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Noted flamethrower distributor, rocketeer and Sinclair C5 rip-off merchant Elon Musk tweeted last night that he doesn't like the media. Join the club, Elon. More specifically, Musk says that what the world really needs is a public-sphere driven media rating website, and he thinks he is the man to put it into action.

Naturally the cuck-media denizens of Twitter were enraged, and quickly leapt into battle squealing the only comparison that a leftist shill knows.

It is hard to disagree with Musk's assessment of the media in general. Moreover, it is exactly why Republic Standard exists. It is likely a key factor that led to your reading of this very page.

While the practicalities of making such a media-rating site free of bias and proof against bot-spam are obviously paramount, the idea seems sound enough for us to endorse. The entire point of a free press is to hold the powerful to account, in the interest of the people. The press is also accountable to the people. Therefore, the public should be able to securely rate the media's credibility in as close to real-time as possible.

A new rule of thumb might as well be; do media doyens immediately change the subject, try to attack the character of a person instead of their argument, or otherwise attempt to discredit someone without addressing the topic at hand? Then, that person is automatically correct. No debate necessary.


How exactly this website can be both open to the public and protected from the hacker known as "4Chan" and his troll army of "Redditors" is undoubtedly of high concern to Musk. Websites such as Politifact and Snopes have for some time been considered little better than propaganda activists for liberal interest group. Opening up the voting process to the public would seem like a clear counter to such behavior, but the potential for co-ordinated vote rigging cannot be ignored.

In any case, anyone that has CNN scrambling like startled meerkats has to be doing something right.

"The last thing we need is another rich and powerful dude threatening to silence any journalist who doesn't see things his way," Timothy Karr, senior director of strategy at advocacy group Free Press, told CNN. "The implication in Musk's actions are that all news media are untrustworthy. That's a shameful message to be spreading."

Yeah, shameful! Who could credit such an opinion when the legacy news media has been lying to us for decades. Whatever happens, we can all place bets right now that Elon Musk is either about to be accused of banging Stormy Daniels or being Literally Putin.

Enjoy your winnings, everyone.

The Editor

by The Editor