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I've said it before: Progressivism is the politics of the mentally ill and emotionally damaged. It's codependency as an ideology. It's all enabling and emotionally abusive manipulation. The people who practice it are weak, broken and dangerous.

Notice who the Left champions. Almost entirely people who've made themselves into a victim group through self-selected behavior, pretending that they were "born this way." Meanwhile, they are trying to eradicate with eugenics actual people who were "born this way", that need protecting.

It's no wonder that the base of the Left is made up of children of single parents, shrill women, weak men, junkies, people with massive inferiority complexes, the sexually dysfunctional and degenerate, abuse victims, spoiled monsters...Progressivism attracts them all.

Don't fall for their projection. Don't argue the merits of their insane premises. Don't think that the thing they're promoting is what they care about; guns, racism, sexism - It's all nonsense. They only care about exerting control over you, and making you shut up. Gaslighting.

When a crazy person picks a nit, or focuses on some irrelevance it's to goad you into behaving in a way that either rationalizes and justifies their hate of you, or to pull more people onto their "side" to use against you. It's all manipulation.

Make fun of them. Attack their weaknesses. Laugh at their premises. They hate it. Memes that demonstrate the truth behind their manipulation are extremely effective. Look at how the meme of Emma Gonzalez ripping up the constitution worked to expose them as shrill and weak.

Troll them. Gaslight them. Do not take anything they say about you personally, understand that they're just trying to gain dominance over you at the moment. Moonbats have a lifetime of experience at this. They're good at it and it doesn't come naturally to sane people. Be wary.

If you feel yourself getting heated, and angry at their insults or lies about you, or what you believe, do not engage; that means they've gained the upper hand in the encounter. Go cool off. Don't start posting "facts!" to prove you're right. That's just feeding them legitimacy.

Never forget that you are coming from a place of truth. That you have the moral highground, no matter how much they try to pretend you don't. They're mental. They are moonbats. They are saying whatever they have to to gain power and dominance. It's never personal.

When in doubt, point and laugh, or flatly state what they are doing (gaslighting, manipulating, projecting.) Don't argue the merits of their premise. I can't say this enough. If you want to drop facts to counter, then do it to the "crowd," don't directly at them. They hate that.

They absolutely despise being ignored, patronized or talked down to. Laughing at them is very effective. Talking to the crowd about them, as if the person isn't there, enrages them, when combined with mockery. They need to feel acceptance most of all. Take it away from them.

Never engage in a debate with some Twitter account that has fewer than 50 followers and is just asking stupid, dishonest questions based on false premises. They're paid socks and are trying to draw you into time wasting arguments or provoke a reaction that makes you look unreasonable.

Augusto P

by Augusto P

Mi General! #BlackPilled #🚁4eva

Santiago, Chile