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I am proposing A Day Without Whites.

We have recently witnessed an uptick in anti-white rhetoric. For this, we can thank so-called journalists like Sarah Jeong, anti-white activist media like The New York Times, and thousands of verified Twitter users. The murder of Mollie Tibbetts further exposed the liberal lawmakers who protect not the citizens of the nations they were elected to represent but rather the foreign invaders that are killing them. The outrageous reaction in politics and the press to the genocide of the farmers in South Africa is to write it off as a white supremacist conspiracy theory rather than a humanitarian crisis. There are many more examples.

On March 8th, 2017, a strike was planned to commemorate International Women’s Day. Women were supposed to withhold their presence and their buying power to show what an impact they have on society and the economy. We are to understand that their opinions and vote should matter at some level more than it already does, which is equal to everyone else. It was a failed experiment as most people experienced a peaceful day at best and at worst didn’t notice a difference at all.

February 17th, 2017 saw A Day without Immigrants. This was moderately more successful than the day without women, presumably because there wasn’t anyone to wash dishes at any restaurants. This still didn’t slow the economy or upset many, except those that faced expulsion from school or their jobs. However, I spoke to many immigrants that day who not only attended their jobs -which is where I spoke to them- but held their citizenship in reverence and respected the effort that it took to gain it. Conversely, they resented the negative attention and the terrible attitudes of ungrateful illegals. These were first or second generation immigrant small business owners who informed their staff that if they missed work that they would be fired.


Neither of these experiments was successful due to non-participation and lack of economic impact. This is why I am proposing A Day without Whites. It has, after all, been requested in the past by celebrities and ‘people of color’ who seem to be under the impression that White people have outlived their usefulness. The same people who gleefully call for the extinction and replacement of White people refuse to acknowledge the end result of what they are asking for.

I can propose A Day Without Whites, and you can share this article far and wide, but the stark reality is that it’s never going to happen. It’s a hypothetical experiment for the purpose of education. There will not be a day where every white person refuses to spend any money at any businesses. Nor will there be a day where Whites refuse to go to work. Although I would love to see solidarity among our race it’s ultimately good for our people that we won’t because one day without white people would catastrophically alter our nations; I am not convinced they would recover.

White people of European heritage are approximately 10% of the global population. Yet, we are consistently referred to in media and social sciences as a pejorative majority. The crime is being more numerous in nations that we founded than people who moved in from elsewhere, whether it be by choice, circumstance, or force. It is patently absurd and serves no other purpose than a political tactic to work against our interests inside the borders that our forebears intentionally formed for us and our posterity. Would it be absurd to insist that Indonesians cease to be a majority in Indonesia? Would it not be absurd to pejoratively refer to Han Chinese as an oppressive majority in China? Of course, it would. The Chinese are the overwhelming global majority ethnic group. If they migrate to Europe, The Americas, or Australasia, they automatically become a minority; despite their billion-plus population in China alone. Whites are the minority in a globalized world. It should surprise no one that we are being treated as hated minorities by those with an agenda.


That being said, let us imagine for a moment that this minority of White people, just for one day, all across the globe, participated in one 24 hour period of solidarity with each other. What would that entail? Children would stay home from school, parents would stay home from work, white-owned companies would close their doors. Just for one day. No one would make a single purchase of any kind. We will use statistics from the USA to illustrate- as the most ethnically diverse White country we can extrapolate from this data that the effect on other nations would be even more severe.


Most schools would shut down completely. There would be few staff, certainly not enough to manage the students. Most students that would want to go to school couldn’t; of any race. A nearly complete educational blackout. No teachers, no school.

69.9% of daycare workers are White. Most daycares would close also due to White proprietorship. Without a place to take children the parents of other races wouldn’t be able to go to work.


It could be said that non-Whites wouldn’t have a job to go to that day in any case, since 88% of businesses are owned by Whites (including Jewish businesses, but that's a topic for another day).

Could most communities survive with less than half of their entire police force for one day? I wonder if it would be anything like The Purge. I know that we hear Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA shouting down cops, who they see as the enemy -mostly because of racial tensions- but I wonder if they have thought about what it might be like to actually have no one come if they called.

Let’s assume that a call for a heart attack made it through to a 911 dispatcher and a PoC police cruiser was available to take the emergency. Who would drive the ambulance?


What if the emergency weren’t medical, what if it were a fire. We’ve had a lot of fires lately in California and Tennessee (and California and California and California). Wildfires are pretty rare though. Car wrecks and house fires not so much.


In addition to police, fire services, paramedics and doctors the criminal justice system would mostly shut down. Even if there were a judge of color would there be a court reporter available? Probably not since 56% of those are White, 23% are Hispanic and less than 10% are Black. Need I mention the disparity in criminality, also?

Since most prison guards would be off work as well, I don’t think there would be anyone to take a prisoner to their court date in any case.


  • Congress would shut down.

  • The White House would shut down.

  • National parks would shut down.

  • The stock market would shut down and likely crash.

Translate that impact across the entirety of Europe for a 24 hour period and just imagine what the global impact would be. To give you an idea, think about the factories in Mexico, China, Thailand, and Singapore that are White owned that would shut down. The people that work there that make pennies a day for their work would go hungry. At first glance, this may seem like a reason to racially diversify these fields. However, none of these fields should be racially diversified. Nor should Whites have to consider taking a day off and abandoning our responsibilities in order to make a point that we are valuable in the societies that we created. The anti-Whites do not want you to take a day off, they want you to disappear. They want for you and your people to become a minority, not only globally, but in your own countries.

The elimination of White people from White nations will result in a catastrophic systemic failure for the entirety of humanity and it doesn’t take that much effort to see that. We, in the alt-right, recognize that the top percentile wealthiest people and families in the West are Jewish. We also recognize that it is our effort and innovation that create that wealth. Yet it is they who are behind the majority of campaigns to lessen our population, diversify areas, vilify Whites for being White and guilt us for the historical success that we have had. For better or worse White European and European decedents created the modern world. For this, it seems we are hated.

Realistically the damage that we would cause from participating in A Day Without Whites would negatively impact us as well. This is simply a hypothetical. Do think about this though each time you read an article criticizing Whites or a declaration of “I hate White people”. Definitely think about it when you decide to spend your money somewhere.

It is in our collective interest to choose White-owned businesses as often as possible. Stop participating in the efforts to erase you from your own country.


Sophie Schwindlig

by Sophie Schwindlig

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