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In conservative political circles, which I frequented for much of the late 2000s and early 2010s, there was a general aversion to supporting our green and pleasant land. Conservatives supported farming, which is commendable, but that is as far as they would go. Any talk of national parks, replanting the great forests or population control usually fell on deaf ears.

The problem, which still lingers in center-right circles today, is that the Climate Change Industry hijacked the environmental agenda, and threw it into disrepute, which in turn made conservatives hostile towards environmentalism. When the apparent exaggerations of man-made climate change began to leak into the media, this only strengthened the conservative position, and it has remained largely unchanged ever since.

There is almost a social taboo in conservative circles surrounding protecting the environment; if you read Breitbart comment sections, you will know what I am talking about. ‘Oh no it’s the tree huggers again’ or ‘snowflakes care more about animals than us’ are typical comments, and to be fair, they are very accurate when describing left-wing green activists. The problem though is that conservatives, instead of trying to fight and reclaim environmentalism as a right-wing issue, have instead given up entirely and surrendered this political territory completely.

There are also big donors who fund the Republican Party, and I suspect the British Conservative Party as well, who quite obviously have vested interests in promoting the fossil fuel industry. The world economy runs on oil and gas, and so it is no surprise such strong interests exist, but at the same time this doesn’t mean the planet cannot be helped. Indeed, the West is doing very well with regards to recycling, national parks, and conservation of endangered species.

This is in stark contrast to countries like China and India, where air and water pollution are resulting in catastrophic levels of intoxication and misery. The vast majority of water pollution comes from the non-white world, and there is little the West at this point can do about it. The governments of India and China are focused on economic growth rather than environmental salvation, a position which the British government aspired to in the 19th century. Britain has, since the Second World War, taken a more balanced approach, although overpopulation caused by immigration is currently a significant threat to the green belt.

If nationalists do genuinely believe in ‘blood and soil’, then they should know that the health of the latter will contribute greatly to the fortunes of the former. We need to live in a clean world, and it is possible to live in a society of advanced technology and sympathy for the natural world. But for this to happen, the right must reclaim environmentalism for itself as a worthy cause, because only their judgment is capable enough to deliver such an agenda in a measured way. The Left’s green agenda, specifically regarding the man-made global warming narrative, has brought untold misery – and outright fraud. The climate may well be changing, and humans have probably accelerated this natural process at least to some degree, but the sheer exaggeration and manipulation of data revealed by James Delingpole and even Donald Trump is just staggering.

The right shouldn’t just be campaigning on environmental issues either; it should also be proud of the greenery and open spaces that we have. Taking pride in our land is the most basic form of nationalism after having pride in your people; and after all, if you don’t take pride in your territory, it will surely make you less inclined to defend it.

The way to go about co-opting the environmental agenda is to break the taboo of caring about it which exists in many (mainly conservative) right-wing circles. This taboo exists more in the boomer and gen x generations than anywhere else, so I suspect it will be rejected anyway over time by the younger right-wing generations.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t act now, because the left is already on an insane rampage of green taxes and climate change legislation which pushes the environmental agenda in the wrong way. The future should be a symbiosis of advanced technology, farming, and the natural world. The idea that we should ban the first two of these is insane, yet some far leftists campaign on such a stance. If these extreme leftists had their way, the natural world and the animals would have more rights than us, and meat eaters would be imprisoned for wrong think.

It’s time for the right wing environmental gang to rise up.

Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.