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There’s an old saying when you play Poker: “If you look about the table and you can't spot the sucker, it's you.” We’re all guilty of such naiveté.

We’ve been playing poker with the internet since its inception, casually placing all our chips into the pot, unaware the game has been rigged by TPTB (the powers that s̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶n̶'̶t̶ be). These large corporate cheaters appear to have become a correctness mafia, holding themselves up as an unofficial ‘moral’ authority, collectively seeking to silence minority opinion from their ivory towers. From this paramount they rule over an empire of NPC’s who delight in holding safe, majority opinions. This mafia appears to be above the law, while also being poised to engineer these same majority opinions out of which moral mandates can be derived. It’s one big left-wing circle jerk.

Over the last two years the cheater has revealed his hand, and it’s a royal flush on the right-wing. Free speech is now an exclusively right-wing crusade unless you’re a super brave advocate for late-term abortion, legalizing pedophilia, sexualized indoctrination of other peoples’ children at school, or fighting for the right to decapitate the POTUS in effigy.

Political-Correctness frog in hot water

The social network and Twitter alternative known as, previously known as, is in hot water again. First launched in late 2016 with a cheeky frog logo inspired by Pepe – which they’ve unfortunately abandoned – Gab has recently become the target of an internet correctness mafia hit. Ostensibly the reason for this successful hit is that the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter, Robert Bower, happened to have a Gab user account. The real reason is more sinister. Seemingly Gab’s crime is that it does not provide free mandatory psychological services to every u̶s̶e̶r̶ potential murderer; which is half the population of the western world now that every right-winger is literally Hitler. Literally! Now Gab’s web hosting service, PayPal, and Stripe, have terminated services, existentially threatening Gabs survival.

As of the date of this article Gab remains offline; first going dark on October 29th when their web host refused to provide hosting services. Additionally, one day after the attack Gab’s CTO, Ekrem Büyükkaya, quit citing personal stress caused by the blistering media onslaught. These recent de-platforming actions come after a string of similar Gab de-platforming events by mobile phone operating systems provided by Apple and Microsoft, including a domain hosting termination which occurred hot on the heels of the 2017 Charlottesville rally in which a left-wing protester was killed. Business Insider summarized Gab’s contentious history in a recent article.

Twitter and Facebook have also been confronted by situations where users have become violent. Much like Gab they’ve also immediately cooperated with law enforcement once aware of a situation, yet to date both remain unscathed. Why is Gab different? Simply put: Twitter and Facebook have the correct politics as well as being large enough to ensure their critical business infrastructure is beyond attack. They have become immune by becoming members of the correctness mafia.

Gab is once again confronted by the cold hard truth: You’ve all been suckered at Internet Poker (ideological cartel edition), which has rigged the casino against free speech by equating speech with violence. An Orwellian terminology, hate speech,’ has become a powerful and subjective label that has the First Amendment pinned down and choked out on the wrestling mat, about to tap-out of the American experiment.


Pre-crime is on the way, though soft at first

Currently this correctness mafia is in the final stages of a campaign to equate uncomfortable speech with inevitable violent radicalization; a concept known as pre-crime which was coined by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick – author of the short story from which the movie Minority Report was derived. The correctness mafia will pro-actively police any speech they deem violent, and it’s for your own protection, they promise. The old Google corporate code of conduct motto Don’t be evil has now been replaced by “Do the right thing,” no doubt shortly to be modified again to read “Do the right-think” (or left-think, as the case may be).

The right to speak freely has obviously been expelled from this mafia owned casino and sent to the gulag. But things are much worse; now that they’ve taken over the whole online town and crowded out all ideological competition, they’re coming after the gulag. Gab is this gulag. Being exiled is not enough. This mafia now seek to deny gulag operators access to basic utility: land to live on (web domain); shelter (web hosting); a water supply (payments services); and phone directory listing (fair search engine representation).

Only companies like Gab and FreeBird stand in the way of this hegemon building process. We’ve just strolled casually through the front door of their casino, expecting a fair shake, and they’ve locked us all in. If you desire online social media services you’re basically being compelled to choose from a pre-approved selection of rigged games where the rules can change whenever the mafia desires; known by the innocuous sounding terms of service, where you basically waive legal recourse to First Amendment protections or you’re denied access.


