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We live in curious times. The oppression of Muslims in the West is purportedly a great shame on our societies- the dread word ‘Islamophobia’ is thrown around at the drop of a fez, proof that Europeans are little better than racist bigots. You may then be surprised to hear that Muslims are not the most persecuted religious group. You should be forgiven for having assumed so. The Liberal media has largely ignored this very real persecution happening all over the world; but it is not the Muslim who is being beheaded and crucified in the streets, it is Christians.

While North Korea is considered to be the most unfriendly to Christians, outside of the grasp of Kim Jong-un, the persecution is taking place primarily in the Middle East; and you guessed it, predominantly at the hands of Muslims. The Christian minority in the Middle East face a sobering reality of their daily existence; they risk the penalty of death for the simple act of practicing their faith. The media occasionally acknowledges these exterminations, but turn a blind eye to the scale of persecution suffered by these minorities because it doesn't fit their globalist political narrative. Islamophobia and hate speech are worthy issues to pay attention to, not the slaughter of the Christian faithful at the hands of Muslims. Once again the press exposes themselves by virtue of omission; much like their denial of the genocide of white farmers in South Africa. In doing so they are proving their crusade to ‘fight the good fight’ is not really about standing up for the underdog but about pushing a political agenda. They love minorities, as long as they are not White. They love religion, as long as it’s not Christianity.

Meanwhile, False reports of hate crimes are on the rise in the West, From tall tales of hijabs attacks to fake reports of attacks from Trump supporters. Websites like document these cases with new hoaxes occurring weekly. The left-wing media tells us to hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise if that's true then why do so many feel the need to fake them? Often these so-called hate crimes are reported as truth and then later retracted only when it’s too late, the story has already spread and the damage done.

When all the left can point to is microaggressions and mean words, they have to blow up fake hate crimes and make mountains out of molehills. They force reality to fit their narrative of "the evil White" who makes his fun persecuting the poor brown minorities. I’m sorry but asking someone where they are from is not a hate crime. A million raped British girls- that I do consider a hate crime.

Muslims are living it large in the freest countries in the world, able to openly practice their religion in their mosques and on the streets; even hate preachers are protected by the police and the state. Christians living in Muslim homelands are not so lucky.

Let's get into some simplified, brief history. In the pre-Islamic Middle East Christianity was one of may dominant religions along with a mix of Arab polytheism and Judaism. That was until the rise of Islam and its Jihad of terror marched across the land with a convert or die campaign. Oppressing every community into submission. So not much has changed in the last thousand years. Since Islam's inception it has been raging war on the unbelievers, yet, many people believe that Islamic terrorism has only existed since the West’s intervention into the Muslim countries. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The crusades of 1095 – 1291 were the first wars on terror. Implemented by Pope Urban II with his famous Deus Vult Speech, he launched the first fight back against Islamic occupation of the holy lands. The crusades themselves came at end of centuries of Islamic encroachment into Europe.

Islamic oppression of Christians has been going on for over a thousand years. Throughout history, more than 70 million Christians have been martyred for their faith- More than half of those were murders to place during the 20th century and around 100,000 to 160,000 murdered in the 21st century, so far. Not all were victims of Islam- though in contemporary times, the vast majority are.

"Is there a global war on Christians?" he says. "That question is asked in this issue and judging from the number of deaths and torture in recent years, my conclusion is, yes – and the casualties are staggering.

"Sadly, the names of Christ's heroes and their inspired stories go largely unspoken today and their cause goes unreported in the popular press." ~ Michael Austin

The followers of Islam continue to persecute Christians living in Muslim lands. Every month around 322 Christians are murdered; 214 churches are vandalized and destroyed, and around 772 forms of violence such as kidnappings, rape, and beatings are committed against Christians, in more than 60 countries.

Egypt has the largest Christian population in the Middle East with a conservative estimate at around 10% of the general public, though that number is considered to be higher because many hide their faith in fear of the repercussions. According to Open Doors -a non-denominational, non-profit organization supporting persecuted Christians- Around 128 Christians were killed in Egypt last year. 49 of these deaths took place on Easter in the Palm Sunday church bombings where a suicide bomber blew himself up during mass. 28 more were killed in the Ascension Day bus attack, where a gunman opened fire on two buses traveling to the Coptic Feast of the Ascension. All of these attacks are religiously motivated, the Islamic State has made that much very clear, vowing to wipe out all Egyptian Christians.

In other areas of the Middle East, the story is not much different. Even though this region of the world is the birthplace of Christianity - since the death of Christ - Christians only make up around 5% of the population. That’s down 20% from the end of the last century. Iraq until 2011 was the largest Christian community until fear of persecution caused more than half of the country’s Christian population to flee resulting in numbers dropping from 150,000 to barely 35,000 by spring 2017 – a fall, of more than 75 percent. Some predicted that Christianity could cease to exist in Iraq by as early as 2020.

Syrian Christians (also known as Saint Thomas Christians) are one of the oldest Christian communities on Earth. By 2013, more than 450,000 Syrian Christians have fled their homes as a result of Islamic state oppression. More recent data is simply unavailable, thanks to the on-going jihad. Many Syrian Christians are kidnapped and murdered. Now, following a clear false-flag attack in Syria designed to draw the West into regime change operations against Bashar al-Assad, there are fears that Christians living there are in even more danger. Tucker Carlson raised his concerns on his FOX show, Stating:

"Starting a new war overthrowing Assad's regime in Syria would result in chaos many thousands would die, in fact, we might likely see the genocide of one of the last remaining Christian communities in the Middle East."

I could go on listing events, murders and kidnappings resulting in Christians fleeing or facing persecution; I could list enough of these incidents to fill pages and pages of information, but that would be futile. What is happening is already horrific, I’m sure we can all agree. These atrocities are enough to turn anyone's stomach - but that’s not why I am writing this article. I’m writing this as a warning of things to come. At the moment we have a growing Muslim minority in the West that is getting larger by the day. The more that community grows, the more power and influence they have in our societies, and the more they become emboldened.

In what universe do Western governments think it was a good idea to import large numbers of a group who not only hate Christians and persecute them to near extinction in the Middle East, but also hate the West and its Christian roots? How long until the waterline overflows and tips the scales resulting in the kinds of persecution we see happening in the Middle East? When will this start pouring over into Western - Christian - countries? We live in representative democracies, theoretically run on majority rule. What do you think will happen when we no longer have the majority? Christianity is already becoming a minority religion in the West; power, even in the theological realm, abhors a vacuum, and Islam is stepping into that void. How long until the persecution starts? I’m not talking about the terrorist attacks- we are seeing now, they are bad enough as it is. We have already seen the fallout of the migrant crisis bringing rape, murder, and terror to Europe. I’m talking about nationwide attacks, Church burnings, beheadings in the streets, crucifixions and kidnappings. That may sound hyperbolic to you and I can understand that reaction, but remember, the Middle East was once Christian too.

I’m sure at one time - before Islam took hold - many people mocked the few warning of the coming danger. Eventually, the balance of power tipped, and Islamic rule reigns supreme resulting in the horror we see unfolding in the Middle East today.

Do you want your children or grandchildren to face a similar persecution to what people living in the Middle East have been and are facing now? Are you willing to stand by and let that happen to your country?

For better or worse, our faith has been a shield, and a uniting force against those who would conquer us. Secular societies are naked, weak and ripe for plunder.

Pip R N Stanton

by Pip R N Stanton

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