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Dear White People and White Allies,

I'm sure that you've noticed the incessant anti-White propaganda in the media- if not, where have you been? Before we get into the reasons for the media's push for Whites to become extinct, there has been a curious and timely illustration of this larger issue that has arisen through two independently posted videos. Presented first today for your delight is a happy, clappy, innocent celebration of white genocide.

Genuinely, I think this video has good intentions in that if you truly believe diversity is a strength, for only then without irony can you say;

"Places like London make me happy, because the more colors, culture, and languages you can fit into a city, the more people can call this place home. I'm not white, but in London, I feel at home!"

Well, I suppose the minority of indigenous people -White Londoners- who are quickly being pushed out of their own city by a tidal wave of crime may not agree. There is a window into the mind of the J-Left here though; the video begs the question, if you feel at home in London having been raised in the Middle East, would White Londoners feel the same- or would it feel to them a bit like living in a Middle Eastern shithole? This question is never, ever considered by leftists, because White people are just a meme. A block to be pushed against in the name of anti-racism, until this toxic garbage of whiteness tumbles into the sea, drained of all resources and will to live. The question "how do you feel about being replaced in your homelands?" is never asked -and has never been asked- of European peoples. For the Power Elite to ask this question would be to admit there might be a problem, and that maybe, just maybe, diversity is not our strength at all, and is in fact a slow march to our extinction.


On the other side of the video-coin, a pair of English YouTubers made a video about London being a bit of a shithole. They are not lying. London is a shithole now. Why could this be? Everyone in the first video looked so happy to be in a bustling city with no Whites around. Predictably, the two content creators have been hounded by progressives until they deleted the video and crawled on their knees in supplication to Moloch.

Pro Tip: Don't ever do this. It doesn't work. Look.

Your apologies will never be enough. Communist Sikhs living in Canada will jump on your head from a great height for your racist ways. But what heinous racism did these two God-forsaken crackers perpetrate on the Melinated Peoples Republic of Londonistan? The Metro breathlessly squeals the dirt:

At other points in the video, the two claimed that people in Lewisham, South London made them ‘feel uncomfortable’, telling their viewers that ‘you would have no reason to visit.’ The pair shared a map showing ‘poor’ and ‘posh’ areas.

According to the 2011 census, two out of every five residents in the London borough of Lewisham are from a black and minority ethnic background, with it being the 15th most ethnically diverse local government in England.

As far back as 2013, Lewisham was the least safe area in the entire country. Of course, Joel and Lia made the mistake of displaying perfectly rational behavior while white. You can't say, for example, that Lewisham has a murder rate that should make you think twice before visiting, because it's mostly black people doing the murders. What are you, racist or something?


So: brown people celebrating whites being eradicated from London is good and pure and the video goes viral on Facebook. White people saying that London ain't what it used to be is the dinner bell for feeding time for the zoo and the video is consigned to Room 101.

In other words we have a double standard, which I am sure will come as a surprise to none. Through the mainstream media, we are being programmed (pun intended) to accept the idea that the world would be a better place without us. Oh, sure- White people will be needed in the near-term as taxpayers, but eventually this will no longer be necessary. Then we can go quietly into that good night, leaving an unironic epitaph written by our replacements that reads: Here lies Whitey. They Were All Racists. Allahu Ackbar.


I really didn't want this article to turn into an oh my God look at the double standards kind of deal but... oh my God look at the double standards. South Central L.A is 95% Hispanic, Latino and Black. Is that the good diversity that will save our white souls from the sins of muh slavery? Because you have an aging workforce and your population isn't growing like a virus consuming all resources in a feeding frenzy, well, there's something wrong with that. You must be replaced. If you don't like it, you are a f*cking racist.


