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A common claim amongst civic nationalists and mainstream conservatives relates to putting ideology before ancestry, believing that if a select group of people thinks in a certain way, genes aren’t important. The issue with this line of thought is in the inherent neglect of inheritance of political views, how beliefs travel generation to generation, the environment they’re raised in and the lineage which biologically constructs their sets of beliefs, ingrained into their genetic code by birth.

That is of a birthrate, the heritability of political views -genopolitics- that goes so often ignored by the right and the left, pushed aside to focus on their perceptions of what’s important in America, and the Western world in general. They claim to care for the country they inhabit, for Europe and Northern America. Problems arise when it comes down to receiving what they so fiercely desire: ideological homogeneity and societal conformity.

Do you want good people, well-dressed, mannered, talkative, open-minded, and even straight up traditionalist varieties of people? If that’s your cause, you’re going to be disappointed in certain demographics spread across the world. The prevalence of these demographics is rapidly increasing within the United States, Western Europe, and even Oceania. This is because of mass immigration from relatively impoverished states into those made wealthy by the people who live there. It is not for them to help their own societies improve; rather flee and claim their opposition - the West - is cruel in not letting them in. It’s a cycle of victimhood displayed to granting access to many peoples who aren’t functional on the same capacity as indigenous Europeans.

Provided you’re a Republican or conservative, if it’s not genes and instead you want mere ideology, you’re going to find it only in scarcity amongst African Americans, Hispanics, East Asians, Indians, and Amerindians. You will find it in plenitude in districts of white America, and in the European American peoples. For different ethnic groups of Aryan, they have a tendency to vote for the Republican party, hold conservative viewpoints, and generally reject politically sensitive dogma utilized by wealthy politicians and bankers campaigning for non-Western immigration to the European continent. Whites, in a collective sense, have this unique tendency to turn their heads away from propaganda aimed at exterminating their people, with the exception of the self-hating clusters of liberals and globalists who wish for their own demise.


What had become of Brazil? A country which was once majority European, now mixed in with mestizoes, Amerindians, and descendants of West African slaves, fallen to low living standards and forgotten its colonial European identity. Now, that’s not to justify colonialism of any sort. It’s to say that the long, captivating history of the nation under Portuguese rule has now been undone. Brazil's reputation as, almost, part of the West, has been tarnished in the most disrespectful manner imaginable. For a country which had sought independence for so long has now been reduced to what America will be like in 25 years from now. When Europeans become a minority in America by 2043, the savagery will only increase as identity politics continue to divide the nation at an even more rapid rate, causing what will be the equivalent of an all-out civil war.

Just as the West Africans are granted affirmative action in Brazil for nothing more than being born with a certain set of racial traits, in the USA affirmative action might be an even more depressing mechanism used against a country’s white residents to punish them for their creativity, societal contributions, and efforts toward better national development. Meanwhile, non-whites are rewarded even more for rape, murder, theft, and destroying once prosperous predominantly European cityscapes and neighbourhoods.

South Africa has a white population of only 7.8% as of 2018, yet has the worst establishment of affirmative action in the world. Affirmative action is not a method of ending discrimination as it’s often phrased to be, but instead a tool handed to people who can’t produce on their own, granting them undeserved privileges and victories they didn’t fairly win. Nowadays, as the West falls into the pit of diversity and multiculturalism, losing what made it great to begin with, its native peoples and their unique cultures, affirmative action, anti-European discrimination policies in private businesses and corporations, and the refusal to prosecute actual racists of violent hate crimes against European victims (see Britain and Sweden), will only grow in tandem with racial diversity.

You can’t advocate for a state ideology or ideological homogeneity with demographics of people in large quantities who reject such principles and values and expect to prosper. I’m not a conservative, nor a liberal, but it appears that neither side will be getting what they want. Groups from the third world are the most conservative, traditionalist, and reactionary people on the planet, completely ruining any societies founded on liberalism, enlightenment, and liberty. They wish for others to conform to their ideas of morality in the most violent way imaginable, nothing to do with democracy or debate, but by means of sword and gun. In terms of playing the victim card whenever the chance is given, in the West these same people do not and are not going to have the desired conservative attitudes and respect for European traditionalist political parties the way natives will. They’ll continue to be coddled by the left for being minorities, as miscegenation and anti-civility are promoted, and identitarianism for European natives is crushed.


The truth is, I don’t want a society where moral values and traditionalism are enforced or pressured upon people, which is one of my major issues with the right. I want a socially free and liberated nation which puts its own people first, where its inhabitants are proud to be part of the culture and territory that they are, and wouldn’t dare think of sacrificing their desires and needs for that of people wish look nothing like them. A society should indeed be based on liberal values and equal authority given to each inhabitant of the same state. Traditionalism, while not mandatory, will be a crucial element in the development of identitarianism and ethnocentrism within these enlightened homelands, built upon a united collectivism for ancestry and heritage. And this same model of progressivism should be granted to any group of people who long for such a homeland.

Nobody will be happy with the results coming in on the day we find out England as a whole is just 49% White British. A beautiful country filled with beautiful people now reduced to group conflict and prejudice perpetrated against its indigenous race. The native English are already made to feel inferior by a society which has now been colonized by people who already have a home to return to, a place for people just like them that they’ve willingly walked away from.

No matter which direction the West falls, whether left or right, whether Westerns in the future become more traditionalist or progressive, or both in certain aspects of their inner philosophies and mindsets, one thing is for sure. The anti-identitarian "conservatives" who advocated for the eradication of ethnic and racial quotas, raged at ethnonationalism, and demanded only ideology to be the coining principle of a prosperous society, they will be hanged by a mob. Ben Shapiro, especially. These people, Jordan B. Peterson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Dennis Prager, and every other unlikable face on the stereotypical right, will be rounded up by a posse, and lynched by either left-wing or right-wing identitarians.

Aren't lynchings something we should wish to avoid?


The Tribal Times (outdated)

by The Tribal Times (outdated)

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