would still be at fault if Schreiber was correct, this reframing would permit the absolution of Mutti Merkel from her many and manifest crimes. I don't think the German people are going to buy that one.

As usual, the story we are sold is the same. Whomsoever shall speak out against multiculturalism is a Nazi. Don't love your country. Embrace globalism. We are to disbelieve the evidence of our own eyes in favor of the words of people who have stolen the words compassion, love, and heart, and twisted them towards their goals of surrender, submission, and tyranny.

The world over, the Lügenpresse is the enemy of the people. We must all be journalists now.


The Editor

by The Editor