Simple terms of service are necessary for any business, but for internet hegemons they become tools to engineer their own marketplaces – especially if they tacitly work or comply with other hegemons pursuing similar ideological goals. This is Kafkaesque. Imagine being told you could volunteer as an enslaved fruit picker working for mere sustenance as long as you waived your rights to Thirteenth Amendment protections. Maybe you were poor and saw it as a good option to feed yourself. Now there’s cheaper fruit on the market and all of their competitors will need to adopt the same strategy or fail. National Constitutions, among other things, exist to protect collectives from radical individual liberties which may endanger collective social protections; though you’ll never hear this argument on the right-wing, which is infuriating.

Is your consent all that matters? Of course not, because this would trash the principles on which National Constitutions enshrining free speech rights are founded. This is truly why Nationalism is a dirty word for this mafia. When you patronize such anti-Nationalist platforms, you are merely nullifying your own Constitutional rights and those of others who find themselves having to confront the abominable beasts you choose to feed. Why not simply choose to feed their competitors like Gab or FreeBird while they still have a chance to provide competition? Maybe it’s because the Mafia Casino is so much bigger, looks dazzling from the outside, and has more patrons. Regardless, it’s a dangerous trap.

Act on your inner urge to escape the matrix today. Diversify your choice of social media platforms. While Gab is down, why not try FreeBird and secure a foothold in the ongoing internet resistance?

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Log In” on the upper right of your screen

  3. When the box pops up, click “Create a New Account”


What is truth?

Though nobody can find the source of this quote, George Orwell purportedly once stated: “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” (maybe it was memory-holed). Likewise, Antonio Gramsci the Italian Marxist once wrote: “To tell the truth, to arrive together at the truth, is a communist and revolutionary act.”

Would Gramsci have approved of the private corporations which makeup the current correctness mafia championing left-wing ideological supremacy? If so, that would be ironic. Whether you believe a revolutionary truth is more likely to first emerge within a majority consensus, or within a minority seeking the right to freely network and dissent, freedom of speech is first necessary in order that new truths be allowed to confront old falsehoods in the public space – Galileo, I’m sure, would nod approvingly to this statement.

Sooner or later we’re going to be trapped within an Orwellian ideological plantation which fully employs both negative and positive reinforcement at levels akin to psychological warfare. I believe we’re already there, but it could get much worse. In our current technological era we’re simply awaiting a Chinese style social credit score which will either be foisted upon us by this corporate correctness mafia using the cultural zeitgeist – which they are now at the helm of – or by the government, or by both working in tandem. Either way, you’re on a plantation and you’ll be compelled to patronize the company stores. If you would like to know how bad this can get, watch this video on Sesame Credit.


The next card to be played

When the next card is played (the King of Spades above), you’ll know for sure the depths of the crisis we’re in, because it’s the corporate bullying and ostracism card designed to use the combined power of the big boy mafia to threaten investors (current and potential), and critical online service providers who choose to service and/or defend companies like Gab. Ominously, not even the First Amendment can prevent this fourth card from being played – it is a form of warfare protected by the First Amendment (though the Israel lobby seems to be exceptional in this respect).

Boycott and divestment pressures emboldened by moral arguments (such as the anti-Israel BDS movement) are very effective when enough market pressure can be rallied. The MSM, activist groups (many heavily funded by characters like George Soros), and NGO’s, are all conduits through which such pressure can be exerted. The aim is to ostracize some other player in the free market economically, by utilizing threatening behavior towards those who might consider servicing or supporting such an organization or individual.

I’m not saying boycott and divestment actions are inherently evil, because I would support such action under certain circumstances, but I’d never support this where existential services are concerned. If the entire activist and corporate world were to bear down on every health care company and threaten their businesses unless they refused to give health care to George Soros, I’d be worried for the moral precedent this would create more than the direct consequences on the individual concerned. It’s not about whether we agree with someone or not, it’s about whether we agree they have a right to exist and to at least be heard, regardless of whether this individual did not believe the same.

If Gab finally manages to find a solid combination of stable web hosting and domain hosting providers, the correctness mafia will play this next card and there’s not much Gab will be able to do about it. Small internet startups don’t have the power of the Israel lobby in Congress to fight back using influence, but at least when this next card is played, denials that the enemies of free speech have become organized will become increasingly untenable.

