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A Practical Application for Using the Aristocratic White-Lady Voice in Real Life

I've joked for years that my porcelain complexion is really just brilliant, aristocracy white. Until about a year ago, that would have been the extent of discussing my race amongst mixed company, or even in the presence of other whites. After finding the alt-right in the wake of C-ville, I've learned a tremendous amount about what internalizing and projecting white identity really entails. This knowledge has motivated me to do my best to change what I can when I can for fellow whites who aren’t consciously aware of the calculated demographic displacement that has been accelerated since the Obama-Era.

Most notably, in the last 6 months or so, I’ve started leveraging my woman status and utilizing what I call “my aristocratic white-lady voice.” I have found that it is an effective way to challenge friend, foe and stranger alike to think outside of the safe zone they’ve been duped into believing is truth and in turn, shed light on where they can really find safety.

I have some insights to pass along to others in our movement who want to adopt the challenge to make IRL outreach a daily goal—to constantly have that sense of agency at the forefront of our minds and for our people. . .

Here's my story.

My first bit of advice is to become known as a source of information for normal people around you, even if you think you can’t possibly keep up with everything relevant (let’s face it, you can’t, but try, and don't make excuses).

Being known as someone who is well-informed (with regard to often misconstrued historical “facts,” as well as current events)—someone people ask questions of, seeking answers about what is happening—sets us up to be people that, by nature, can be very un-confrontational in low-key redpilling.

When I say I leverage my woman status, I mean people naturally find me less threatening when venturing into topics that may otherwise come across as taboo. The reason for this may be that—either by their perception that I am not likely to be well-informed, or that I am not a confrontational threat because I do not have a vested interest in politics or current events—the bias exists even with other women.

Either way, I use this leverage—whatever the reason I find it in my tool kit—to my advantage and always think of myself as starting with the upper hand. However, this same leverage is the very reason why I have taken a keen interest in helping others—women in particular—see things in a new way. It is also why I am so careful to view this as a process. Most importantly, it is a process that can be used by both women and men in our movement to reach out to our respective normals.

Ultimately, if we can start discussing topics inside of the mainstream media, the NPC media, or even those that make it to the proverbial “water cooler,” and push the conversation outside of those basic talking points to begin providing alt-right takes on them, we have the opportunity to start doing real footwork in our daily lives and making inroads with people we can pull over to our side.

A real-life example of this in my recent daily life was with a co-worker who mentioned they saw something about the leave statement from Gen. Mattis. This person hadn’t made time to read all of the article but had only seen the headline. They asked me what was going on “because they knew I would know” - so a sense of trust had been established with this person, giving me the opportunity to break it down into manageable parts and with a viewpoint they would not have gotten from any news article - but a viewpoint that doesn’t immediately alarm this person that I’m a white nationalist. In this case, we talked through, but ultimately the bottom line they walked away with was knowing that Mad Dog was pissed Trump withdrew from Syria.

I was happy I had been able to get those thoughts out there and have them received so well because it opened up a decent conversation about why that was a good move and why we need to continue to withdraw from the area and let (((our allies))) manage their own business.

2018 gave us several prime opportunities to open discussions in this way, and I think one of the best had to be the NPC meme. It was great for a number of reasons, but one thing it's helped me to understand is that even we have over-generalized normies. There's a sort of caste system inside of the normie world. NPC has helped corral some of those sheep from the flock, and better identify whites that are open to finding white identity for themselves - but there are some that are on the precipice of being "minutemen ready” while there are others who are just frustrated and realizing this nice normal PC world they have always known is gone, and it disgusts them. Others are so low-info that they don't even have any idea just how much danger they are in, or if they do suspect it, they are choosing to live blind.

These are some very basic-bitch points to explore in a deeper delve later on, but to be really effective, I think we have to know what approach to take with each one of these types of people. Some in our movement have just blanketly said that we need to be more direct without caution. While I understand the urge to “confront” these people, I think it is more important to keep in mind that the message of the left is now explicit incivility, and even a mild perception of pushing a little on these people isn't going to resonate well with them (this may be where we saw a decrease in the white women’s vote in the midterms). We ought naught fight fire with fire in that way; at least not with those that will be most effective in increasing our numbers. The fact is, these folks are not likely to confront the fight on their own, so we bring the fight to them and give them the confidence and knowledge to know how to fight back and most importantly, permission to do so.

Let's talk about confidence first and how that relates to knowledge in a symbiotic way . . . This, of course, requires an honest examination of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. We need to play to our strengths and counter-balance our weaknesses. What I specifically mean by that is recognizing that there are 2 primary types of intelligence; those who are knowledgeable and those who are logical. These two are not mutually exclusive, unfortunately, as I am sure most of you already are aware. . . .we all know people who have a vast accumulation of knowledge but really lack the ability to apply that knowledge practically or in any meaningful way. There is a good majority of people who aren't big brain intellectuals on politics, history, or current events, but most whites have street smarts, common sense, or whatever else can be said of being able to think and reason.

