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On The Tragedy of Neoliberalism.

I do not like Islam very much. This is a dangerous thing to write these days. I do not believe that whatever benefits Islam brings outweigh the costs. I do not like that the West cannot reconcile that it too, does not like Islam very much- and pretends that it actually does, against all reason.

It is also not popular to mention that Europeans are by any measure, being slowly replaced in their own countries. Whether you wish to call it a genocide, a great replacement, or merely the natural cultural enrichment of multiculturalism, doesn't really matter now. Hard left activists openly demand the extermination of White people. This is not satire. These people want you dead.

Islam also wants you dead, or subjugated.

Our leaders bleat on about a religion of peace and diversity, all the while our newspapers avoid reporting that the Quilliam Foundation found that 84% of the perpetrators of gang rape in the United Kingdom are Pakistani.

Some of these men quite blatantly tell us that their reasoning was that they chose their white, teenage victims- who number in the many thousands- because they are white. Little white slags, they say.The British Police did nothing for many years and despite being in full awareness of these most heinous crimes. Why did the police ignore the rape of children? Because they were afraid of being called racist if they did their sworn duty and arrested these racist gangs of rapists.


This spineless mentality is now infecting most Western countries.

A failed improvised bomb attack at New York’s Port Authority Station earlier this month was yet another opportunity for a multitude of New Yorkers to prove their fabled fortitude. Ah, he didn’t stop us from going about our daily lives, this is New York. Fools!

“You got to live your life,” she said. “You got to work. You can’t stay locked up in your house all the time.” — Port Authority Bombing Witness

Yes, but what does your life mean? What is your life worth to your political masters? What is it worth to you?

The bomber, from Bangladesh, cited that the United States had recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as his motive for trying to assassinate civilians. Blue check verified Twitterati instantly took to the internet to stand in solidarity with Muslims. As we all know thanks to a decade or more of indoctrination, blowing your own testicles off while trying to murder people going to work is nothing to do with Islam.


Ah, that dastardly devil Donald J. Trump. Always at the root of everything when you look hard enough, like a Scooby-Doo Villain camped out at the old haunted White House amusement arcade.

The newspapers reported that the bomber is actually from Brooklyn. They lied.He is not from Brooklyn. He is a Muslim from Bangladesh who hates Jews.

This issue surely transcends the petty bourgeois squeals of racism that emanate from the wealthy left, who never seem to live in the areas enriched by diversity. The conflict with Islam, this centuries-old clash of civilizations- it will outlive us all.

Ignore people who say, “well, since Sept.11, it’s actually not Muslims, the far right, etc.” They are liars.

It will outlive us all because whether we like it or not, the dreaded Alt-Right has got at least one thing absolutely right. People of European descent are slowly but surely being replaced.

As we are replaced by migrants from the Islamic World, we might find ourselves asking the question; 'Why?' Why must we be replaced? Why don’t I recognize my country anymore? Why does the crescent moon of Islam rise where the Cross of Jesus stood? Where is our church? Where are our leaders? Why does the Pope lie and capitulate?

What did we do that was so wrong that we must die?

Fortunately, the advocates of unending immigration have the answers for us- Liberal elitists are here to save the day.


Communists and groups calling themselves ‘Stand Up To Racism’ (actually just Neo-Marxist activists) will tell you it is because of our colonial past. We must pay for the sins of our evil ancestors- but nobody says to the Turkish;

“Hey, Turk- your grandfather drove the Armenians into the desert. That is genocide. Hey Turk, the Ottoman Empire was an imperialist, conquering power for six hundred years. You must pay for those sins.”


It is the responsibility of the West to allow all people to enter our nations and become citizens because we are liberal and everyone is equal. To question this means you are a racist. Other countries are poorer than us, so we must allow their peoples to benefit from our wealth. We should share with them. We should give in to them.

Why? With all due respect to the peoples of the world, why should the West, which has ascended through great hardship, merely hand others our spoils? If you are to respond like this, you will be called selfish. It is selfish to want to maintain your culture, it is selfish not to want to pay for others to live and contribute nothing.

