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In the caste system of the United Kingdom, a cracking new wheeze has emerged from the chattering classes. As any person of good sense knows,the only people who voted for Brexit were belligerent racist oiks from council estates who are probably in the EDL and parochial men with strange moustaches from the countryside, who have definitely at some point shot a fox while pissed as newts on scrumpy.

But what connects the two? What possible strain of mankind could be at the root of this union between two groups who in normal circumstances would never meet, and if they did would pass on opposite sides of the street? The answer of course, is in the peculiar hue of the British skin. The metropolitan elites and the wannabe IT middle managers and call-center drones who just know that we are all really Europeans at heart have made a meme. Long live Gammon-Man.

We Britons are a funny sort. When we get flustered, or drink too much, or eat too much salted red meat (all of which we regularly do) we have the tendency to become a little pink in the face. Exposure to direct sunlight can have the same effect, which usually happens for a couple of days in May and again at some point in July. And so, to counter the clear over use of snowflake we have dubbed our pink-hued fellows who are somehow inferior to us as Gammon. For the uninitiated, gammon is is the hind leg of pork after it has been cured by dry-salting or brining. It is often eaten with chips (fries), a fried egg, or a pineapple ring if you are feeling particularly continental. It is a staple of the classic pub grub menu which has resisted all attempts at modernization, gentrification, or being re-launched to appeal to the clientele at the gastro-pub that replaced the local boozer our dads liked.

For once, the left has accurately reduced their opponents to a single word. Gammon. Those of us who are gammon play fruit machines.

Gammons like sports. Gammons even do slightly annoying things like forming bands and following around the national team. Imagine being so stripped of any vestige of self-worth or identity that your cultural touchstone is blowing a trumpet at a football match. These Gammons should really be thankful the manufacturing industries are dead and their daughters have decided to abdicate from the gene pool to prevent the planet over-populating. Why, if these men had meaning in their lives, they would have no time to practice, and thus not provide us with an opportunity to mock them.

In effect, the term gammon is used to sneer at those Englishmen who are looking for leadership that has not been provided by the government, not by the EU, and certainly not by the very same people who are doing the sneering. Tommy Robinson is a gammon, and so is everyone who supports him. People who vote for UKIP of For Britain are gammon, as are the Football Lad's Alliance, THe Countryside Alliance, Brexit voters, policemen, people who are not socialists and, of course, anyone from the North. There appears to be quite a lot of Gammon about. It is almost as if the majority of the nation, for better or worse, is made of gammon. What I contend is that gammon is more a signifier of the quality of those who use it as a pejorative. It is an attempt at shaming those who are beneath you, less clever, less well off, just less than you. Inferior people who have never eaten an avocado and don't want to.


And yet of course we cannot ignore that this is a derogatory term for people based on their skin color. Now that the posh folk have shedded their ethnic identities, no longer Whites at all, now an ascended, Pro-Bruxellois transparent-fleshed super-being that is somehow separate from the woes of the plebians, the self-describing elites have decided that yes; categorizing people by skin tone is acceptable. This is the empathy trap which ensares the gleeful distributors of hashtag-gammon. It leads you to racism against your perceived enemies, who are just another version of yourself that you seek to deny! Further, though the metropolitans have attained a post-racial identity themselves, gammon-men are a distinct ethnicity. Gammons are a ruddy pink, a color. People, of color. Truly, a bizarre premise on which to to base a new caste system, in the current year.

A sociopathic system produces sociopaths and victims. You can avoid the worst effects of the abuse by allying with your abuser- this is language that the intersectional left understands very well. We have seen this behavior before from black activists who decried Kanye West as a coconut, white on the inside. The empathy trap ensnares the mind, making you believe that you are superior merely for your concern for the minority, the environment, the animals, the ocean, the gays, whatever cause you like. Again, we see this in the power struggles in the intersectionalists, who must endlessly eat themselves in a battle over who is the least privileged and therefore the most deserving of resources. Compassion is currency. If you are perceived as having no compassion for the other, this means you are gammon. This means you are a racist.

Yes, gammon is a catch all word for all the things the progressives see and deride in us, and fear about themselves. They too are without identity, they too are lost. At least the gammons don't pretend to be something they are not. Are the gammons ignorant bigots? Well, as we know from our learned masters, it is wrong to stereotype. Hashtag Not All Gammons. The framing of gammon as a short-cut for bigotry, stupidity, low culture, football watching and common-ness is a heinous attack on the working classes that the intelligentsia claim to represent. It is so that these people, Labour voters all, can happily chant "for the many, not the few" in tribute to Jeremy Corbyn while at the same time denouncing the many in England who disagree entirely with this brand of Neo-Marxist foolishness.

The many are not Gammons. The many are the people with whom the Gammons are to be replaced. The Gammons are the hated past, the times of patriotism and industry. The progressive darlings who are tossing around this word have made an error in judgment, however. In the 1970's and up until this very day there has been a football team by the name of Millwall that has been near-permanently associated with violence. They have a song.

No one likes us, no one likes us
No one likes us, we don't care!
We are Millwall, super Millwall
We are Millwall from The Den!

Gammon fits the tune also. The British elites have always demonized the working classes; it never works. The working classes don't care; demonization just forces them to unite against you, often with violence. You cannot shame the Gammon into silence, but you sure can piss them off.

Keep it up, snowflakes. Make the gammon hate you.

The Editor

by The Editor