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Annie G

I never miss a chance to remind people that I am an immigrant living in England.

Specifically I am a Greek-Cypriot immigrant. I don’t know why I feel the need to state this so many times, but it has to do with the fact that British people lately seem to have been let down by the immigrants they so much welcomed and embraced in the past. A nation that welcomes everyone. A state broadcaster that in a desperate effort to embrace diversity bans white people from specific vacancies. Native people so scared of the label racist that they allow illegal and alien cultural practices to go unchallenged and unpunished. A British legal system that is softer on immigrant criminals. An establishment that on a daily basis proves itself to have forgotten the people it should serve, work for and favor. Chaos in already tense working-class communities. Look there, in the forgotten corner; the so-called Nazis, fascists and racists, pleading for their country to be returned.

Even though I have been in England on and off since the age of seventeen, I never felt, until now, the need to get involved in the internal machinations of the country- let alone her politics. I have been a silent observer for many years thinking:

“Annie, you are a guest, you have no right to interfere”.

All this has changed in the last three years.  The never-ending unmasking of so-called Asian grooming gangs (though we all know these men are not Japanese), frequent terror attacks, and the frankly galling observation of the British establishment attacking its own people using my immigrant status as an excuse to justify restrictions on civil liberties and free speech, I felt it was time for me to speak up.  Speak up about my personal experiences with Islam, for sure, but I must speak up in defense of the British people. People that seem to my eye to have been abandoned by the world, and their own leaders.

Have you lost your mind?

this a question I am often asked by the self-proclaimed saviours of immigrants and refugees. Not only those leftist political activists, but also by random people with a genuine interest as to why I so passionately support British people, Brexit, and patriots like Tommy Robinson, and Anne-Marie Waters. Yes, I must have lost my mind. I voted for Brexit so the British government can deport me once Britain is out of the EU!


Yes I must have lost my mind, and I support Tommy and Anne-Marie, Britain’s worst ‘Nazis’, so they can dub me a Greek hairy monkey that should be deported. Indeed, I have been insulted with these words; but not by the people who the left-wing in Britain has branded Nazis. Quite the opposite.
It is offensive, not to mention an insult to my intelligence, that many people think that I support people that hate me based on my race or skin color. It cannot be that I, a foreigner, agree with the ideas of people who are not like myself. I must vote in line with my ethnic group. So much for the vaunted racism of the right wing, when it has only been the left in this country who has ever cared about my ethnicity instead of my opinions.

Yes indeed, I voted for Brexit! The British Government on the 23rd of June 2016 gave me my democratic right to choose between Leave or Remain in the referendum, deciding the fate of the UK in the European Union. I am entitled to my vote no matter what I chose, without the fear that I would be branded a  racist if anyone found out that I voted to leave. I and thousands of other immigrants were allowed to vote in a referendum deciding the future of the British people.  Doesn’t that sound crazy?  I was allowed to vote because my nationality is Cypriot and my country belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations.

In a curious turn, my first cousin -born and raised in Greece, but holds a Cypriot nationality due to her father being Cypriot-  was also allowed to vote. She is not allowed to vote at the Cypriot upcoming presidential elections in January because she hasn’t lived in Cyprus,
but somehow she was allowed to vote as a student in the UK in one of the most important referendums about Britain’s future. It feels that no matter what British people do, they cannot win. There is always going to be a loophole in the system to suppress their interests or wishes over the interests of immigrants or minorities. Despite this weighting and relentless fear-mongering in the press, the British people voted to leave. Who could have imagined such an incredible victory?

Before I came to the front lines of debate, showing off my British patriotism, I had to answer the question myself- Where does my loyalty lie? Britain or Greece & Cyprus? If Britain tomorrow goes to war with Greece or Cyprus which country would I support? Questions like this that have troubled me. After deliberation, I came to the conclusion that my loyalty will always be to the country that took me in as a broken and damaged youth and turned me into
a self-confident woman. That is Britain. A country that gave me a home, and allowed me to bloom.


Contrary to the whinings of the Remoaners, who foretell my imminent doom, I have never believed that post-Brexit Britain will deport me or the other hard working immigrants that do offer a great deal to this country. How could Britain do such a thing, when it fails to deport jihadists and potential terrorists? If, after careful consideration, I decided to put my adopted country's interest above the
lies and fear-mongering of a biased media and political elite and voted for Brexit; why I have no regrets. If liberals think I have lost mind; let it be so. A comment on my old twitter account (before it was suspended, slapped wrists all round for wrongthink) read something like:

“poor girl, probably her English boyfriend told her to vote for
Brexit and she did without knowing she will be kicked out soon”

Unable to think for myself because I am foreign, or a woman, or both. People branding me mentally inferior, failing completely to acknowledge that my vote was not forced by anyone. My vote was a mature well-thought decision. What troubles me the most, is that it is people who claim to be my advocates that are trying to take away my agency. The threat to my status as an independent individual, capable of making decisions are not the people I am told to fear daily, by the Mainstream Media and the establishment. Brexiteers have done me no wrong. The culprits always are the people that took it upon themselves -without consulting me first- that they know what’s best for me better than I do. Staying in the EU is what is best for me personally, so that is why I was wrong to vote how I did. Doesn’t that reveal everything about the Remain camp? So selfish, one-dimensional even.