There are a select few people who have a high degree of both, and in my experience, these folks also often have a third component that comprises of high emotional intelligence. They are naturally confident, active-listeners and intuitive in understanding the thoughts and actions of others. These are our movers and shakers. These folks have energy and a lot of it. Think Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson.

Of course, the daily reality we encounter consists of people who are made up of different combinations of these types of intelligence to varying degrees on the spectrum. However, raising our self-awareness and knowing where we fall on that spectrum can provide us with motivation to not only become more knowledgeable through independent study, but in dealing with others, it is vital to find common ground and not let ourselves venture in to arenas we aren’t as well-equipped to handle (namely, because it is counter-intuitive and can actually deal damage by taking non-confrontational talking points and making them forced but unsupported – with regard to voicing alt-right tenets in daily interaction or as commentary).

I always like to keep in mind a phrase my dad began telling me when I was very young: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." My point being, that once we zero in on those individuals we need to engage with in order to keep the collective “us” moving forward, our credibility will remain delicate while trust is being built because of the doxa that surrounds a very new and “mysterious” movement to people who are just becoming comfortable with being conscious of white identity as a concept. We must manifest and/or amplify confidence to accurately represent our ideology, and that starts with knowing, accepting and profiting from our strengths and deferring our weaknesses to resources that can cover our personal deficits. That is how we will pass along our knowledge of the truth.

Knowing and accepting where we fall short also allows us to line up people in our corner who are made for those tasks, and we can point our friends in the direction of those people (and their works, ideas, even something as simple as sharing memes - thanks to @petercozy for all the great Graham clips during the Kavanaugh hearings).

The second thing is to keep a healthy perspective on where we ourselves started and where we have progressed. I think most of our alt-right leaders do an excellent job of reminding people to not be too judgmental or black-pilled about those still not awake. . . give them a little bit of rope, so to speak. But rope to tie around their waist so we can pull them out of the well of shame they no doubt have been cast in to.

What we want to be always leading up to, is permission to think outside of the conformed safe zone . . . I was always right-leaning growing up, and I cast my first vote for DUBYA, but by the time he finished his first term, I described myself as a "registered Republican, who could really better be described as more of a Conservative” . . . AS IF there were really a distinction to be made. This was my own intuition subconsciously recognizing I wasn’t all the way in with the GOP, but still too low-info/energy enough to not yet know that the neo-cons, paleo-cons or civ nats weren’t really going to offer me anything better.

I had a very brief period as a Libertarian and even considered voting for "what's his face"** but ultimately made my way to the Trump train and in-line with the rest of my cohort, the 53% of college-educated white women. (**I intended to look up the name of this candidate but I have decided to leave it as is because it is a literal testament to how low-energy and ineffective the Libertarian movement is).

I started looking in to the alt-right after C-ville, mostly as a morbid curiosity (how could I have NOT known about these horrible, monstrous people) and then the more I listened, the more I read, I eventually stopped fighting the notion that there wouldn’t be “just one more podcast,” but rather, maybe this was where I belonged. I remember hearing certain things about race, IQ and especially the JQ that left me with a physical feeling, a burning feeling almost.

Looking back on that now, I consider it my “un-shaming.” A literal shedding of white guilt. At times I disgusted myself, I worried what it meant for my soul to find refuge, relief, a sense of homecoming and purpose in ideals I had always been taught were inherently evil. This must be reconciled before we make the choice to be open with our beliefs or try to bring our people to our side because we will continue to be told that, and it takes great resolve to not only know that you are still right but to still like yourself at the end of the day.

I share my experience because as part of the 53%, I feel a keen sense that there are even more women in my position who agree but haven’t recognized that the consequences of the outcome of NOT trying to progress the white identity agenda are far worse than that first time of being called a racist or Nazi. Again, the first few times this happened to me, it stung, and I use that word because in terms of a physical feeling. That is literally what it felt like. I’m not one to kowtow easily, and I recognize that can be uncommon, but I don’t think I would have the fortitude to withstand this fight confidently without the alt-right as a movement, the knowledge it's given me, and the hope in knowing that I have a people behind me. My people. My white people.

I also want to be clear that I'm not making the case that swinging all of these women to the alt-right is going to be what takes us to the next level, but I am pointing to my experience because as a woman, presumably, we are raising the next generation (if the better part of this number haven’t bought into the fun, hip childless lifestyle). I also think that we don’t need all of these women to go all the way to the right in order to see success more clearly defined, but they do need to internalize the risks and promote the benefits that can be gained from a mindset rooted in white identity, if only in the periphery.

We will make great gains if they are on board with the idea of a perfect symbiosis. Then, if they aren’t willing to risk IRL outreach, we need them at least to support the men in their lives, so that they can return that to us - confidence, knowledge, and permission, which are all facets of safety. Women inherently need to feel safe, and we need our up and coming generation to feel safe and embody these same traits. Unfortunately, most of them just don't know how dangerous the circumstances have become. My desire to push the alt-right mindset into the mainstream is a direct result of exposing the danger of the current path for our young men and women.

