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We should be comfortable in saying this- Antifa is a violent communist terrorist group. Can we in the press at least agree on this definition now?

Even going by the example from the dictionary, Antifa are terrorists- "unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims." Last night North London Antifa shutdown a talk at Kings College London hosted by YouTuber Carl Benjamin.

Benjamin, known by his online channel name 'Sargon of Akkad' is an immensely popular YouTube content creator with a huge audience who produces centrist content that often offends the Far Left radicals. As we should all be aware, liberals get the bullet too- you're an only left wing if you are the most extreme of ideologues, and everyone else is a Nazi. Even so, the Evening Standard of London, which is now headed by former Chancellor of the Exchequer Gideon Osborne, has chosen to run this headline about the events.

I can forgive the mainstream media for having their finger so far from the pulse they are tickling prostates -nothing new there- but the most cursory investigation into Carl Benjamin reveals he is as far from the extreme right as he is from ANTIFA themselves. That's kind of what a centrist is. He has spent much of his time debating the Alt-Right figureheads because he disagrees with them so strongly- and yet the largest circulation newspaper in London cannot perform some basic due diligence to check the facts. This is what happens when alleged journalists take the word of literal communists instead of, for example, doing some actual journalism.

Martin Coulter of The Evening Standard, YouTube is not the deep web. You can watch Sargon of Akkad videos anytime you like and see for yourself. Carl Benjamin is not Alt-Right, not that there is much in the Alt-Right that is fundamentally reprehensible. It makes no sense to perpetuate this lie, couching it in quotation marks so you don't have to stand by your lurid headlines. Listen, I get it- I write some spicy headers myself to draw attention to the articles in this magazine, but at least we back up what we talk about with stronger evidence than the word of actual communists who infringe on the free speech of British citizens.

Naturally there is video evidence of the fracas, in which 80lb heroin-chic communist morons get the snot slapped out of them by a bunch of university libertarians and a chunky YouTube personality from Swindon. The revolution does not even lift.

"Gentlemen" of North London Antifa- as Editor of Republic Standard I invite you to contact me and I will publish, unedited, an essay by yourselves stating why you think Carl Benjamin is a fascist.

I would really love to know what heinous Nazi opinions this centrist classical liberal holds. Please get in touch, so we may all be enlightened and all denounce Carl Benjamin as the evil goose-stepping genocidal war monger that you claim that he is.

More distrubingly, on the same day as these events in the United Kingdom, non-progressive professors like Christina Hoff Sommers, Jordan Peterson and Peter Boghossian also found themselves under organized anti-intellectual disruption from gangs of substandard leftist malcontents.

Sommers, a feminist philosophy professor who is guilty of disagreeing with the prevailing winds of third-wave intersectional feminism, was tarred as being a 'known fascist' and an apologist for rape culture.

Lets put aside how utterly cringeworthy these protests are. Yes, they look like dumb kids and yes, it is a long way from armed insurrection- but this is still terrorism. These people are trying to silence 60-year-old professors who bring vast experience and knowledge of their fields to the table. To force these academics into silence by whatever means, is oppression. It is ideological terrorism. It is the use of intimidation against civilians to make them comply with political stances that these civilians do not hold.

The weapons are not sub-machine guns and bombs, but entitlement and ideological certitude. Are these the kind of people we really want to surrender the floor of debate to?

The Editor

by The Editor