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Since the very earliest days of this magazine being in operation, we have been under attack. In the grand scheme of things we are a small and relatively mild fry compared to the great whale Alex Jones of Infowars, The Daily Stormer, and the venerable Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, but we are nonetheless a conservative outlet which publishes articles that pose inconvenient ideas for the dominant leftist paradigm. When even relatively new and inoffensive publications like ours fall prey to draconian social media and internet censorship, something is certainly fishy.

I was in the airport last week and I discovered that Republic Standard has been content filtered by the free WiFi service provider for "violence". As regular readers of these pages will know, we have never advocated nor justified violence except for in the legal self-defense of person and property, as codified by the constitution of the United States.


I immediately spoke with our webmaster and he confirmed that this is now commonplace across many EU countries. In short, there are businesses who are engaged by digital infrastructure providers to filter out not just pornography or calls for violence but also ideas; conservative ideas. Ideas about borders. Ideas about race. Ideas about religion. Ideas about our world, and how to secure a future for Western Civilization. Essentially, the ideas that elected President Trump to office in 2016.

Many conservatives were heartened by President Trump's tweets calling out the censorship by social media platforms last week. While it is certain is better for President Trump to send the media into a frenzy of condemnation (and thus proving his point) than to do nothing at all, the reality is that these tweets are little more than sardines thrown over the side for his supporters.


So far, so rosy, right? President Trump is on our side. Surely this means the days of shadowbans and content filters are numbered. Not so, according to Lauritz Von Terfhausen. On the 25th August episode of The Third Rail podcast he witheringly denounced President Trump's policy of using Twitter in lieu of legislature.

"Not only does Trump shine with his absence, he's literally like a spotter for the enemy pointing out groups that they can attack and then subsume. His supporters have bled for him. His supporters have died for him. This week a couple of his supporters in Charlottesville got a decade in prison over a misdemeanor. People are suffering, freedom of speech has died under his watch. All of these things have happened and he marvels with his absolute absence on these matters. I'm sorry, but a tweet is not action... we get attacked, we get sent to prison, we get shut down on social media, we get shut out of our jobs, we get frozen out of our families in some cases for supporting this man.


Pertaining to causes that we are championing we have seen zero action, and I don't think we're going to see any action. I think he needs us to vote for him but I don't think he cares enough to ever put forward any of these things that he purports to be for. Furthermore, we are a very easy to please crowd. It seems to be enough for us for him to tweet about these things. We're not actually demanding that he does anything for us to continue to vote for him, so when we are sending him that signaling why would he ever do anything for us? We are solid, already going to vote for him no matter what, and all he has to do is tweet out 240 characters every once in a while and we're falling over ourselves trying to please this guy!

We'll continue to bleed for him, and we'll continue to lose our jobs, and we'll continue to be frozen out of our families, in some cases [we will be] assaulted; over tweets.

It is hard to disagree with this assessment. President Trump time and again has posted tweets denouncing the corruption and double-standards in the media and at the decision making levels of social media companies alike, and yet has done nothing.

This is not a pattern restricted to freedom of speech. Mr. Trump tweeted his concern about the murders of South African farmers and land expropriation, to the usual chorus about the evils of White nationalism. As we have long stated, South Africa is on the path to genocide.

Although this prompted the South African government to summon charge d’affaires Jessye Lapenn for an explanation of Mr. Trump's un-woke Twitter comments, there is little hope of any concrete action. If the world united against the regime of Apartheid for keeping the races apart, will the President unite the world again against the consequences of forcing Boer and Bantu together? Don't hold your breath. The Boer stands alone. This is an unforgivable shame on our leaders.

Closer to home, while President Trump rightly rails against illegal immigration and the murder of Ohio teenager Mollie Tibbetts -allegedly by the criminal illegal immigrant and "loving father" Christhian Rivera- he says nothing about immediately deporting this man to Mexico should he be convicted, nor did he do so for any of the countless victims of violent criminals in the USA illegally. Rather, he forces Germany to take the stateless 95-year-old ethnic Pole Jakiw Palij, who is on his deathbed, for the alleged “participation in acts against Jewish civilians”.

If it is so easy to be rid of a man without country whose crimes are unknown other than his admission to being forced to guard a concentration camp under pain of death, how simple should it be to deport illegal immigrants who are known criminals? How much easier should it be to tackle the relatively benign cancer of the leftist stranglehold on social media platforms, where calls for the President to enforce immigration laws are often censored as "hate speech"?

In an even-handed article, Wired notes:

The moment that social media platforms added ways to tag or sort or search or categorize what users posted, personalized content, or indicated what was trending or popular or featured—the moment they did anything other than list users’ contributions in reverse chronological order—they moved from delivering content for the person posting it to packaging it for the person accessing it. This makes them distinctly neither conduit nor content, not only network nor only media, but a hybrid not anticipated by current law.

This is entirely accurate. The internet is not the Wild West, nor can it be permitted to be run by the self-appointed NKVD in Silicon Valley. We need new laws to protect citizens in many areas, and the correct enforcement of current laws against those who break them. Neither is happening under President Trump's administration. What we see instead is more of the same globalist agenda with the same disregard for liberty and justice as so gleefully perpetrated by the Obama regime.

President Trump has the power to do more than create jobs; which has been a Herculean effort to give credit where it is due. We are in an era of cultural strife that transcends mere economics. We live in an age in which the very people who support and elected Donald Trump are silenced, derided, impoverished, and even assaulted for their opinions. This cannot stand. For talking about the same ideas that the President of the United States expresses himself, conservatives throughout the Western world are suffering.

It is clear that if President Trump truly believes in freedom of speech he needs for once to listen to his vituperative leftist critics.

Step away from Twitter, Mr. President. Pick up your pen.


The Editor

by The Editor