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Ash Sharp

It's a time of good cheer and forgiveness across the Western world, as we come together to celebrate the birth of Christ and the New Year.

After yet another year which has seen widespread Jihad in our countries with far too many dead and injured, I am thankful that our security services have prevented further bloodshed at Christmas- in the West, at least. Still, my heart aches for the families of Manchester, Stockholm, Barcelona, St. Petersburg... the trail of the dead stretches on and on. Let us all pray that the positive signs coming from the Middle East do not prove to be another false dawn.

But enough about the Religion of Peace. No doubt we will come back to talk about Islam many times in the future of this newspaper. Indeed, let us look to the future. What can you expect from Republic Standard in 2018? Well, though we are not ones to count chickens before they hatch, but the initial readership statistics are very exciting. Thank you! We literally cannot exist without your continued support. Furthermore, our partnership with the Freebird Political Forum is already generating great conversations, and we have a fantastic roster of writers and analysts ready to produce even more great content for you in 2018.

We have targets, too. We want to help fully uncover the scandals of Fusion GPS and Uranium One. We have an eye on you too, David Brock of Media Matters. Beyond exposing Crooked Hillary and her friends we'll bring you the sharpest words on Brexit as it happens, and begin building a library of conservative philosophical articles that steers well clear of the spineless mewlings of sites like National Review.

You as an audience deserve far better information than that which has been served up over the years. Are we not hungry for truth? When President Trump subverts the media paradigm and comes straight to us via Twitter, it is out of necessity. The crooked media mirrored the crooked government, and so an honest man has few other options. It works well for the leader of the Free World- and what a year it has been for the Donald. It is, of course, unlikely that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will boot the President from the platform for wrongthink as he has done to so many other conservatives this year; but where does that leave the rest of us?

Our collective future in online media is at stake. There is not (at this time) a truly viable alternative to Twitter and Facebook for social media. Their censorious regimes will happily restrict the dissemination of articles from this website where they can. The Neoliberal and progressive agenda is never towards free discourse, to be challenged by the ideas of the opposition. It will always be towards censorship.

Fortunately for us, we have the path laid out for us by President Trump himself. Take control of your own information. Take control of the news itself. As I've said before, now that we are all journalists, who needs journalists?


From the boards of /pol/ to subreddits to Gab and Twitter and Right Side News itself, we are all part of a wider network of minds. The days of being spoonfed information by outlets we trusted unconditionally are long over. The BBC is no more the voice of Britain than I am. CNN represents the voice of America no more than yours could, or TVP in Poland, Sat 1 in Germany- you get the idea. Legacy media is dead.

It has already begun, and it continues with you and me. We are responsible, all of us, for our own education. It is up to us, all of us, to find the truth and be accountable for it. The Mainstream Media has failed- as we see with the bizarre covering for the lies of the Clintons and their Cabal while trying to curb-stomp the honorable General Flynn for failing to tell the FBI what they already knew.

The Russian collusion dossier was a fabrication. The Trump administration is cleaning out the Deep State rats. It is our responsibilities as free citizens to make sure that we are informed enough to understand what we are seeing in a confusing world. We can do this in several ways.

Remember Your Principles.

It will not shock you to learn that in the short time I have been editing this newspaper, I have been called a Nazi approximately five times a day. That's ok- people are free to be wrong. The reason why people resort to name calling is a lack of ability. These lame attempts at tarring do not and will never work; because at Right Side News, we argue from positions of principle. You can do the same- refuse to accept the actually racist narratives from the left and demand they meet your standards. When arguing from principle you might be wrong- but you will never be a hypocrite. This is something the #StillWithHer crowd will never understand.

What do you believe in? Why do you believe in it? Answer these questions, and your principles appear.

If you only believe in racism...

Get Involved

Right Side News is always open to your submissions. The elitist attitudes of the legacy media are over. Done. Played out. If you have a story to tell or think you have the chops to write for us, you can email me directly at

Cross Reference. Collaborate. Enquire.

I've already mentioned as a reliable option for taking part in the Marketplace of Ideas. Hillary and her Satanic Cabal (which, for the record, I have already reserved for a Riot-Grrl band name) only worked in the realm of echo chambers. Looking back at the 2016 election, it is clear that the strategy of the Democratic campaign was an attempt to bring everyone into the progressive bubble.

Accept the narrative. Black Lives Matter. Whites are racist. Refugees welcome. Pander to the gay vote, the minority vote, put pressure on the wider society to be quiet for fear of being called a bigot. Vote for Hillary because she's a woman, or you are clearly a sexist. We saw how this panned out- 2017 was memorable for leftists going absolutely berserk, unable to comprehend a reality that rejected this Neo-Marxist school of thought.

Crooked Hillary failed because we rejected the media narrative.

Unlike the Clinton campaign, the #MAGA movement is built not on echo chambers, but on the struggle between ideas. The ideas of Donald Trump won not through subversion or cheap tactics but because they defeated the opposition on matters of principle. RINOs, Leftists, Neoliberals- it doesn't matter anymore. Their ideas are being consigned to the trashcan of history by the sheer power of better ideas.

In 2018 Republic Standard will follow this model. Between you and I, I think this coming year is going to be YUGE.

We wish a very Happy New Year and a great 2018 to all of our readers. Thank you for continuing to support independent media.

Not you, Hillary. You can go to jail where you belong.

The Editor

by The Editor