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The leader of an American civil rights organization for Latinos is facing major backlash, following President Trump's successful State of the Union address last Tuesday. Roger Rocha, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) met with vitriol and rage after he dared to write a letter congratulating Trump on the reasonable four-pillared immigration framework laid out in the State of the Union.

In the letter, Rocha thanked the president for his focus on this important issue and willingness to compromise. The purpose of this letter was to extend a hand to Mr. Trump and express Rocha's eagerness to work together to solve the immigration crisis for the benefit of both immigrants and Americans. This was apparently a huge mistake, as the civil rights leader was instantly attacked by the members of his own organization, who demanded his immediate resignation.  Trump Derangement Syndrome can thwart any genuine attempt at progress.


So intense was the reaction to Rocha's private letter, he was immediately subject to censure and character assassination. NBC reports,

"A motion was made and passed by the six LULAC Midwest State Directors, National Vice President for Elderly and National Midwest Vice President to demand that LULAC National President Roger Rocha Jr. do the following:

  1. Retract the letter sent to U.S. President Trump;

  2. Formally apologize to the national board for his action

  3. Resign immediately."

One twitter activist called him the Spanish equivalent of an Uncle Tom. Rocha told NPR's Ari Shapiro the motivation for his letter in an interview. He said that he sees the situation with immigration as one where a compromise is needed, pointing out President Trump's own compromise on 1.8 million DACA recipients. Not all Americans are happy granting amnesty to nearly two million illegal immigrants, but it would appear the options are few because Democrats have been thus far unwilling to tolerate anything else from the president, as threats of government shutdowns loom over every horizon.

Judging by the case of Roger Rocha, it seems Trump's opponents are unwilling to tolerate anything less than the laxest approach to immigration. If amnesty for 1.8 million people is not enough progress, it's hard to tell when Democrats will ever be satisfied. Nothing short of a move toward fully open borders would seem adequate. The Democrats and pro-immigration advocates have given the country nothing by way of a projected limit to the endless waves of migrants from the south, and no plan for securing the borders. This makes it seem as if they have no intention of tackling these issues at all. They've been vocal in their opposition to immigration reform, but they've suggested no alternative. It's as if they live in a world where the interests of actual Americans are of no import or consequence.

The Democrats have painted themselves as the champions of the immigrants, but for some reason oppose a policy for amnesty that is bigger than anything Obama allowed during his presidency. Trump has been willing to irritate his base in an attempt to move the country forward, but Democrats will sacrifice the interests of the people they claim to be the heroes of, for little more than the expression of their hatred and contempt. These are the same people who sat with scornful faces as the president encouraged the country to celebrate the low unemployment rates of Hispanics and blacks, who the Dems supposedly have unlimited compassion for. That deep well of compassion runs dry when progress comes by the efforts of someone else.

Those poor, downtrodden people of color are the Democrats prized possession and pawn for power. This is something that they have held onto so tightly that they have lost sight of everything else. All their efforts are focused on the optics of being the hero of the oppressed, so when another hero rides forth in shining armor their jealousy can't be contained. To allow Trump, the most "racist" man on Earth to earn the gratitude of immigrants is unacceptable because it goes against everything the Democrats have based their claim to power on.


It goes to show that they don't care about the needs of their own base. They must allow untold numbers of migrants into the country to be granted amnesty, but with the requirement that this gift of citizenship is granted by their own efforts, because their long-term power strategy relies on the loyalty of these immigrants. If the relief of amnesty is handed out by a Republican power, the immigrants and everyone else might get to thinking these so-called racists aren't so bad after all. After that, the existential fear of right-wing hatred won't prove as useful in moving people to political conformity. This existential fear of hate and the hateful response it provokes have been the most powerful cultural weapons Democrats and the political left have had at their disposal for the longest time. Trump is doing exactly what they fear-- showing his caring and beneficent side.

This is precisely why Roger Rocha was attacked when he reached out to the president. If a high-profile civil rights leader shows respect and gratitude to Trump, it reduces the Democrats' narrative of a racist, right-wing axis of evil in shambles. It makes Trump look reasonable, and spits in the face the left's narrative that he's an unstable and incompetent authoritarian dictator. A civil rights figure thanking and congratulating this president makes the Democrats look very bad, and very stupid.

The good-natured Roger Rocha was too naive to guess what would happen, but he could not have been allowed impunity for his action, which undermined what has been the left's entire position on Trump since day one. This probably made them feel stupid, and provoked them to overreaction and subsequent damage-control, as many things do.  This should be very good publicity for the president, and it has further highlighted the  left's questionable motives.

by Jacob Seeley

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