What a headline that is-and it bears repeating that switching the races around in these progressive magazine titles provides you with content that is indistinguishable from Daily Stormer articles. Ezra Klein, who has a very high verbal IQ, uses a lot of words in this piece to quibble about why whites would worry so much about imminent extermination. Here is the main takeaway. A series of sociological experiments discovered that:

Even gentle, unconscious exposure to reminders that America is diversifying — and particularly to the idea that America is becoming a majority-minority nation — pushes whites toward more conservative policy opinions and more support of the Republican Party.


I would like all of you individualists out there to read this a hundred times. Even when you do not consciously think about your town becoming less white, you still become more conservative in the group dynamics. That's a huge realization for people who think that individual liberties are all that matter. At least we can recognize that group interest is a thing now, right? The reason why people become more conservative under the threat of demographic change is that the conservative parties of the West are, in theory, those who wish to preserve the culture. Of course, the reality is that most conservatives are globalist shills just as much as Obama and Merkel and Blair are, but, I digress. On with the show.


Imagine being descended from the brave settlers and conquerors who tamed a wild land, and then being expected to adapt to your replacements. Assimilation is no longer expected, and in fact it would be decried as a racist policy if you called for such; and so it is the white Americans who must be assimilated into the Borg/PoC mass. This is the future for white children today- sitting alone in lunch rooms with schoolmates and work colleagues they don't understand, eating food they don't like. They will be the last of us.

What follows are four stories the BBC in Britain pushed through their Twitter account in one day.


There is not one Black, Asian, or Muslim family in the UK that would fall for this utter nonsense. Remember that well.


Imagine a school that could be so intolerant of sexualizing children.


A sympathetic screening of a young white male who shot his parents. We're not saying shoot your parents but if you did, you can bank on 15 minutes of fame with the BBC.

On the BBC in just 24 hours we see the destruction of the gender identity of white children -particularly males- and a tacit endorsement of patricide. Oh, there there. No harm, no foul. It's just honkies. They don't matter unless they are the butt of a joke or a horse to beat.

In a country that has so many issues that can be lain at the feet of multiculturalism, the state broadcaster has decided that instead of pursuing the public good and fulfilling their tax-payer funded charter they will instead betray the very people who pay for the service. This is ideological, this is part of the BBC's extended (and racist) campaign against White identity, and this will only get worse as the study mentioned in Ezra Klein's Vox article replicates itself in the UK in real time. As the British people similarly wake up to the reality of group identity, the state media will be forced to double down.

Before you jump to the reasonable assessment that I'm being paranoid, this is the daily BBC post mentioning the only good thing about Britain right now.


Street art is colloquially known as graffiti and in most cases it is considered vandalism. Vandalism is our strength! In seriousness, there was not one BBC tweet for the entire day that could remotely be construed as a criticism of even an individual who happens to be non-white. That is the depth to which the neo-Marxist claw has sunk.

No matter where we look in the Western world of today, be it South Africa, Spain, Germany, Australia or the USA we are seeing very similar scenarios play out. To notice and to question these problems of clashing cultures is not permitted. As Joel and Lia found to their cost even inadvertently noticing that London is a crime-ridden shithole is racist, because there aren't many white people throwing acid in the faces of women and children, and that means that you, dear reader, might be about to have a thought which might just lead you to question this whole disgusting charade.

White people have nothing to apologize for, and increasingly it looks like we have nothing to lose. Most things that we valued have already been taken from us. All we have left is our existence- which must be secured.

The next 30 years or so will be critical for our existence as a culture; and those that control the media know this as well as you do. This is the reason behind the relentless anti-White people propaganda; because prior to the internet being a thing, this whole demographic replacement exercise was easy. The media was so powerful that those who spoke out were dismissed by the general population as cranks or white supremacists or neo-Nazis. Those days are over, and so the Cathedral of the press and the education system has had to turn the dials up to eleven. Every piece of content discussed in this article was published in the last seven days. Donald Trump is right- the media really are the enemy of the people. I wonder which people he means.

It really makes you think.


The Editor

by The Editor