The free market canard

On the political right-wing, especially, it might shock some people to discover that the cheater sitting across the poker table from ‘We The Losers,’ is actually the ‘free market.’ If reading this statement made your ideological blood boil, good, because it’s about time we spared a little empathy for the frog which has been on the proverbial slow-boil since launching in 2016. Gab is proof that free markets can become anti-competitive.

Question: When does a free market become no free market at all?

Answer: When it’s an unpoliced free market.

Yep, it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true. If nobody were to police and challenge cartels or cartel-like phenomena, the free market – especially of ideas – would become a snake that merely consumed its own tail. In this regard the early 20th century monopoly action against Standard Oil, is of note, but also the 2001 antitrust decision against Microsoft.

Arguments which revolve around the benefits of a free market economy, specifically where corporations get to choose their clientele, are useless for true human progress unless a free market of ideas is allowed to prevail. One without the other is like having a mouth but no voice box; albeit in a society where you can use that same mouth to eat your ideologically endorsed gay wedding cake if you so wish, perhaps to the chagrin of the baker compelled to bake it.

Is the First Amendment in the US Constitution championing free speech tagged with a monopoly/cartel caveat allowing ideological hegemony to reign over minority opinion? How ironic that the biggest cheerleaders for this cartel of big business interests consider themselves to be ‘liberal.’ The overall spirit of the First Amendment was enshrined within a document which incorporated a collective entity known as a Federal Government, whose mandate it was to protect the rights of the people to hold and express minority opinions, yet it is now being primarily interpreted by both the left-wing (when it suits their purposes) and the right-wing, as a carte blanche mandate to silence your opponents once your gang has bought up the majority of the online space.

The Federal Government, however, is a two-edged sword. It can make good laws, or oppressive laws, which is why I’ve included government regulation as card number five in the royal flush of Internet Poker. For all those people who disagree with government regulation of essential internet services, you need to realize that a free market, once captured by entrenched special interests, is no free market at all. You might think you have all the choice in the world but the truth is that herd mentality in the marketplace actually dictates what choices you get to make in the first place, because herd mentality builds hegemons. There are solutions to this problem, but they’re not simple. True freedom is seldom simple. Such solutions will need to be the subject of future articles.


JE SUIS TORBA: Public space in cyberspace

Hegemonic search engines and social networks create internet real-estate by capturing a large section of web traffic, transforming them into pseudo-public space. This real-estate is akin to where people live, network privately or professionally, and where they communicate within large groups – especially among people they may disagree with, just like physical public space. Distinguishing between public and private space online is a subjective affair, but at the moment it’s as if public space online is nonexistent, which is dangerous and insane. In short, mobile phone OS hegemons, internet infrastructure, and payments infrastructure, are domains where corporations control public access and ability to do business in these spaces once they’ve captured a large enough flow of their respective markets.

If such essential services hegemons, as a group, in effect, are observed to enforce ideological hegemony by banishing a minority opinion from the internet, they’ve become an existential threat to free speech. Within this frame only Gab and smaller networks such as FreeBird among their larger peers have been abiding by the spirit of the First Amendment; they accept people of any political persuasion or ideology, except those who actively call for violence. Speech in itself cannot be directly equated to violence according to SCOTUS rulings such as Terminiello v. Chicago (1949), regardless of whether the majority of people find it offensive. The point at which the SCOTUS gives up on such a precedent, it too would have given up on the spirit of the First Amendment.

Whatever your opinion of Gab or its founder, Andrew Torba, and regardless of whether you patronize Gab or not, you might not know it yet, but you, dear reader, are Andrew ‘Je suis’ Torba! Gab is now the first major free speech platform to be targeted by ideological cartel terrorism. Gab is the Charlie Hebdo of the internet being terrorized by market hegemons from a correctness mafia that is out of control, concentrated in Silicon Valley. Due to the size of (currently with an Alexa ranking near 3k in the USA and approaching 7k globally) with its user base of around 800k (which could easily be around six million users very shortly), we’ve reached the hot gates, Leonidas.


Choróin Ó Ceallaigh

by Choróin Ó Ceallaigh

Aussie Conservative Anglo-Irish Baptist yearning for a little sanity in a world obsessed with globalism and cultural atomization. Please comment on my articles, I look forward to feedback.