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Ash Sharp

After a 2017 that has seen huge upheavals across the Middle East including swingeing reforms is Saudi Arabia and the destruction of ISIS by the Gulf Cooperation Council states, it looks like there is a sting in the tail, after all.

Iran, backed into a corner by increasingly friendly relations between Israel, the United States and modernising Gulf nations, is wracked with civil unrest the likes of which have not been seen since the revolution of 1979. In a land where hijab has been mandatory for women for decades, now Iranians of both genders are taking to the streets to protest for change.

Although, at this time, we have no word from American feminists as to their plans to support their sisters in their fight against an actual patriarchy, comment can only be mere decades away. We will keep you posted.

Th necessary trolling of Islamist shills aside, Republic Standard congratulates the people of Iran, and send this message of solidarity. The political awarness of many Iranians (as is usual for people who suffer repressive regimes) far outstrips most in the West. It cannot have escaped the Iranian people that when your allies are reduced to the likes of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, and your list of potential enemies now include your former allies in Lebanon as well as KSA, Israel and the United States; it might be time for a change of leadership.

The popular uprising against the authoritarian regime of the mad mullahs is beautiful to watch. All free people in the world support the Iranians in their quest for freedom.

If you cast your mind back just a few years to when Barack Obama sold out his country and the Free World by paying off the totalitarian Islamists of Tehran, you can see now how huge a step this is. We were told we were paying for peace. We were told that Iran would no longer be a threat if we bought them off. The reality is that a swift show of strength -endorsed personally by President Donald J.  Trump- has left the Iranians alone and neutered.

The Iranian proxy war in Yemen is going so badly, even their state news has stopped reporting. Saudi commandos have utterly rolled up the untrained tribal militia there, and ultimate victory is imminent. Closer to home, Lebanese forces have moved to the Israeli border to, in theory, stave off Israeli aggression. This is politics. Israel as we know has no interest in conducting first-strikes across borders. The real reason for the Lebanese troop movements is that Iran no longer controls the Lebanese government, as it has done for decades by proxies and Shia religious groups.

Irans only ally in Lebanon will be the terrorists of Hezbollah. The military secularists are now fully on-board with a GCC led future- and it is this that leads the movement of troops to the border with Israel. Not to threaten war at the behest of Tehran, but to enforce the will of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri. Hariri had a brief spell out of office during which he met with the Saudi Crown Prince and blamed Iran for destabilizing the region. Lebanon is no longer a satellite state. The Lebanese army is now effectively defending the Blue Line border with Israel against Hezbollah. Let that sink in. If you're wondering why this would happen just on the say-so of the Saudis- it didn't. A tidy $40 million dollar inducement from the good old US of A smoothed the deal out.


That itself is a huge blow to the Ayatollah,  Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei. When taken into context with the recent seismic shifts, it is the set up before the deathstroke.

In short, the Iran is outgunned, out-thought, outmanned, and now out of time. We can only hope that the Iranian leadership see sense and begin reforms; the blood of the Iranian people is more valuable than the will to power of an elitist religious order.

Freedom for Iran! Peace in the Middle East is coming at last.

The Editor

by The Editor