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When it comes to American politics, few things are guaranteed beyond the fact that war is eternal, no one is a hero, and God save you if you are a Black guy who says bad things about Obama. I'm almost certain Dinesh D'Souza is only still alive because the Liberal hit squads keep mistaking him for Reza Aslan.

Last night noted eccentric and alleged musician Kanye West came out in support of The Donald, and the response from Liberals was exhaustingly predictable. So rudimentary in mindset are the modern leftists that you can use the example of Kanye to form a thought process map for Wokeness. When someone expresses independent thought, the perpetrator of that wrongthink must be brought to heel- and this means that the usually cast-iron ideological rules of engagement are temporarily lifted.

1. Abuse the transgressor based on whatever arbitrary characteristics spring to mind, including racial epithets like "Uncle Tom".

Take 1488 bonus points if you are just LARPing as being a Black person in the first place. Yeah, we see you, Shaun King. Just you wait until this boot is on Kanye's foot, you know what I mean? He's going to pound you so hard Ray Rice will call him up for tips. Kanye's gonna beat you so bad Dr. Dre is going to throw Dee Barnes down a flight of stairs twice in tribute. Kanye's going to rip Shaun King so hard Desiree Washington is going to send flowers.

God I hate Shaun King so much.

2. Make your new enemy a social pariah. Kick them out of the Scooby Gang until they beg forgiveness.

The immediate and knee-jerk follow up to calling a Black man an Uncle Tom while you yourself are Whiter than Joe Biden is to click the unfollow button on social media. That's not a tactic that has any real-world effect on multi-millionaire rap moguls but it does provide a quick boost of serotonin. No actual thought has taken place yet, this is still in the lizard-brain of the progressives; the part of us that deals with pure animal aggression and fear.

All of these people are unthinking, self-serving drones with no backbone, pandering to the mob in the hope of maintaining favor.


3. Don't think for a minute that your actions transgress every value you claim to hold.

A few short months ago, we were reliably informed by Teen-Bop For Communism that guns are always bad, and that school shootings have nothing to do with mental health. Today, we are informed that Kanye West, one of the richest men on the planet, is insane for saying he likes the President of the United States. We are told that Western Civilization is racist, that Black people built America, and that Whiteness is not only toxic but must be eradicated. Kanye West put in the hours, made it bigger than 99.9% of people on the face of the Earth, and for some reason it's still about race and White people.

Stephen Colbert manages to simultaneously be a mayonnaise on white bread level cracker and still manages to call a Black man a mentally ill self serving Uncle Tom on live television; and be roundly applauded in the Current Year.


It's also apparently okay to make transphobic/anti-gay photoshops so long as you're being mean to Trump. I don't know how Donald Trump sexually identifies but I hope that VICE and Salon are penning breathless missives with this is not okay in the title.

The Donald is stunning and brave and I look forward to his Sports Illustrated centerfold.

I hate Kanye's music, by and large. Bound 2 made me want to claw my eyes out, but then I listen to Synthwave on purpose, so what do I know. Donald Trump has pretty much betrayed every campaign promise, bent the knee to the warlords of the Deep State and sorely needed a nice publicity boost for his base and a distraction from the dumpster-fire of his first-term to date, I get it. I'd like one of the most famous people on Earth to blow smoke up my ass, too. Can we be so sure that this isn't a nice piece of dutch-door action? Whatever the root cause of the now inevitable Trump/West 2020 memes, the take home is clear; ideological purity transcends all concerns of humanity, decency or ethics when it comes to Progressive America. That should be very concerning to everyone, as purity tests of this ilk lead directly to the gulags, oppression of liberty, and tyrannical mob rule.

Because Kanye has "power", he is no longer a "real" Black person. He is an ideologically acceptable target- let that one brew a little in your mind.

If the response to someone having a different opinion is violent vitriol and denunciation as mentally unfit, it is a short hop to rationalizing barbarism as due justice. We have seen this already with Kathy Griffin and the decapitation of Trump shoot, and the myriad public calls for assassination of the President. Even Kanye being a Black person is not enough to protect him from the neo-Marxist assault, because if you get too successful and think for yourself, you are a class and race traitor! How modern day progressives can continue to deny their overt allegiance to Chairman Mao is simply beyond me.

Dragon Energy, y'all!

The Editor

by The Editor