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Dear Everybody,

We need to talk about a real problem. There are a lot of articles out there on how we White folx can become better allies to the amorphous, featureless "PoC" blob that has been gathered together to represent literally everyone else on the planet; but none on how you non-Euros can help out your Brother and Sister White! Isn't that weird how you have been grouped together like that, as if people from the Middle East and Brazil are united solely by their "not being White-ness"? Spooky.

While it's definitely a bit racist to single just the honky out as being the source of all your problems, we have to accept -all of us- that this Western Civilization is the very same thing that allows you to speak your mind without being beheaded by a warlord, or oppressed by actual Communists. Oh; hashtag not all. Not all non-White countries are ruled by warlords and Communists, but there are a lot! We really can't deny that either, after all this is why there is a caravan headed through Mexico and thousands try to cross into Europe every day, right? It's because their homelands are bad places; or so we are told. White people are happy to help people in trouble.

With that in mind, I take the words of  Sylvia Chan-Malik, Assistant Professor of American Studies and Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers at face value:

"Understand that Whiteness is an asset, something owned and embodied."

Yas Queen. You can always rely on the opinion of people of other races to completely define your race. I am now Whiteness incarnate. Allow me, Whiteness, to educate you, whatever you are -in the purest spirit of allyship- in how you can better thank us for making this planet more awesome.

1. Before you hate, appreciate!

There are lots of pieces online written by White people bashing their own race for things like slavery and colonization; as if we invented the concepts! The reality is not only are slavery and colonization universal issues, the truly remarkable thing about us mayonnaise faces is that we stopped doing it. Imagine the ethical and moral leaps our ancestors had to take to recognize the humanity of other homo sapiens! It's particularly enlightening in comparison with the works of the contemporary civilizations, like the Ottoman Empire. 400 years of conquest, keeping women as sex-slaves, and castrating Blacks- in case you were wondering why there's no Black Lives Matter movement in the dar al-Islam. Who could forget the practice of kidnapping 12-year-old Christian boys in the Balkans, marching them to Istanbul to be forcibly circumcised, converted to Islam, and then brainwashing them into becoming literal stormtroopers?

This is just one example from the non-Western world- there are scores; because all people have been and are on a great journey out of savagery. It just so happens that Europeans not only turned out to be highly creative and technologically adept, but good at fighting too. Luckily for everyone with melanin, with incredible rapidity we Whites decided that conquering everyone would be wrong. Remember, being a good ally to White people begins with remembering how great Western Civilization is, both on its own merits and in comparison with others.  When you're feeling defensive when challenged by a White person when you say "Whiteness is toxic" or "White privilege", just stop. Step back and think. It's not about you- it’s your words that are racist. You have the same rights as a European- express gratitude.

2. Listen to White people, you might learn something.

We have two ears and one mouth, so it makes sense to listen twice as much as you shout. That being said, don't stay quiet when you hear or see racism; speak up and make others question their actions. Demanding White people check their privilege or perpetuating the toxic construct of "People of Color" is racist. It reinforces the false idea that Whites do not have a color, or are in some ways not a culturally diverse people, with many unique characteristics of their own. Similarly, grouping all non-Whites into an opposing "PoC" group, is a neo-Marxist ploy perpetuated by evil Communists. There is nothing to be gained by making us Whites your enemies. We'd like to help you and live in peace, but you need to drop the victim act too. We all have problems that we can help each other with- but it begins with taking responsibility for your own life, and being thankful for what you have. I am thankful I don't have Ebola and Cholera, aren't you?

Don't expect White people to teach you, but when they talk/write, LISTEN and don't question their truth. Pushing an agenda which demands more handouts for minorities and affirmative action is both reinforcing power structures that are racist to Whites and damaging to the future of minorities. Stop, it really is for your own good!


3. Educate yourself about crime

We know from statistics that, for some reason, Black crime is through the roof. White people obviously want to help; nobody likes seeing such high levels of both Black-on-Black crime and Black-on-Everybody Else crime. As we see in the United States and London it just doesn't seem to be working out for Blacks and Whites living together; and that appears to be a reason why the concept of White Flight has become a thing. This phenomenon has occurred primarily because there are more Whites in White countries, but you also see the same effect when Mexicans move into historically Black neighborhoods- the original inhabitants feel uncomfortable and move away. It seems humans just feel more comfortable in proximity to people like themselves, and that's okay!

According to data in a Center for Immigration Studies report, there are 39.88 million households in the US receiving some sort of means-tested welfare. Of those households, just 19.66 million (49%) are either native or immigrant Whites. Being a good ally to the Whites who provide the funds for the welfare that is mostly supporting non-Whites means taking the decision to better yourself. Don't be a criminal; that is not being a good ally!

4. Talk to your children about White achievements

Many of our kids are being taught in schools that all problems are the fault of White people, both today and historically. This is obviously racist. Talk to your children and see if you can come up with some ideas of who really benefits from setting different races against each other. You might be surprised what you learn! The problematic history of humanity is drenched in blood, but it also has greatness contained in our stories that every culture can be proud of. If you are lucky enough to be living in a country founded by Europeans, chances are you are living in one of the greatest countries on the planet, with freedom and liberties that people of other ethnicities would literally drown for.

Sure, in our history -like yours- there were mistakes, bad ideas that got out of hand, and times when we didn't treat our neighbors so well. My people ruled half the planet, and some people might say that wasn't such a good thing- but you can also thank us for the internet you get to complain about this article on, the railway, the screw-driven iron ship, industrial steel, the electric light, the computer and the jet engine and the pneumatic tires in your low-rider. We Brits were also the ones who made the philosophical leap of ethics to end slavery, and that was over 200 years ago. In light of these contributions, is it really fair to only focus on the bad things Europeans have done? Would you like it if we turned our attention on your history? Being a good ally is remembering that the Bible teaches us not to visit the sins of the father onto the son, when the son is just. Teach your children to respect White culture.

5. Be intolerant of intolerance

White people are remarkably tolerant humans, taken as a very broad group. For example, in my homelands, we have seen around one million of our young girls -and some great number of our Sikh neighbors' girls too- taken, exploited and raped by Pakistani men. Statistically speaking, the per capita representation of rapists among this ethnic group is off the charts, yet- we do not become maddened vigilantes. We know it's not all Pakistanis who are rapists, and we shouldn't punish the group for the crimes of the individual. Some Whites even say that to point out what I just did is, in fact, "Islamophobic". Luckily, you are smart enough to know that Islamophobia is a fabrication designed to implement de facto blasphemy law.

Despite being so tolerant of the literal sodomizing and torture of our children, it does appear to be the case that many minorities are not tolerant of us and our ways. That is not okay! If you see racism towards White people it is up to you to stand up to it; if you hear people speaking in a bigoted manner about Whites, why not take a stand for real social justice and confront it? Imagine where we would all be without White people and the contributions of Western Civilization.

Remember friends, there are many race-hustlers like Tariq Nasheed, Afua Hirsch and Shaun King who will reinforce the false idea that White people think they are better than you. That's not the case. That’s racist. White people are actually an ethnic minority on this planet, and deserve respect and rights to a homeland, just like your people do. Though all the races are different in some way, it is wrong to blame White people because they are successful and have made such wonderful countries that you now enjoy. Despite what many self-interested and bigoted people might say, it really is okay to be White.

Thanks for being a great ally!

The Editor

by The Editor