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Ash Sharp

The United Kingdom Cares More For Jihadis Than For Their Own People.

It has transpired that thanks to a change in obscure British legal code, victims of terrorism will now receive compensation from the insurance industry, rather than the state, Britain's The Telegraph reports. 

Prior to 1 March 2017, just 21 days before the Westminster Bridge attack, the insurance industry had imposed an exclusion in cases of terrorism. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), an insurance industry fund to help the victims of untraced or uninsured vehicles or drivers has removed this clause.

It is certainly true that government compensation system presents limitations such as £33,000 for the loss of a leg, and a cap of £500,000 per victim. In theory, more money will be available to victims through this system. That being said, the idea of the state effectively washing their hands of responsibility for the victims of terrorism is concerning.

Because all three terror attacks in London featured vehicles as weapons, it is now the motor insurance industry who will pay out. It's good to know that when the next Truck of Peace comes around, the government won't have to answer any tricky financial questions about compensation.


The message beneath the message is troubling. Prime Minister Theresa May swans around the Middle East denouncing President Trump and kissing despot rump. She believes that Jihad can be beaten with economic reform in the Middle East.

 ‘[We must] deliver the social and economic reforms that will address many of the underlying causes of this tension’ -Theresa May

This is ridiculous. Studies show that Jihadis are frequently middle-class and well educated. Moreover, most Jihadis in the West are so-called homegrown, being the sons or grandsons of immigrants. Why would Theresa May believe this? It is down to her policies at home. It cannot be that Islam is not compatible with Western Democracy. Oh no. It must be that we are too mean to the Muslims, and that's why they murder our children.  

In the UK returning Jihadis are to go to the front of the queue for state support, jobs, and social housing. Imagine, you declare yourself the enemy of the nation you live in, leave, fight and kill in a brutal religious war, and then on your return, you get a hero's welcome. 

Have you joined the dots yet? Overseas, Mrs. May reprimands President Trump for re-tweeting anti-Muslim videos. She believes that this will directly cause an increase in terrorism at home or anti-Muslim bigotry. Meanwhile, she promotes the false idea that we can buy off both the victims and the perpetrators of Jihad.

If you are a terrorist and you are caught, you will go to jail. You will be fed. You will be clothed. You will be allowed to radicalize others. Essentially, you can have your Jihad, and then the state will pay for you for the rest of your comfortable days while you spread poisonous ideology. 

If you go to Syria or another country to join a terrorist group, you must be "naive and disillusioned" and should not be prosecuted. You should be paid off. You should have all the benefits the indigenous population of the United Kingdom no longer have.

Leaked plans for a scheme called Operation Constrain suggest putting returning jihadis at the front of the queue for social housing, and helping them into education or employment.

The project would reportedly target up to 20,000 extremists known to MI5, while Britons returning from former Islamic State strongholds in Syria would also be eligible. - The Express

If you are a victim of Jihad, that's fine too. You'll get even more money from the insurance industry, provided you are rammed by a truck- and survive, of course. The government does not care about you. The government doesn't need to look out for your interests. Can't you see the government has it's hands full, getting highly educated and quite wealthy terrorists back into the job market?


The disdain the Conservative government shows for their own people is a tragedy. Worse, the only real opposition in the United Kingdom is the Labour Party. This party, led by arch-socialist Jeremy Corbyn, has vastly increased the numbers of hard left activists among their membership. Combined with the left's historic support of Islamism overseas and penchant for Anti-Jew bigotry, it is no surprise the party is now riddled with anti-semites. With such a pair of loser parties, the time is right for someone to rise to the top and drain that swamp. We can only be thankful that the Neo-Marxist Labour Party is too inept and wracked by infighting to effectively challenge even this incompetent Conservative government.

So, to recap. The government no longer gives a damn about victims of terrorism but will throw cash at Islam to pay a blood-tithe. I'm sure that will work, and the tide of blood will recede, and The Religion of Peace will lead us all into a brighter future.

Pray for Britain, friends.

The Editor

by The Editor