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'The Zip Code Palm' Versus 'White Privilege'.

“Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.”


If you're going to war, it follows that you need to know how to fight. You need weapons, and the steel-eyed skill to use them. You need training. Republic Standard covers many topics in detail from the philosophical perspective, but this is our dojo. Here we will teach you how to fight, with instruction from some of the finest red-pilled tactical minds on the face of the Earth.

One commando that has been doing great work in the art of 'Holding Frame' runs the channel 'Frame Games Radio' on YouTube and Twitter. By day he is a Jewish lawyer in New York. By night he teaches civilians like you how to defend yourself against zealots who will call you a racist for having the wrong skin.

Today, you will watch closely as Master Frame teaches us a new and deadly special move; the mighty Zip Code Palm. With this technique, you will overcome slithering fools who claim that ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ is a legitimate claim, and not merely Neo-Marxist gobbledegook.

First things first, we need a volunteer from the Internet. Someone? Anyone? Ah, thank you. TV's Rob Reiner, everybody! Yes, yes. Mr. Reiner, would you please stand, and say something really dumb for us?

Perfect. TV's Rob Reiner has attempted to use 'Diversity is our Strength' to reframe a Government budget shutdown into a conversation about white people that he disagrees with politically being automatically racist. This can be a difficult claim to disarm, as it depends on the rhetorical trick of making race into a system of ideas that may be legitimately attacked. The subtext though remains; ‘whiteness’ is weak and racist, and must be dismantled. TV's Rob Reiner is virtue signaling that he has already achieved this feat, and therefore deserves oodles of sycophantic praise from a woke online collective.

Now, Master Frame will show you how to deal with this Diversity Tourism in a manner that is both highly effective and entertaining. Stand back, everyone. Master Frame is truly a deadly combatant.

As you see, by the simple application of the Zip Code Palm maneuver, the control of the conversation is again reset. The Social Justice Warrior is programmed to constantly reframe the conversation in ways that, on grounds of arbitrary characteristics, make you look like a bigot. See our coverage of Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman for more detailed analysis.

So, we now know how to disarm Rob Reiner and leave him looking like a fat, bloated diversity tourist pontificating from a high tower about his virtue. Master Frame has explained the theory. Who can put it into action?


Well done!

As you see, TV's Rob Reiner is exposed as a hypocrite. He will demand that the United States Government bows to the whims of multiculturalist ideologues, just so long as he doesn't have to partake in the results himself. After all, you might end up living next to a Mexican or something, instead of paying them to trim your palm trees. He is a Diversity Tourist, who sees genuine diversity on his television but keeps it far away from himself and his family- at all costs.

Does Rob Reiner's area look culturally enriched to you?

The key point for you students to take away here is that exposing the fundamental hypocrisy of the Diversity Tourist utterly cripples their ability to attack or defend. It is this easily understood principle that makes 'Zip Code Please' so devastatingly effective. Train hard and use this power well, and one day you too can be as deadly a warrior as Master Frame has become.

Your homework is to practice Zip Code Palm.

Remember these steps:

    • The SJW approaches hastily, virtue signaling about White Privilege.
    • You avoid this clumsy blow and deliver the Zip Code Palm straight into the operant conditioning of your opponent.
    • "I would like to know your zip code, please."
    • Wait for the Zip Code Palm to take effect. Stand strong, your opponent may try to wriggle free. The Zip Code Palm must remain locked on until the zip code is obtained. Do not be distracted, no matter what your opponent tries to do. Get that zip code.
    • When the zip code is extracted, swiftly establish that your opponent is just another Diversity Tourist cracker like everyone else.
    • Say something cool as your enemy explodes.

It's as simple as that! Fight well, my students.

Thank you and 谢谢, Master Frame.

The Editor

by The Editor