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John Rousseau

No matter what the racially motivated bigots on Twitter might say, whiteness carries no more shame than any other skin. People of European Cultures are responsible for some of the greatest works mankind has ever seen.

"White people are the DEVIL! - F White people!"

You can find easily these sentiments on social media, uncensored. Unlike other kinds of racism which is rightly removed.  

What do they mean? They mean that the only history that white people should know about is injustices committed by long-dead whites.

This is insane, for linking supposed sins of the past to today is beyond bonkers. But let's look at this more closely. What have whites done well? Why do some white people decide not to hate themselves?

Over the past several decades over a billion people have been lifted out of poverty. The vast majority of those people living better lives are doing so directly because of the liberating effects of capitalism.

Source: Our World in Data

China converted to a capitalist country because it came under pressure from democracies. Capitalism and democracy are ideas from whites. When a normal person brings up recent Chinese prosperity a miseducated communist sympathizer often responds like this:

But why did China recover from the horrors of Communism?  China recovered from that sadistic and brutal mentality because it initiated Special Economic Zones where the government allowed free-market-capitalism to exist, unchecked by strict communist regulations. As reported by Wang in the study above, the more Special Economic Zones in an area, the more prosperity that area created.

Shanghai, crown jewel of one of China’s most profitable Special Economic Zones.

Due to the Special Economic Zones capitalism lifted in excess of 750,000 people from abject, famine level poverty over the last thirty years. Who invented capitalism? Well, no one invented this idea, but Adam Smith first discovered it and identified capitalism’s power to create wealth. Adam Smith is white, of European descent. Later thinkers defined Smith’s principles. Smith published his seminal work on capitalism “The Wealth of Nations” in 1776. Worldwide standard of living, and prosperity skyrocketed after 1776 as capitalist ideas spread throughout the civilized world.

Smith’s ideas first began in Scotland as part of the Scottish Enlightenment, and soon dominated English thoughts. Looking at the chart below you can precisely find the exact time that modern capitalist principles entered a market.


England was first, and you can see the momemnt England’s standard of living shot upwards. Not every country in the world is on the chart below, but all countries that embrace capitalism show the same trend! As soon as you base your economy on capitalism your standard of living rises rapidly. People die later in life, eat more, and everyone lives longer! Even though the capitalist system is imperfect and has been reformed many times, the very flexibility of capitalism to adapt and be adapted has allowed mankind to flourish like never before in all history.

As countries -regardless of their nationality or ethnicity- begin taking part in the global economy they become richer and the living standards of their peoples rise. People die less because of white people. If you're alive, healthy, and wealthy today, thank a white person. I see no issue with a Hotep taking a non-racist pride in the civilizations of Africa. White people can take healthy and non-racist pride in their acheivements, too. It is really good to be white.

Speaking of health, how many of us have had a woman in our family die in childbirth, or a young infant die? Though this terrible tragedy still occurs, we have made stunning progress. Thankfully, death rates are a fraction of what they once were. How high was that number just a century and a half ago? This chart shows the decrease in maternal mortality, and infant mortality, across the world. The rising standards of obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics are white inventions and creations. All across the world babies are dying less, and mothers are surviving childbirth.


One of the biggest critiques of white people you find is that white people are selfish. Yet, babies and mothers of all colors are surviving childbirth and childhood because of white ideas such as spacing births widely apart or educating women. It is hard to understand how a selfish people spread knowledge that helps women and children of all colors. This is why you rarely see any facts tied to the white people are evil or selfish narrative beyond wars and genocide. War kills all, but women’s and children’s lives far outweigh the deaths numerically and morally.

European people make up the VAST majority of winners of the Nobel Prize for science, and the chart below shows that European people discovered every single element on the periodic table of elements. While there are many groups of people throughout the world that participate in science, it's undeniable through looking at this list that those who achieve in science at the highest levels are from Europe. Think of the advances that the world would be without if white people were not there to do this science.


So why do white people hate themselves?

It is important to remember that the most vocal white hating people are white themselves. White people are historically Christian, and Christians are a very self-flagellating people, historically speaking. We punish ourselves because we are not perfect. However, this is an increasingly public problem. In the past self-flagellation was a personal issue. We all have crosses to bear, and it is not wrong to be mad at yourself until a person fixes his or her problems!

It is wrong to make people hate a race; especially when that race is responsible for such great advances health, wealth, and science across the whole world!

Stop the hate. Love yourself.

The question none of the people who hate whites including many whites themselves never ask is this: Should white people, who have immeasurably helped global health and wealth be punished eternally? I say no, for to be white means to participate in a thousand-year-old tradition of saving lives, creating science, and rescuing the poor, women, and babies from early and unnecessary death.

The reality is that while the races of mankind are measurably different, none of us are inherently better or worse than any anyone else purely based on our ethnicities. We can all be proud of our ancestry; being a good person is not being better than your neighbour, it is being better than who you were yesterday.

The Editor

by The Editor