Tommy Robinson, Anne-Marie Waters and the people that follow them or belong in this patriotic movement are people I have been told to fear. To be a patriot in the United Kingdom is to be as close to a Nazi as one can get. One such person according to the media is Tommy Robinson, a man who a decade ago rang the warning bell against the inability of Britain to deal with Islam, and has been branded a fascist ever since. Yet Tommy Robinson has been a person that on more than one occasions took the time of the day to give me counsel and support me on personal issues. I consider him a friend, and as far from a racist as one can be. Anne Marie Waters, accused by her former political allies of Nazi beliefs has come to be one of my closest friends.

The supporters of these two public figures have become something like a big family to me. I received over fifty Christmas invitations in 2017 from people around the nation, so that I wouldn’t spend Christmas alone as I don’t have any family in England. More than fifty so-called racists and bigots were willing to put an extra plate on their family Christmas table, so that the Greek hairy monkey immigrant didn’t spend Christmas alone. This is not the xenophobia we are told exists in the heart of Britons. This is the hospitality and politeness of British legend.

The myth of far-right extremism, Neo-Nazis marching in our cities and lurid headlines are pushed through the British mainstream media to establish fear and hate towards British citizens among the British people. There is also the stench of classism, that the working-class alone are victims of some xenophobic cult, because they are stupid- because they are inferior. So say the media.

It took some courage the first time I attended one of these so called Neo-Nazi rallies, I will admit. However, it only a little bit of an effort to make my own reading and research into what these Neo-Nazis are all about.  Being a Greek means one is well familiar of political
parties like Golden Dawn who believe that Mr. Hitler did nothing wrong.  Like any self-respecting person, I don’t want anything to do with groups like
this- and I can assure you that Tommy Robinson, Anne-Marie Waters and their organizations couldn’t be further from the fascism of Golden Dawn. The right of a person in a secular society
like Britain is to be free to criticise any religion.  For over 150 years, European intellectuals have done so to Christianity even in the face of harsh censure. The shoe drops when the working classes protest against a faith that is not as placid as Christianity. This is impolite, it seems. Never mind the cost to British children. Never mind the arranged marriages and exploitation of women. The working classes must know their place.

This is why Robinson and Waters are hated.

I fail to see what have those people done that is so wrong, that they deserve to be branded as fascists and deserve to be excluded from the rest of the society. I have lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and have experienced life among Wahhabist Islamic communities. I have seen Sharia Law being practiced and thus possess an understanding of Islam I argue is superior to that of most British liberals. Yet, I fail to see why the people that criticise this religion face such a backlash and condemnation in the United Kingdom.

In all honesty, England feels like is not the same country today as it was in 1999 when I first arrived. The Islamic population has risen dramatically and Islam is making more noise than ever through advocacy groups like the Muslim Council of Britain. While migration is not solely an issue concerned with Islam, it is the most pressing topic. I will return to Islam in future articles.

As an immigrant that arrived in England completely alone, I have never ever experienced any kind of racism based on my nationality, skin color, race or my status as an immigrant. I have only experienced fair treatment and acceptance. So please, I am asking you dear reader to take a step back and try and see things from the perspective of concerned citizens.  The Britons have opened up their country, their communities, their welfare state  and often their homes. To what end? Only to see a healthy proportion of us immigrants not being appreciative, taking advantage of their social systems, demanding their society changes and adapts so it fits our wills, disrespecting their laws, their history, their culture, their women and their soldiers. With the support of their own establishment and left-wing activists we criticise and slander them if they dare to raise any kind of concerns, brand them as fascists, ruin their careers, and point the finger.

It is beyond the pale to my mind that this is not just allowed, but encouraged. To those who take advantage of this great nation, how dare you make me feel guilty and embarrassed by your actions? You shame us all, regardless of color or creed. Where is the outrage of my rest fellow immigrants that respect their adopted country? Where is your appreciation of Britain and its people, that took you in when you were in need? How dare you turn your back now that the country needs you the most? How dare you not condemn the actions of this significant few?

For propagating this idea I have been called crazy. I would be crazy if I supported the self-proclaimed refugee advocates that never miss a chance to roll out the banners bearing ‘refugees welcome’ or painting ‘sex with refugees is jasmine-scented and beautiful’ murals.

The same activists have punched and kicked me for my political beliefs. I would have gone crazy if I supported the people that were screaming at my Black Muslim friend Ishmael that he is a “white supremacist” because he attended an event with me, associated with Tommy Robinson.

My adopted family, my friends Tommy Robinson, Anne-Marie and their supporters are not Nazis. Actually, they couldn’t be further from that. So please, my leftist friends- nobody appointed you my bodyguard or my protector. I can speak for myself, as we are not in an Islamic theocracy.  I am not a hijabi, I do not bear shame for being an outspoken woman- isn’t that feminist of me? Calling me a racist doesn’t work. I am not a Nazi.

The movement towards a free Britain is growing, and we are aware of the long road ahead. The name calling doesn’t work on us anymore. All we ask is for our shared concerns to be heard- as an immigrant myself, I am clearly not anti-migration; and nor is the Brexit movement itself at large. Being concerned with migration does not correlate with xenophobia, save for in the minds of the weak. We are a movement that wants Britain to reclaim a British identity that has been sorely wounded. Brexit and British patriotism itself is a movement of love, not hate. I love Britain as much as it has loved me, a Greek from far away.

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