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The clouds arranging themselves outside of our windows draw closer to our houses as we collectively batten down our hatches. The storm begins to brew. In relation to security and locking oneself away from the outside world, that may as well be the case for most white South Africans in the modern day. Fortifying their homes with tall, spiky fences and placing their location of residence as far away from Bantus as possible, it’s not surprising this is their way of life. I wouldn’t suggest anything else to them when most can’t speak any other language than Afrikaans. For those who can speak English, are adults, and have the passports, visas, and money to move, please go ahead with it. It’ll be better for both the European and African inhabitants of the Sub-Sahara.

As the expropriation of land without compensation is proposed to take place, the water boils for non-indigenous South Africans trapped within the nation’s borders. They can’t jump ship when there’s no place for them to head, as Afrikaans is a language almost exclusive to their state. There’s a bit of the Afrikaner language spoken in Namibia, but due to the country having such a small white minority, there’s no destination to reside in which verbal communication will be established comfortably. Besides, the Afrikaners would still be living with people of African descent, which isn’t preferable when there’s the entirety of Europe to look forward to, except for Turkey.

South Africa, being the country with the worst and most punishing affirmative action laws on the entire planet, is going forward with its plan to seize and steal farmlands from white agriculture workers. The nation is committed to its own defeat. As the Afrikaner and Anglo farmers will be replaced with low-skilled black state-servants, so will the country’s profits decrease.


The Afrikaner rights group AfriForum, a community dedicated to protecting descendants of Dutch settlers within South Africa, have on numerous occasions spoken out against the racial discrimination European South Africans face by the oppressive African National Congress’s ruling of post-apartheid government. Yet, they haven’t pointed to the prominent issue as to why any of this is allowed to happen in the first place. That root cause is diversity. Ethnic diversity wasn’t an issue when the Khoisan people were the predominant population of the region, it was that the Bantus from the north west brought with them a hurricane of destruction and tribal warfare.

Issues arose when European settlers founded the country, and as natural expansion met resistance, the Bantus, the Dutch, and the British went to war with one another. From there on, the country’s history was painted with nothing except violence and bloodshed. It has always been diversity which has been at heart with the state’s downfall, spiraling lower and lower as the years passed by like wind.

South Africa wasn’t even classified, nor thought of as a country, prior to European interference in the lower portion of the African continent. Bantus were not even present at the time of the colonization of the cape. It is therefore impossible for the farmlands to have been "stolen" from the Bantu people. To the African National Congress, they simply see it as unfair that particular groups get ahead of others in life, as opposed to being built upon merit and intelligence. It’s no way to reward hard work by shunning those who do and giving unearned respect to those who refuse to participate.

So, what does this have to do with Julius Malema’s role in South Africa’s failed democracy? Well, no democracy is rightful, not one, but that doesn’t mean it has to be as bad as South Africa’s. This is the worst democracy in the world to spawn from one of the worst countries in the world; don’t lie, we all saw this one coming. To track the course of reforming democratic to revolutionary socialism, we need to give the Economic Freedom Fighters a closer examination, at least closer than what most nationalist ideologies will consider pondering.

The Economic Freedom Fighters are bent on nationalizing South Africa’s industrial services, agricultural resources, media outlets, and means of production. the EFF first appear to be a typical Marxist-Leninist party. Where the EFF stand out is in their persistence of demanding white land be shifted over to black control; with a guns blazing approach to handling the situation. Wanting black South Africans to hold a proportionate percentage of land as to their percentage of the national population boils down to the desire for a South Africa where the country’s racial minorities don’t feel like the majority, in charge of the banks and government spending. It’s the same line of thinking applied to Germany’s Jewish population during Adolf Hitler’s reign over the European ethnostate. Although matters are often phrased incorrectly, the scenario the white minority are facing is a result of past colonialism getting the better of them at the expense of developing the Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

This, of course, doesn’t mean the present-day Afrikaners responsible for misadventures of their ancestors. The country as a whole has grown self-aware enough to realise the two genetically distinct populations -blacks and whites- aren’t meant to live together. For one to be so much in control of the nation’s vital resources and financial property is to allow them to lead the flock. Money is what impoverished peasants leap for, and as long as it’s in the hands of the country’s white minority, issues will arise between the state’s two major populations.

It’s not as simple as saying ending apartheid was a mistake. It makes more sense to say that the instant the different races came into contact, racial rationalists policies should’ve been implemented immediately. The African National Congress has no intention of changing the way South Africa is today, as they have shown from their reign of power over the past 24 years. Nothing has happened of any noteworthy measure aside from making life more miserable for the state’s two major populations. In the current situation of the state, even if a bad change is to be made, at least there’s the opportunity that any promised set of policies will work better for the country than the laws and social policies functioning in the present.

