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Remember all the way back at the end of January when the President of the 4th Reich Donald J. Hitler praised the bravery and courage of Ji Seong-ho?

Ji was flanked by the parents of Otto Warmbier, the young American tortured to death by the North Koreans. Ji himself escaped with one leg and one arm, crossing the Korean DMZ on wooden crutches. His father, too, was tortured to death by the Juche Communist North Korean regime. It was a moving moment for everyone who wasn't a House Democrat when Ji raised the crutch that his murdered father made for him- the simple pieces of wood that enabled his escape to South Korea. Truly, we all understood the horror of the North Korean communist hellhole when we saw the proud tears in Ji's eyes. He lived. Countless thousands have died. Even CNN had to report on it.

Luckily for Kim Jong-Un and progressives across America the Winter Olympics are here to provide a quick image boost, courtesy of the American media. It's not like we all weren't warned and previously aware that the propaganda would be laid on thick. We have been dealing with communists for a while now.


Even so, one might expect that the US media might not fall to their knees in adoration of the North Korean paradise. The fawning and brown-nosing to murderous dictators is usually the reserve of rich 20-something white kids and Black Lives Matter activists, not the 'real' news media.

The denizens of political Twitter were on hand to dish out summary bitchslaps, proving once again that working for mainstream media is a more damning character flaw than using a groyper avatar and talking about ethnostates.

My particular ire is reserved for the weasels at CNN. I've mentioned them in these pages before as the worst example of the lowest kind of shyster propaganda, so I only have myself to blame for expecting some kind of ethical standards when reporting on people complicit in the torture and execution of their own people and abduction of foreigners. All that is irrelevant when a young and sexy female mass-murderer is on the fashion scene.


What I am about to show you left me agog when I discovered it. I'm not sure whether I am horrified or merely impressed at the gigantic cojones required to make these claims. The following screengrabs are two versions of the same article. The first version is a soft-ball comparison of the sister of a dictator to the daughter of the President of the United States, first published on the 10th of February.


The second image shows CNN's idea of damage control after being called out for comparing the sister of a man who kills people with anti-aircraft guns and flamethrowers for sport to the daughter of the President of the United States. This is the live version available at the time of writing.


CNN cannot even bring themselves to call literal communist gulags what they are- Communist gulags. Instead, they are dubbed 'Nazi-style' concentration camps. Incredibly this puff piece for the worst regime on the planet was not cobbled together by a nongender specific tankie intern. This article was written by Brian Todd, a three-decade veteran of the company. This comes from someone so deep in CNN culture he bleeds Anderson Cooper's tears and washes in Don Lemon's sweat. As CNN spent more than a year promoting the lie that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, it is odd in the extreme that this crusade against the East stops at the Friendship Bridge. Perhaps one of you would be kind enough to direct Mr. Todd to the Victims of Communism Memorial. It is in Washington D.C, located at the intersection of Massachusetts and New Jersey Avenues and G Street, NW, two blocks from Union Station and within view of the U.S. Capitol. I think he should pay a visit before he manages to run interference for another ideology with a death toll in the tens of millions.


On the first of February, CNN panelist Richard Painter called Trump a fascist dictator.

"Well, [Trump] is basically saying that he wants to clean out the government, including the civil service, from any people who could be political opponents of his, anyone who might disapprove of him. And that’s the way business is done in a dictatorship, in a communist dictatorship or a fascist dictatorship or some other type. That’s not the way we do business in the United States.”

Less than two weeks later, the woman who is eyes and ears of her actual dictator brother is buttered up like a turkey at Thanksgiving and a cheer squad of women who dare not make a wrong move lest their families be sent to a Juche communist execution camp is cooed over and praised, as if it isn't the epitome of blind liberal self-centeredness to deliberately avoid asking the hard questions about communism. A deep state and media so obsessed with finding a reason to impeach Trump that every rock is upturned and every phone tapped all of a sudden takes things at face value when confronted with the despotic reality of practical socialism. These ersatz fauxcialists gome home to gated communities in White towns and avoid all reality in their own country- yet have the brass neck to provide free public relations marketing for the worst dictator left on the planet.

Here are some actual facts on North Korea that for some reason are too boring for CNN.

3.5 million people are categorized as being at the highest risk of malnutrition and starvation in North Korea, which has a total population of 24 million. 700 calories are allocated to each person, per day. The average intake per person in Europe is between 2,000 and 2,500 calories per day. According to The United Nations, around 120,000 people are in Communist gulags. Amnesty International puts the figure at closer to 200,000. There are gas chambers. People eat grass to stay alive. Torture is a matter of routine. The entire nation is subjected to brainwashing and endless propaganda- at least they have that in common with us in the West, thanks to our mainstream media.


All jokes aside almost every media outlet in America is complicit in this utter sham of journalism. Why? Because the more they praise the murderous Kims, the worse it looks for Donald Trump when he speaks of the threat the nuclear-armed totalitarian North Korean regime poses to the world. Imagine thinking this is a wise tactic. Imagine being so bereft of ethics, so lacking in compassion for the people subjugated and starving in North Korea that this is your political play.

Just when you think that the stink of the swamp can't get any more repugnant the press step in to remind us all of the true depths of humanity. It is one thing to be a convinced dictator, sure that you are correct and willing to murder your own people to maintain your power. It is quite another to praise that regime as equivalent to your own democracy because you do not like the result of an election cycle almost two years in the rear-view mirror. It is yet another damning indictment that when forced to make note of the brutality of the regime you have spent hundreds of man-hours shining the gonads of you resort to making comparisons not with communism -which is the ideology of North Korea- but with the Nazis.

Why do you suppose that is, dear reader? Surely CNN has no interest in avoiding criticizing Communism- unless CNN is about to throw all their power behind progressive politicians through the mid-terms and beyond. Maybe Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) would like to give us their honest opinions about socialism now, and then we can get this sham out of the way already.

There are another two weeks of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics to go. Brace yourselves.

The Editor

by The Editor