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It is obviously an understatement to say that whites have been dominant in many spheres of culture, conquest, and technology over the last 500 years. No more is this obvious to acknowledge than when you look at a map of the world and remember that North America and Australia became homelands to the European peoples. Spreading your genes and territory has been practiced by all species since the dawn of life, in much the same fashion.

At this present time though, whites are suffering amidst the most massive movement of people in history. Mass immigration and the migrant crises they cause are currently wreaking havoc in the West. Although white civilization remains productive and successful, it now has the added burden of diversity which creates difficulties in daily life. In the long term, this burden will prove fatal unless something is done.

In the present, one of the tricks that the Left plays is to assert the idea of ‘ethnic minorities' continuously. They purposefully ignore the world’s demographics and instead focus on just white countries. Viewed this way, non-whites are always the minority in the area of focus, because they are of course minorities in white countries. This causes naïve whites, and indeed self-hating whites, to take up the cause of these minorities, and thus work against their own racial group interest.

However, when you look at the global picture and realize that whites are in fact the global minority at just 10% of the world’s population, the Left’s position instantly crumbles. Not only are the Left, who champion themselves as the saviors of minorities, actually working in the interests of the global majority, but they are also bringing down civilization by doing this as well.

By shifting the political paradigm, and showing -correctly- that whites are the global minority, the Left would be forced on to the defensive. Not only would they have to explain why they support the global majority against the minority, which would be contrary to their own professed ideology, but they would also have to tell how equality can possibly exist when they expect the white 10% (or less!) of the world’s population to look after the remaining non-white 90%.

Of course, for many Leftists being anti-white is their ideology, but for many others being a leftist is merely a case of ‘standing up for the little guy’. If the latter knew about the world’s demographics, this could cause their entire world view to flip. It’s easy to forget, but most people have never even looked at census records or demographic studies. Many white people believe England is 95% white. Indeed, despite 4 years of headlines, many English people have never heard of the Asian grooming gang scandal either.

A lot of white people don’t follow the news, despite at the same time having political opinions. I encounter people like this all the time in real life. These people assert their political views without understanding the effects of them because they don’t know what is going on. These are the people you can wake up by declaring that whites are a global minority. When they realize the effects their political opinions would have on the global minority (their own people), their views, and thus their voting patterns, could change very quickly.

Videos on political theory, philosophy, and history are great, but to win over the blue-pilled masses, more pragmatic and simple methods are also needed. It might feel like we are dangling a carrot in front of a donkey for it to walk, but if it works then so be it. Whites being a global minority is no good thing, in fact from a strategic perspective it is downright dangerous; but at the same time, using our ‘minority status’ among the world’s population as a propaganda tool is an excellent idea.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.