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Ash Sharp

We're just one day into the new year and already the liberal elite is out in force. It seems that for some reason, the flowering of a new Iranian revolution has them on edge.

I wonder if it had anything to do with Saint Obama's nuclear deal or general ass-kissing treatment of the Ayatollah. The former president had the effective policy that a nuclear Iran would dominate the Middle East- but so long as it didn't happen on his watch, then this was fine with him- no matter the oppression that happened in Iran.

History will judge his spinelessness very harshly, particularly as Obama refused to support the 2009 Green Revolution and allowed Tehran to quash the protests with impunity. In his arrogance, Obama always knew better.

“The Obama administration’s lack of support for the Green Revolution was part of a pattern in which it did not hold Iran accountable for any provocation. It would seem it was part of a general approach that began in Obama’s first week in office in 2009 of wanting to reach a deal with Iran at pretty much any cost.” -Former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren

None of that matters, though. None of that matters to the New York Times.

Which is to be expected- after all, Iranian tours are keeping this dying newspaper afloat.

Not to mention that this paper literally outed the CIA's top man in Tehran just six months ago.

I could spend all afternoon showing you pictures of how much The New York Times loves a dictatorial regime that forces homosexuals to become transgender. So woke.


The arrests of journalists, private citizens and the oppression of women doesn't matter to John Kerry. The people who are taking to the streets every night, bravely facing down armored cars and machine guns, that's nothing John Kerry can support. It's an Iranian issue.


Indeed, the argument can be made that without brave citizens attacking police stations and soldiers refusing orders, the blood-price would already be much higher than the 21 dead it is today. Preventing the police from mobilizing and encouraging defection is a fundamental of a successful revolution.

The people of Iran are bucking against theocrats and dictators who have dominated the nation for four decades. However, the protesters have also found themselves opposed to Obama's Great Plan for Iran. It cannot be possible that Obama was wrong, or a fool. So, the elites must side with the Ayatollah.

The west must do nothing to fight Totalitarian Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.


Wherever you turn, the remnants of the previous order are popping up to chant the same mantra- we must do nothing, the Mullahs are misunderstood, we can deal with genocidal maniacs, you just need to tie them up with useless deals and sanctions they don't care about.

The fear of these capering, cowering sycophants is clear. If the revolution is successful, what more will we learn about the Obama nuclear deal? What promises were made? How much money really fell into the pockets of the clerics? Now that Iran has the technology to conduct strikes on Israel, what was the point of Obama bending the knee to Ayatollah Khamenei in the first place?

The liberal elites will dress this affair up as a cautionary tale against the cataclysmic regime change policy of the Bush II administration.


The reality is that as we have already seen from President Trump, that is not the intent nor the policy of this administration. Mr. Trump has already set out his policy for the Middle East- which is to let the Gulf Cooperation Council clean their own house. This is how Israel and Saudi Arabia have been enabled to work closer together. This is why ISIS is down to a thousand combatants. This is how we see Lebanese tanks moving in to defend Israel's border from Hezbollah.

This is how Mr. Trump is light years ahead of Obama on foreign policy, despite the best efforts of the fake news media establishment to paint his as some buffoon who cannot even feed koi carp without causing an international incident. I would find such attempts laughable if they did not insult our intelligence so much.

The Shia theocracy of Iran must fall.

Nobody wants to see massacres like Tiananmen Square, but that doesn't mean the West needs to begin bombing campaigns. That tactic does not work. The way to minimize bloodshed is for Western nations to support the reformers without getting embroiled in military action; after all, we are neither needed nor wanted. With the reforms going on in Saudi Arabia, the imminent end of the war in Yemen, and now a revolution in Iran, we are looking at the beginning of the most positive change in Middle Eastern politics since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

The true tragedy is not that these liberal elitists were wrong or craven to capitulate to Tehran. The shame is that they now scramble to save their hides by throwing people calling for true democracy under the bus- or tank, as the case may be. While so-called feminists in America wrap themselves in a symbol of feminine oppression, real feminists are casting off their hijabs. To defy the Travel Ban of President Trump in the United States by wearing hijab is not an act of resistance. It's an act of submission to Islam. To defy a theocracy that will literally assault, rape and imprison you for taking off a headscarf, that is true bravery. That is the resistance. This is feminism.


Republic Standard stands with the Iranian people, freedom, and President Trump. The liberal media stands with the Ayatollah. Barack Obama stands with the Ayatollah, as do his former staff.

Remind us again, who stands on the right side of history?

The Editor

by The Editor