It is not selfish to go to another country and demand they look after you, even though you are not a refugee. Even though you are in a multitude, even though you harbour terrorists among you, even though you are unable to comprehend that women are free people. Even though you find yourself having a sexual emergency and thus raping a child, or a mother, or a teenager, or an activist who works for your interests. Even when you murder her. Even when you lie about your age to gain sympathy and leniency from a nation that is altruistic to a fault.

That is not selfish. No, it is the Westerners who are the selfish ones. It is their duty to accept you all into their lands. To complain is racist.


Cultural enrichment has become a meme. Every time another truck of peace murders our children we joke with gallows humour about how we are culturally enriched. Proponents will argue that we have such great cuisine now. How dare you oppose unending, ceaseless, brutal, civilisation destroying migration.



You ate a curry last night so you cannot complain.

It is preposterous to think that we are unable to follow a recipe to produce food from other countries- coming to think about it, do not Neo-Marxists accuse people of cultural appropriation for doing just that? All the more reason to enliven ones’ taste buds with exotic foods, then. No, this line of reasoning makes no sense- not only this, it reveals the asinine and frankly racist belief prevalent among many that the only thing the immigrant can do is make food for us. It should not even be an argument, but here we are, discussing whether we should accept off-duty soldiers being beheaded in the street because the perpetrator comes from Nigeria, and the Nigerian migrants bring whatever food they eat in Nigeria for us to enjoy.

Don’t complain about migration. We have an international food fair.


Multiculturalism is just better.

We live in a Multiculture. This means there is no British culture. As Lauren Southern discovered, all it takes to be British is a British passport. However, it is not so that we can go to China and become Chinese. That’s ridiculous. We are told that we have always been nations of immigrants, but that is also a lie.

So prevalent is this narrative that despite not having any major immigration for nearly 900 years between 1066 and 1945, most Britons believe we are a nation of immigrants. Of course we are! Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Norse, Norman, and so on. So pervasive is the idea of an immigrant nation that the most recent article I found in the mainstream media refuting this lie is over ten years old.

The idea that a multicultural society is better than one dominated by a single culture would have merit if there was give-and-take between the cultures. Now, the leftists out there will bleat 'Ah ha! colonialism!' And I will say, no. We’ve covered colonialism. If you only care about an issue when white people do it- you are a racist bigot. In a multiculture, we have seen only that the host nation must give up parts of its culture to accommodate the interlopers. The cultures that move in have to give up nothing. We host nations will provide housing, money, education- protection. All for free.

What are we given in return? What benefit? Over 17 years, migration to the UK from outside the European Union cost the nation over £120 billion. The report that showed these statistics was effectively buried by the British Government; statistics produced in the subsequent years have been massaged to the point of irrelevancy and illegibility, to protect the only thing that matters- the narrative.

If there’s no financial benefit, no cultural benefit, no ethical or moral compulsion, and by any metric immigration from outside the West has simply made our lives worse: What argument is left?

We are getting old.

Now we come to the bones. We all know that we live in so-called ageing societies. We are told it every day, that we are getting older; so we need migrants.


“Ha ha ha ha all the whites are dead. Except this one. We keep him alive for the virtue points.”

This is a lie, brought about by an addiction to Neoliberal Capitalism. Let me explain.

Neoclassical economics -which is the underlying theory of Neoliberalism- essentially requires permanent growth. This is why we are in a Boom/Bust economy; capitalism is imperfect, and the imperfections in the economic system lead to catastrophic failures every now and then. Capitalism is still the best system we have- I contend however that Neoliberalism has outlived its purpose.

During the banking crisis of 2008, the banking cartels demanded money from nation states to pay for their mistakes. The nations, being funded by the taxes of the people, paid the ransom. That is a fundamentally socialist act. Neoliberalism was subverted to cover up the failure of neoliberalism. Under truly capitalist methods, the banks should have been allowed to fall. Yes, it would have caused chaos. Yes, it would have been hard. But we would have been freed from this sick mentality of permanent, unending expansion.

Neoliberalism cannot comprehend resources. It deals only with manpower and end product. This means that in order to deal with the demographic effects of capitalism, which are long life and low birthrate, it needs immigration. Without population growth, there will not be enough taxation raised to provide the state pensions.