Why seize the farms when you can just establish separate racial territories? It would be better for South Africa to abandon the hopeless idea of a rainbow nation and instead make South Africa an all-black ethnostate, free from the burdens of diversity. In the the same way, the Netherlands and the UK should follow suit. This way, blacks will own one hundred percent of the farms and agricultural resources without interference from white, Indian, or Asian influence in the economy. Another way of going about this process of land reform is to transfer all private property into public property so that anyone can work on any select farm at any given time, allowing for profit to be produced on everyone’s ends with a maximum wage installed. If this is not the way things go down, if it truly ends in civil war, it’d be a happier fate than to continue living in a country which not only refuses to love you for who you are, what group you are, but despises your every waking second of life for nothing more than your genetic presence.


Most Westerners are, in fact, less sane than Julius Malema. Not only because they view the African National Congress as a hearthstone of progressivism, but because they perceive the way South Africa’s being managed now as somehow better than its management in the past. Julius Malema is a competing candidate against the ANC and the Democratic Alliance, with economic and social changes promised for the future of South Africa when he takes hold as a leader of its new government. The average American won’t see past the generic images the party has been painted to be, while in actuality, it’s received over three million votes in the 2016 election from people who wish to reform the current class structure within the state. It is a risk to run this chance, but at this point, anything alternative to rule under the ANC seems desirable to the Bantu majority.

Out of all the political parties running in the general South African elections, it appears Freedom Front Plus deserves to win on a platform of a positive push forward for Afrikaner nationalism, the establishment, and preservation of Volkstaats, outlawing affirmative action programs and campaigning for true equality. There’s also the Pan-Africanist Congress, which is a strict advocate of black nationalism for South Africa’s future, and an Afrocentric variant of socialism.

Julius Malema isn’t advocating for the rights of oppressed whites because he isn’t white. He’s black. No black man or black woman should ever be asked to fight for another race’s rights and survival, to ask so much is an insult not only to them but to their beloved race. It is an insult to ask any white man, any white woman, to think of supposedly burdened racial minorities, to suggest they put their own interests below that of those who look, sound, and think nothing like them. It is for every race of people to care for their own people and think only of helping their kind out, not to dedicate oneself to activism for another nation or another ethnic group outside of theirs. There will always be supremacists just as much as there will always be theft, disease, and famine. Yet, when a traitor is found within one’s group, caring for those they shouldn’t, that’s when nature has been corrupted through indoctrination and is most likely a result of a deep, darkened self-hatred for one’s own flesh and blood.

If supposed “white privilege” does exist in the West, then it is not only a good thing but something a society should consider taking pride in. These societies’ indigenous people are white, so the idea that white privilege may exist is only further justification as to why non-whites shouldn’t be there. If racial supremacy does exist, it should only be utilized as a means for pushing out those not of the liberated race.

I can’t say I agree with Julius Malema on everything, far from it. It appears that he is the only runner for the presidency who appears to have an actual chance of winning. The Democratic Alliance, I doubt, will change much, if anything at all. Though a despot, he’s much less psychopathic than the white Westerners who perceive diversity as “vibrant” and “enriching,” that view diversity as though that’s what makes America great, as opposed to the actual demographic who made it great when it still was, the nation’s white founders and immigrants from Europe. Most Americans view racial segregation as a bad thing. Racial nationalism, and separation are somehow linked to fascism, in the mind of most. In truth, authoritarianism is forcing different people to be together when they wish to walk down alternate roads. Are most Americans and Westerners in general not supporters of mass rape and genocide? The population of Sweden certainly is, to the point where they’re paying fortunes to import more and more rapists from the third world into what was otherwise once a nice, quiet, Nordic country. This process of enrichment also increases homicide, so it’s not just an acceptance of murder; it’s large payments for it, almost as though apologism for rape and slaughter are a part of the new Swedish tradition.

If most Westerners are against white nationalism, then it’s only reasonable to state most Westerners support genocide, as they’re for worsening racial conditions for an indigenous group of people who have never colonized a country in their life. They’re in support of lowering standards of life and literally paying for rape as much as their wallets allow them. Just because nobody directly proclaims they’re pro-rape, doesn’t mean they aren’t. They’re still supporting -paying for and voting for- policies which amount to the same.

No matter where the Economic Freedom Fighters take South Africa, it must be better than its current condition. For better or for worse -and worse is definitely a possibility, I admit- at least they’ll take the country somewhere in the long run, opposed to nowhere in its present state.


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