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After a court case that stretched over nearly two years and at huge cost to the taxpayer, Mark Meechan aka Count Dankula has been found guilty of teaching a small dog to Seig Heil.

The court has delayed sentencing. In bailing Meechan until the 23rd of April,asking for pre-sentencing reports before sentencing which leaves Meechan with another month of torment, not knowing if he will go to jail or not. Finding Meechan guilty at all of this utter non-crime makes a mockery of the nation, and illuminates once and for all that Britain is a failing culture, a land that can no longer tell right from wrong, or bigotry from comedy. The Crown Court has performed an absolute travesty of justice.

Reporting from outside the court, Tommy Robinson said:

"To me it looks like the judge wants to send him to prison, which is why he has asked for pre-sentencing reports. This is yet another attack on free speech. I'm gutted.

This is the British legal system at its worst; in over-ruling the defense of Meechan, that freedom of speech is contingent on the freedom to offend, the court has decided that nobody may say or write the word "Jews" unless the context is complimentary, or you are Jewish yourself.

Following on from the jailing of the leaders of Britain First (said anti-Muslim no-no words) the arrest and deportation of Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone (said that White people have a right to exist in their homelands) and the arrest under terrorism charges of Lauren Southern (said that Allah is gay) we are seeing now a common thread.

These horrible crackers did not stay in their lane.

How dare these people look at the absurdity of the intersectional neo-Marxism that infects the British Establishment and laugh? What gives these people the right to say what is on their mind?

During the verdict, the judge reportedly said repeatedly that Britain is a multicultural society. Is it? What does that mean, if the state enforces badthink laws against people for obvious jokes? Worse, that the butt of the joke in question which has caused such offense without a single report made to the police, is not Jews but the Nazis.

Meechan is not inviting you to laugh at his dog Sieg Heiling because he hates Jews. He is pointing at the silliness of the Nazi ideology.

As I said in these pages some months ago:

"Mark likes the dog very much. Mark's girlfriend likes the dog very much. She thinks he is very cute. Meechan -being quite the joker- decided to change this reality slightly, for comedy effect. For a giggle, Meechan has trained Buddha to behave like a Nazi. A Nazi pug. An Uberpug. Buddha now responds to phrases like 'Jews' and 'Do you want to gas the Jews' by turning his head, thinking a treat might be coming. He is a dog, let it be said again for clarity. He is utterly unaware of what a Nazi actually is, just as he is incapable of reading Mein Kampf- or Das Kapital, for that matter."

My homeland is beyond parody. So sensitive and afraid of offending minorities we cannot bring ourselves to address any topic with clarity. We Britons- well, English specifically- have long been known abroad as Perfidious England. Perfidy is to be deceitful and untrustworthy, and this expresses itself in our overly polite ways today. To avoid offending, we will lie to your face. We will fake delight at seeing people we cannot stand and we will apologize for things which are not our fault.

Now, 21st Century Britain lies to herself, too. We cannot recognize our differences, that's not very multicultural! You may only notice the differences between cultures if you are a minority, in which case British culture owes you something, or you are British and wish to prostrate yourself. You cannot say that predominantly Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs are such, you must call them 'Asian' to avoid offending Pakistani Muslims- despite this clearly being offensive to Asians, who we now describe as being more likely to be in a grooming gang. Sorry, Shinzo. Sorry, Xi. Sorry, Aung. We are implacably incapable of being honest with anyone. It is a pathological silliness that means we cannot offend Islam for fear of Jihad, so we are now a Sharia compliant country by default. You may not say the word Jew. You may not laugh at Cathy Newman making an arse of herself on national telivision, that is sexist.

Some may say that I'm putting too many things together, well- that's the intersectional way. It's all connected, isn't it? It just strikes me as a little weird that in a country where racist gangs can rape White girls for four decades while our police force sits on their hands for fear of being called a racist, we are now criminalizing people for making jokes that are not racist. No, Britain. We have become the joke of the world. We are so terrified of our own identity that we will jail it for laughing at a dog pretending to be a Nazi.

I'm calling it: Britain is racist against British people.

Here is Mark's statement to the press outside the court.

Don't let your memes be dreams, guys.

Britons cannot have a sense of humor, that is not "multicultural". Everyone is equal under the multiculture, but White people are less equal than others.

The Editor

by The Editor