The world’s governments know that the plebians will accept many things. We will not accept the disrespect of our parents, as Theresa May has found to her cost. There would be a revolution if people were taxed and worked like churls their whole lives, and then receive nothing but a raised middle finger from the tax man when it comes time for us to retire.

To avoid this eventuality, our leaders have gambled that huge migration is a better bet than fixing the system. It is better. For them. Not for you. Not for me. For them.

All that replacement migration does is kick the problem of elderly care down the line for a few years while importing the enriching qualities of the third world. The present political class cares about nothing but retaining power, right now. Not good governance or the future of the nation. Replacement migration is barely even an understood policy- it happens because these imbeciles are too dense to consider the ramifications.

But this also is not enough of an answer; if it were solely about replacing our elderly, the richer European nations could have encouraged migration from poorer ones. Spain. Greece. Poland. Italy. All of southern and central Europe suffered in the aftermath of the banking cartel’s thievery, in the form of huge youth unemployment. These people were left to rot on the workless streets of Valencia, Athens, Warsaw. The richer nations of Europe did not even think to encourage their immigration.

We could make starting families easier, through governmental policy. Most people in the West want to have children, despite being assaulted with propaganda that we are committing a planet-destroying evil if we do.


Appeals to morality from the most unethical scum of the planet. Hilarious.

Because here is a startling fact. You need money to migrate. You cannot emigrate from the ghetto while you earn a ghetto wage. So where are all these migrants coming from, and how? Money talks. Always. So the kids of Portugal did not come to London. The young Greeks did not go to Berlin.

Instead, we imported Islam.

Either our leaders did not know the consequences, or they did not care. In any case, replacement migration to prop up neoliberal capitalism is a band-aid. It can only be temporary, as the migrants, if they work and contribute, will be entitled to be cared for in their old age, just like any other citizen. So what happens then? We will need even more migrants. Every year the Germans become less German. Every year the French are less French. Every year the Britons wither. Every year the Swedes are dying out.


What number will be the tipping point for your country?

The only conclusion is that there is some other ideological reason at play, or we are being led by the most ignorant buffoons imaginable. Either we need to stop having babies to save the planet, or we need more people to support the ageing society. It cannot be both.

It is a Neo-Marxist tactic to destroy us to claim that this is so.

The betrayal of our culture by our elected leaders is why the West is lost. We can find it again. We can change the path we are on, but none of us can do it alone. It is time that we take responsibility for our future and our own minds. It is time for you to learn about what your culture is and what is happening to it. What is being done to it.

And when you see what is happening, and what is being done, will you not feel sick? Will you not feel betrayed? If you think that what is being done to Paris, to London, to New York, to Barcelona; if you think that is enriching, then we are enemies. I do not wish to live in a world where my children are slaves. I will not accept that we Europeans are worthless people who are somehow inferior to other races, and it doesn’t matter if we become extinct.


Coming soon to a city near you.

Do you see how the Alt-Right grows? It’s because people who are centrists will not engage this problem. The evidence for this to be true is insurmountable. If you want to fight the Nazis in your closet and under your bed, you have to accept that these people are not incorrect on this topic- at least in the assessment of the situation. What can you say otherwise? I await any liberal writer to prove me wrong on any of these points- to date, all I am shown are lies. No one can disprove this analysis.

I really wish someone would. I would sleep better. I would feel better about the future for our children. I wish there were some easy answers, that for whatever reason I had simply strayed down an intellectual dead end and become what the left already call me; a bigot, an Islamophobe. Still, for all the name calling, nobody can answer my question.

How are we to avoid the future certainty that we, as a civilization, are going to experience sectarian violence that will make Northern Ireland look like a street party celebrating a Royal Wedding? What kind of action we must take, I do not know. That is for all of us to decide- though time is short and getting shorter.

Slowly with time the past slips away
But deep in our souls their memory stays
Weapons of guilt won't conquer our minds
Just strengthen our will to defy

The ignorant void ever opening wide
But we keep their names and spirits alive
Arrows of fear won't pierce our minds
Just strengthen our will to defy ~ Rudyard Kipling

Greater bloodshed is inevitable unless we act. To save ourselves, we must Make The West Great Again.

The Editor

by The Editor