I’ve accepted that a good portion of my white friends are not going to make it all the way across the Rubicon, but I nonetheless will never tire of leading the fight to them and helping them to unshackle themselves from the chains of white guilt.

Lastly, I would say that we cannot be bound too tightly to rules of engagement, in terms of tact. For example, to make an effect, we don’t always have to directly call out race, but can do so implicitly. There was a cute, young, white couple in the grocery store last week who saw some crazy group of kids running and blocking the aisleways, bumping into display kiosks while their grippos-and-gubment-cheese mother loafed casually on her phone. She was also obviously holding up the aisleway. We were about 10 feet away, and the guy turns to the girl and says, “We ARE NOT having kids.” As she was laughing and agreeing with him, I leaned in, put on my aristocratic white lady voice and said,  “Oh come on, don’t let poor choices and bad parenting from our neighbor here scare you off from the joy of becoming a great mom and dad.”

They were taken aback a little, as most people I encounter are when you even say the word “white” or “black.” In those instances, they immediately bristle and look around to see if anyone else was listening, and this wasn't any different except that I didn't say anything about race explicitly. They still seemed to understand knowingly, and ultimately they light-heartedly laughed, smiled politely and continued to shake their heads in a sort of dumbfounded way as they went around to another aisle to bypass the chaos.

I would never have been so bold a year ago. But today, I know what is at stake. Today, I accept that if I sit back and just watch, the great world my white ancestors built will crumble and burn - more than it burnt inside to know that the bitter lies I had been lead to believe were just a cloak of shame. Today, I know where I stand in my abilities. I am confident with the resources I have at my disposal in the areas where I am weak. But most importantly, today I have permission to have pride in my race, culture and to succeed in promoting the real values we want. Even when I fail, even if we all fail, I know where my people are and who really has my back.

I do not think we will fail. I think this is just the beginning, and there is much work to do. We've already won in so many ways. However, the last thing I would say (and it is something I still struggle with) is the extreme sense of loss and sadness that is inevitable once you’ve noticed things enough and felt the despair that comes with acknowledging the very real risks at hand. Very few things in life have been able to zap my joy, and I do still find happiness and love in my personal life; but after we reach a point where embarrassment becomes one of the last raw emotions we feel – I think the reluctance of some of our more capable people (to risk their reputations) stems from that progression of seeing the truth, being black-pilled by it, so jaded and dejected that anger is only a reaction in rare personal exchanges.

I know where this weed has sprung forth and exactly where we cut it at the root. I’ve lived long enough to see “political correctness” morph from a mere zygote of the last era of civil discourse to the fully fledged rebellious teenager that screams “silence is consent, and you should tell everyone of your racist, bigot Trump supporting relatives that over Thanksgiving dinner.” But it scares me that our women aren’t afraid that this is the kind of thing their sons and daughters will hear. The kind of world where this is the new normal. Women who don’t fear to break away from traditional mores opens the door for Woodrow Wilson’s dream of self-determination to take full root. These women will instead look to other women, emboldened with the centurion-like spirit of the Pussy Hat Brigade, instead of the men who were by the laws of nature designed to keep them safe. They will not raise men who, if they were that young man at Kroger, would have turned to his wife and said “We WILL NOT ignore our children and permit them to behave that way” and feel safe saying it loud enough for anyone to hear.

I propose that our stance as a people, a new people, be that of the New Aristocrats - not a reversion back to the pre-1900’s world of Aristocracy. There were obviously problems with that particular era of sovereign rule, but I find divisions in our movement most apparent when we argue about which past history or ideology we ought to seek to resurrect. None of them, in their entirety . . . perhaps we borrow pieces here and there, but we are in a brand new era of technology and that means we need a new era of sovereign rule - New Aristocrats. All of the previous ideologies are but pieces of yarn, for a new tapestry that must be woven to represent a new age, but with a proven mindset and insights gleaned from generations before our time.

I am not a policy, ethics or philosophy scholar, so I leave that debate to those who have invested more time in exploring those realms (challenging both myself and others to become more well-versed in those areas). For me personally, I think in terms of the front line I am capable of dealing with - the logic to be had with people like myself, who are just now awake, raising families, slaves to jobs they hate and so with that, perhaps my main point is that it just starts with a daily attitude. A uniform of personality, if you will. Encouraging the meek to not bow their heads down and try to engage a warm and fuzzy smile to be returned when they see a POC looking down at them, dead-eyed - instead, return that cold-blooded stare with the Aristocratic and strident flare that emanates a position of authority - one that is a result of knowledge, confidence, and permission to embrace white people, white culture and white identity politics.

It is the same in love as in war; a fortress that parleys is half taken.
~Margaret of Valois


Evelyn Dare

by Evelyn Dare

Cordial, Grounded & Proud, Kentucky native. Working daily to encourage white awakening through knowledge, confidence, and permission to embrace our people, our culture and white identity politics.

Kentucky, USA