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Ash Sharp

This is another humbling lesson in tactics for the opponents of President Donald Trump.

"I have no reason to doubt these young women" - Jeff Sessions

“Wish we would have gotten the seat, a lot of Republicans feel differently. They’re very happy with the way it turned out.” -Donald J. Trump

'Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.' - Sun Tzu

There are a few threads to untangle here, which begin to make a lot of sense when we conside in which philosophical ideas Donald Trump puts faith.

No, not economic or business strategies that have come out of capitalism in the last 250 years, but his underlying beliefs. We can get an insight into this by simply opening up the books Donald Trump has written. Goodreads even compiled a list, but names that should jump out at you are Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and Rebecca De Costa. Of course, the lying mainstream media would have you believe that it is possible for Trump to have made billions in construction in New York and around the world while simultaneously being functionally illiterate.

The Supreme Art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. -- Sun Tzu

I Don't think so.

Here's how this pieces together, now we have a little more information about Moore's failure at the box office. It is a given in politics that when you are under attack for whatever reason, you must be twice- no- ten times as visible as you were before. You are in town every day, you are courting the locals, you open a barbershop in the morning and celebrate a Bar-Mitzvah in the afternoon and drink a beer with builders in the evening.

Where was Roy Moore for the last three weeks, while the mainstream media and the liberal lynch-mob accused him of being a pedophile?

Nowhere. Then, he rides into town on a horse, the aging gunslinger going to his last fight. A stunt to appeal to a voting bloc that no longer exists. Where was Jeff Sessions? Have you ever seen a previous occupant of a seat fail to stump for his replacement? No, Sessions did the opposite. He sided with those against Moore. As did many GOP big hitters, as reported by FOX News.

When Roy Moore beat Luther Strange -President Trump's pick, lest we forget- the Senate Leadership Fund Super-Pac said;

"Senator Strange can hold his head high knowing that he played a critical role in cleaning up the corruption in Montgomery, confirming President Trump's choice for the Supreme Court, and strongly supporting the President's priorities on border security and repealing Obamacare. While we were honored to have fought hard for Big Luther, Judge Roy Moore won this nomination fair and square and he has our support, as it is vital that we keep this seat in Republican hands"

When the people of Alabama chose Moore, that was a bad choice for President Donald Trump, for the White House, and for America.

It was a bad choice full stop, given that as soon as the so-called scandal broke, the Republican base of Alabama turned tail and ran away- or at least this will be the Establishment GOP view. Such a huge drop in turnout compared to the Presidential election can surely only be laid at the feet of the voters. they were happy enough to vote for Moore to beat Strange, but suddenly the narrative of sexual abuse is enough to make them stay home?


No, I don't believe that either. The voters did not care about a 40 year old accusation.

Moore broke Alabama Judiciary ethics codes when he felt like it, thanks to his prejudices. He thought 9/11 was a punishment from God for "tolerating sodomy". He breached the First Amendment of the Constitution with his Ten Commandments stunt. President Donald Trump can see how damaging it would be to have a loose cannon like Moore in the Senate. Every day, a new scandal that Sarah Sanders has to bat around with a crooked MSM snake pit.

But this is a what a good candidate looks like, according to some.

Roy Moore was a Bannon Gorka pick- who took the nomination only after Strange was severely undermined by these same two rejects. Bannon pushed Moore in front of the choice of the President because Steve Bannon is a sour-puss. Nothing more. Bannon threw the kitchen sink at Moore's campaign to get the nomination, leaving the far superior Strange to raise funds without the backing of one of the most powerful media moguls on the planet.

The result, predicted by few, should have been a foregone conclusion- Moore would lose to Jones, just as President Trump wanted all along.

The Jones campaign raised five times the funds that Moore's did.

Let that sink in. In Alabama, a pro-abortion Democrat took five times more campaign donations than a Republican Evangelical Christian. That's incredible. There can be no other reason for this than the good people of Alabama seeing a lame-duck, movement damaging candidate in Roy Moore and walking away. This was absolutely the right move, particularly when the DNC has now shot its bolt far too early. Throw Moore into the mix and every Democrat voter in the state will show up ready to grab a torch and pitchfork.

What happens at midterms when a smart, anti-immigration candidate crops up and plasters BUILD THE WALL on his banner? The Democrats will be crushed.

President Donald Trump knows this. The people of Alabama know this. Could you imagine the damage done to Alabama with a year of this gun-toting lunatic in office? It seems only that the dinosaurs of the GOP and the Democrats who persist in somehow believing you can beat President Donald Trump like this.

This is the art of war. When Bannon showed his hand and stumped for Moore, Trump withdrew and waited. Biding his time. He knows that the day of the cowboy politician is over. Roy Moore doesn't care about Making America Great Again- but he was too strong to be removed by force- he had to remove himself, by failure. And President Donald Trump is all too happy to let him do it, and then with a nod to the MAGA Republicans who didn't want Moore in the first place, he tells us what is really going on.

Wish we would have gotten the seat, a lot of Republicans feel differently. They’re very happy with the way it turned out. - Donald Trump

That is the genius of President Donald Trump. That's why he is our leader. That's why Sessions did as he was told, and sniped at Moore from Washington.

The Alabama seat is Doug Jones', until mid-terms. Keep it warm, Doug. A MAGA candidate is coming.

The Editor

by The Editor