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In a recent review of Tucker Carlson’s book Ship Of Fools, Steve Sailer noted Mr. Carlson’s growing ideological centrism. What he is referring to is the classic Third Position of the German Conservative Revolution of the 1920s or what European Identitarians refer to as the High Center: left-wing populism on economics combined with hard right wing traditional values on social issues.

Nine million people voted for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump and this seeming anomaly is easily explained by the emerging Republican base of White middle American heart-landers. The signs have been there to see, and it’s only the ideological straightjacket of the GOP which has precluded them from seizing this golden opportunity to form what Trump termed a new Worker’s Party. In 2008 Mike Huckabee said he’d preserve Social Security and he had a run. In 2012 Rick Santorum, who has written a book called Blue Collar Conservatives, spoke about the hands of his worker grandfather, and he had a run. And of course, Donald J Trump ran on issues comprising a Sam Francis fever dream and was rewarded with the Presidency. Mr. Trump, however, has let this slip through his fingers.

Former adviser Steve Bannon pushed hard for a 44 percent top tax rate, but Trump preposterously told us before the 2018 election that he was going to give us a new round of tax cuts. As if that was what his base that is struggling with declining wages, declining life expectancy, and rampant drug addiction was the least bit interested in.

The left used to know this. Ralph Nader lambasted corporations, Barbara Jordan knew that mass immigrations hurt young black folks who had no education, Cesar Chavez busted the heads of illegal immigrants who tried to muscle in on his workers and undercut their wages. Dick Gephardt promoted industrial policy and trade barriers, and as recently as a few years ago Bernie Sanders scoffed at the idea of open borders by calling it a Koch Brother idea. The Sierra Club used to know that open borders were terrible for the environment until a big left-wing donor bought them off so they would stay mum about it.

The left used to think that if corporations devoutly wished for something it was definitely wrong for regular Americans but now they’ve toadied up to Woke Capital which has promised to rid them of the sinful and evil White Supremacists. Recently in the pages of American Affairs left wing Angela Nagel made the case against open borders, and for her pains, she was pilloried from pillar to post by her ideological coreligionists.

The surest sign of this is that in 2018 the wealthiest counties voted Democrat. In this way, the left has been hijacked by a neoliberalism of the neo-feudal rich who use the foreign-born as nannies and pliable serfs and as outriders of their proposed revolution, their fundamental transformation of America. They have abandoned their old constituency of the White working class in favor of a rainbow coalition of fashionable minorities. They are dissolving the people and selecting another.

The truth is that in the old days the Republican Party was the party of the winners of society and the Democrats championed the losing side. But this is now largely reversed. Unfortunately, we see that the GOP has been laggard and recalcitrant regarding embracing this situation, the significant reason for their failure in 2018. What their new base wants is that strange left-right synthesis that Sam Francis said only Patrick J Buchanan had managed to capture: no immigration, pro-family formation, pro-marriage, pro-guns, pro-traditional American heritage, pro-religion, pro-traditional gender roles combined with trade barriers, no wars, social solidarity, generous safety nets and Social Democracy, public health care, anti-corporate measures. This is an odd ideological mix, and that, of course, is the problem.

Although the Never Trumpers have been banished to their well-deserved oblivion, the Republican Party is still possessed of a majority of members who say they are pro Trump but act in the old ways. And this is why the fundamental task before us will be to educate people that laissez-faire, low tax, voodoo economics, free trade, open borders, Koch Brothers, Chamber Of Commerce, Wall Street Journal, foreign adventuring is not and never was conservatism. Rather it is and was the esoteric ideology of a tiny band of men who hijacked the GOP in furtherance of an international criminal conspiracy. The central dilemma in this endeavor will be that while the base is perfectly happy with high taxes and a generous Social Democracy they only want it provided it’s not leeched off of by the foreign-born. Which is, of course, why The Wall has become Valhalla and the Holy Grail rolled into one.

This future that is before has been known for a while. Christopher Lasch and Sam Francis were both prophets of this new ideology, prophets mostly without honor. The fact that it has taken a quarter century to come to fruition is merely a sign that residual prosperity had managed to paper it over. But in the coming conflicts, daggers will be drawn, and it will be a war to the knife; a war that will make the Donner Party look downright socially amiable, which is why it is imperative that the right finds it’s own Huey Long, or even it’s own Jim Webb and find him fast. As the percentage of Whites in the American population undergoes it’s slow and sad decline we need the percentage of Whites who vote Republican to increase correspondingly. And if this can be achieved, we shall see that these fatal trajectories will converge in the twilight of the coming civil war.


by Douglas Mercer

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