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The Rainbow Nation has a brand-new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, and a brand-new motion to seize White land without compensation. Zimbabwe 2.0, here we come!

The motion, of course, was brought by Marxist grievance-monger Julius Malema, who has a bit of a thing for agitating against White farmers. He isn’t alone: disgraced former president Jacob Zuma is in the same camp, and the consequences of such sentiments for White South Africans have been horrendous.

Zuma, by the way, was an incredible disaster: his tenure included such milestones as reaching 36% unemployment, among other dismal stats, and he is now facing the reinstatement of 783 counts of corruption. The Economist is calling the Zuma period

South Africa’s lost decade.”

We have a government with a history of racial terror-baiting and absolutely abysmal governance, and a motion to steal White-owned land without compensation, a motion brought by a Marxist parasite (pardon the redundancy). Naturally, the motion passed by a landslide, 241 to 83.

(Don’t you love democracy in combination with Rainbow Nation multiculturalism?).

And , this motion is being defended in terms that absolutely reek of progressivism and social justice:

“We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

That’s Julius Malema, the aforementioned Marxist parasite who originally brought the motion. Here’s another:

“We are going to address this and make sure that we come up with resolutions that resolve this once and for all. This original sin that was committed when our country was colonized must be resolved in a way that will take South Africa forward.” ~ Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa.

Dear Cyril, inquiring minds want to know: which original sin was that?

Why is “colonialism” inherently an “original sin” any more than, say, the Mfecane? Is it so bad for White people to own 72% of your country’s farmland despite being 8.4% of the population if they also elevated that same country from mud huts and iron-tipped spears to automobiles, the internet, and pizza?

For that matter, dearest Cyril, why are you so convinced that stealing White farmers’ land won’t turn out to be a net harm to your people? The historical precedents are against you, my very dear sir.

I know, I know: the forces of the Left manage to fail at history the way they manage to fail at everything else. I’ve been dancing around it, so now I’ll come out and say it: South Africa is an object lesson in leftism, a practical example of what happens when leftists are able to get their hands on power and get what they really want.

South Africa, in essence, represents what the forces of the Left—the radical Left, at least, the SJWs and the out-and-out Marxists—want to achieve in the West. South Africa, like Venezuela before it, is a country-size demonstration of the Left’s plan for the West.

(Venezuela, by the way, has now reached the ‘Giving-Your-Children-Away-to-Survive’ stage of advanced leftism).

The nations of the West, of course, are demographically and culturally quite distinct from a nation like South Africa, or a nation like Venezuela (at least for the time being). One can even view South Africa as a kind of alternate history, a look at what the forces of the left would do if they had the power to do so.

South Africa in 2018 is Europe, or America, as the forces of the radical Left (I prefer Very-Committed-Left) would make it. When one sees South Africa for what it is, the clarifying power of the object lesson becomes almost overwhelming.

Take a look at those quotes by Malema and Ramaphosa again. Really look at them. Would they be at all out of place in a leftist social studies course, a leftist blog on Tumblr, or even Everyday Feminism?

Aren’t they a decent riff on the same themes promoted by economically illiterate socialist grievance-monger Bernie Sanders?

This is the essential nature of the pale, bloated vampire of leftism. This is why I have likened it to a parasite again and again.

Compared with the “red poison” of communism, the “blue poison” of progressivism may not appear all that bad. South Africa should serve to prove, once and for all, that this is a dangerous illusion: the blue poison and the red poison have the same goal and will produce similar effects because they are essentially two different forms of the same poison.

There is no meaningful difference in kind between what is happening in South Africa right now and what the forces of the left say that they want to do here in the West. The demonization of the successful, the stirring up of the resentments of the unaccomplished, the confiscatory taxes to fund lavish handouts… it is a program familiar from Stalin’s destruction and murder of the kulaks. (If you’re tempted to say it’s at least less murderous than Uncle Joe there, consider again the plight of White South African farmers).

When the forces of the left say that they want social justice, remember South Africa.

When they say that they want racial justice, remember South Africa.

When they say that they want diversity, remember South Africa.

When they shill for mass migration from the Third World, remember South Africa.

As I have written before, the paradigm of the left is failing in the West. Still, we should not miss this crucial lesson, and we should make every effort to help the leftist paradigm into its grave by discrediting the doctrine and works of leftism by denouncing the cancer attempting to metastasize in our civilizational body.

Opposing the forces of the Left is a matter of national and civilizational self-preservation for all the West. South Africa is an object lesson in the vampiric nature of the Left, a proof positive of the grasping covetousness of the untalented to steal what others have created.

The parasite is ever thirsty for our blood. South Africa is proof positive of what it can do in an unfavorable demographic and cultural situation.

The only question that remains is whether we in the West are paying attention.

Julius Roy-Davis

by Julius Roy-Davis

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