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In the spring of 184, the azure sky was dying; the yellow sky rose. Yet the year was jiazi, and no prosperity was found. But Ling ruled in Luoyang and Han kept the Mandate of Heaven. The Ten Attendants without their appendage retained control even after. More rebellions rose, and corruption plagued the land. The power was in the hands of the sans-testes. But Ling ruled in Luoyang and Han kept the Mandate of Heaven.

In 189, a butcher and a woman let all under heaven rot in stagnant water. They battled for power, weakened the state, and threw the nation into confusion. But Shao ruled in Luoyang and Han kept the Mandate of Heaven. A chivalrous man from the western plains finds the Hegemon’s blade and is corrupted and possessed. He tortures the ministers and captives for pleasure rising to Imperial Father. But Xian rules in Chang’an and Han kept the Mandate of Heaven.

In 196 a man who lifts his drink to sing a song, knowing not whether life is short or long, seizes the seat of Imperial Chancellor. He governs well, and the nation under his power prospers. Yet Xian rules in Xudu and Han kept the Mandate of Heaven.

Only in 220 does Xian abdicate and Cao Pi take the throne. But in Chengdu, a spark of the Han glimmered with the Imperial Uncle, not extinguished until 263.

When did Han fall?

Odoacer deposed Romulus Augustus in 476, taking Rome, but nominally as a client of the Emperor of the East. Julius Nepos, reigning before Romulus, reigned as Emperor in Dalmatia, recognized by Zeno as Emperor until he was assassinated in 480. The Roman Senate was last mentioned in 603, and the Senate building was finally turned into a church in 630. Did Rome last until 630? Until 476? Can it even be said that it lived that long? Rome itself had not even been the capital for over 150 years.

When did Rome fall?

For the peasant and the monk in the farmlands of Jing, how was the day before Cao Wei? The day after? Did a farmer in Abruzzo ponder the fall of Nepos?

There was a fall, a precession. How did the villages and towns survive? They were lucky, in a way. The Empire may protect, provide order, and let one prosper, but the village and town – the family and clan – are independent units built on their own foundations. They may be unbound from the eagle, or come out of the Imperial waters, even submerged in another. But the town, village, and family do so as a whole. The fall of the Empire may usher in a new age, but the community remained whole and continuous.

We are not so lucky.

Our civilization is picked apart from without and festers from within. Our every bond is broken, our ancestors defiled, their tombs desecrated, our heroes blasphemed. Our wives are thrown to the animals while our children are burned at the altars of Moloch.

It seems we must start from scratch. Should we leave our waters now, no matter how poisonous they are, we will turn only into formless goop whose fate is only to be evaporated or dissolved, for we currently have nothing but this pool of poison keeping us together.

How does this start? It cannot be imposed. A community grows organically, even as its cultivated. Uniting against something is almost always the first step. How many movements, good or bad, were formed by groups of dissatisfied men gathering in a café or bar to complain? It is no doubt healthy and useful to gather together with like-minded people, especially in the face of our looming annihilation. But I admit I find the mutual outrage at the latest piss plague of the Kali Yuga unsatisfying. It reeks of impotent rage at best, purely masturbatory at worst – and there is already far too much jerking off to go around.

Anger is spiritual caffeine. It will pick us up and give us energy, but if we don’t have a healthy lifestyle, or we have too much, we find ourselves sapped of life explosively defecating out what few nutrients we had left in our living corpse.

We already know these things, though. No doubt among the various circles, pool parties, book clubs, and chapters, discussion abounds as to what the “next steps” are going to be. These likely turn to more political action. Flyering a town or campus, perhaps a spontaneous demonstration for those in more organized groups. A letter writing campaign. Perhaps someone runs for office, or there’s a rally to support some politician or cause or another. A growing number understand that these will not fulfill the 14 words. This is undoubtedly true. But is it wasted effort? I would hesitate to throw it all away. These activities can bring people in, help dispel the curse and illusion magic cast on our people, even if only by a little bit.

Furthermore, the political front lines are a worthy battle if only to delay the inevitable. In Revelations, there are distinct periods. If we are in the first, this is our chance to win as many people over while we still can. Accelerationism is what we want in the late stages of the end, but only after our families and communities are strong enough to withstand Piss Earth’s Final Flush. For now, what we need is time. After all, waking up is fine, but they – we – need somewhere to go. We all know what happens if that place doesn’t exist.

When it comes to community building, there are two primary external antagonists – RICO and Waco. Now, obviously none of us would be breaking the law such that RICO would apply, but we live in Piss Yuga. Being white is a sin; white people coming together is a crime. This means our community building must be truly organic and built on individual trust. This will appear different based on circumstances – the starting size, starting assets, whether you’re rural or urban, mostly families or mostly single, fairy or fisting, etc. Again, no crimes are being committed, everything is legal, but since when do our occupying overlords care about that? As to the specifics, I would defer to those with real legal knowledge.

As for Waco, we all know what happens with compound-building. Firstly, withdrawing from the world is running from it. It’s not riding the tiger; it’s fleeing it. There is no escape. Give it up. Secondly, your compound will be firebombed by the FBI, and you will all die. But be wary of your compound just because it’s in an urban environment or your Aryan Apartments are going to look like the scene of the next Raid: the Redemption movie. This time around you won’t be accused of child sexual abuse, of course, because by this time that will not only be legal, but mandatory in schools. So at least that.

Hunkering down and riding out the collapse is not a viable strategy. In one sense, the collapse will not happen for another hundred, hundred-twenty years. But in another sense, the collapse has already happened. To paraphrase Hobbes, the moment we entered anarcho-tyranny, we have already returned to the state of nature.

Therefore, whatever your Männerbund may be, it must eventually transcend politics. When the corpse of this civilization has finally been picked apart and rotted away, after the Final Flush, we must be ready with the framework of our new society already constructed. Or if you want a vision of the future, imagine a rabbi pissing on a human face - forever.


by Percy Pellenorson

Percy Pellenorson is a page questing to slay the Buddha and become a magical warrior.