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The much maligned British bobby has had a rum deal of late, and I'm afraid it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, this article included. British society is spiraling into an entirely predictable and polarized future, which has flat-footed the flatfoots (flatfeet?) and their handlers in Whitehall.

To be honest, it is not the street constable at fault- after all, they can only enforce the laws in the manner in which they are trained, not to mention the brutal conflation of relentless migration and slashed funding and staff levels with which they have to suffer under. Even so, it is surprising that so much evidence of the double-standards of law enforcement in the United Kingdom has come to light so swiftly.

This video is a clip of a much longer piece that illustrates the two-tier system in place in the United Kingdom. When the concerned citizen reads the letter of the regulations, the police officers shrug and say it is being looked at higher up. Despite religious gatherings and worship being strictly banned from the park, the police do nothing- because the worshippers are Muslims. This video is nearly a year old, featuring a Kurdish Christian convert from Islam being physically attacked by a mob of Muslims.

Based on the actions of the state lately, it might suggest that Britain is merely following the rules of the great game, despite the public expressing their desire to seriously curtail immigration through the Brexit vote. One might be forgiven for seeing an ulterior motive in the way the negotiations have been handled by a decidedly Europhilic Tory party. It would be a shame, though surprising to none if the UK Power Elites take the line that less EU migration to the UK simply means more space for non-EU workers.

The UN itself demands it.

The Britons will simply have to put up with it all though they are suffering their own crisis, right now. Right now this global government is advocating for the demographic replacement of Britons, and no one in power in Britain seems to care. The Tories don't care. Labour definitely doesn't care. Ann-Marie Waters seems to be the only politician to give a damn though her nascent party has barely begun, and holds no seats. Female Genital Mutilation can be openly advocated in the United Kingdom, though the practice has been criminal for years. Not one person has ever been convicted of FGM in the country, and there has been only a single case brought before the court. Ever. I do not think that this will change, despite more people from cultures that circumcise little girls coming into the United Kingdom.


We know for sure that the police will do nothing as despite needing zero complaints to pursue and ultimately convict Mark Meechan of teaching a dog to respond to "Gas the Jews", the South Wales Police are unwilling to consider that advocacy of genital mutilation within their jurisdiction might be worth looking into.

It's just not a priority. The long arm of the law becomes short indeed when there is the possibility of being called a racist- so utterly craven are the British Constabulary today.

I invite you to think for a moment what is really going on in this video. How you interpret this video might depend very much on your opinion of Katie Hopkins, the much-derided firebrand who unlike most of her critics, puts her money where her mouth is. She goes to places to see for herself the carnage that is headed our way. For saying that the crowd of Muslims are not her culture or her people, that British people need to stand up for their own culture, she is jostled, insulted, kicked and pushed by a crowd of Muslim men. Not because she is bigoted, or because she is a racist, but because she is right; and I think deep down everyone knows it. This is the reason why Hopkins receives death threats and this is why Hopkins can easily be physically harmed and her attackers will not receive retribution.

Meanwhile, genuine racism from the followers of the warlord Mohammed goes unpunished and uninvestigated by the Police. Muslims can call a black person "nigger" on camera and there will be no prosecution, no investigation, not even a conversation. Assaults can be carried out on the Kuffar with impunity. Perhaps the policemen are scared of a large group of religious fanatics that they know are better armed than the police themselves.

Speaking of implements of violence, gird yourselves, dear readers, to be startled at the fiendish cache of deadly weapons unearthed by the brave police in Barnet.

Yes, a kitchen knife and some gardening tools have been safely removed from the streets of England. Sleep well, citizens. Don't pay attention to headlines about Pakistani rape gangs or Black youths murdering their way across the capital. It's all a bad dream. The worst you have to worry about is racist tweets and gardening shears. Go back to sleep.

It appears that we are running out of enough narrative to wrap the truth in. The dream is cracking at the seams, the joins aren't so well papered over in this version of reality. The holes in the plot are too jarring, the suspension of disbelief breaks and we are shot out of the story, dismayed and disillusioned.

All that is left to do is prevent all conversation, make all dissent illegal, and become more Orwellian than ever before- except with Sharia-flavored liberalism as the despot.

I find myself often thinking of Kipling lately. His words, almost always conveying a story of the British Empire, today are perhaps our most valuable treasure-trove of descriptions about ourselves. Rivaled (and in some way succeeded) only by Orwell himself, who explored the being of us as a people in a different way, Kipling often wrote in patriotic terms.

We may not speak of England; her Flag’s to sell or share.
What is the Flag of England? Winds of the World, declare! ~ Rudyard Kipling, The English Flag

The year before Kipling died, in 1935, he spoke at the annual dinner for the Royal Society of St. George, specifically noting on patriotism and "deploring the loss of ancestral virtues." The Spectator of the 10th of May 1935 disagreed strongly. In their view, pacifism and globalism were the future.

The roots of modern pacifism lie far back in the history and character of the British people. They were willing to fight for constitutional liberty because they wanted liberty, and went to prison to establish the right to freedom of thought and expression. In the past, they have willingly granted asylum to aliens on British soil, partly because they believed that freedom of movement and trade were profitable, but partly also because their standards of conduct were based on a conception of the personal rights of every individual as an individual, and not merely as a Briton. Citizenship of the world is a notion which can be more easily entertained by the British than by other people. The conception of citizenship which can be widened out to include the native inhabitants of countries once subject and now becoming increasingly free makes us less insular than we once were, and certainly more ready to respect citizen rights in foreign countries.

If this catalogue of British virtues may seem to savour of complacency, it should be noted that we are endeavouring to name only those virtues which belong to the British brand of patriotism—a brand of patriotism which is peculiar in that it minimizes the warlike elements in love of country, and makes us not, as Mr. Kipling suggests, soft in our championship of peace, but competent to take them lead in spreading the peace idea in the world.

I do not think Rudyard Kipling would have taken any pleasure at all in being proven correct. I invoke this review of Kipling's perennial correctness to make a point- it is not a new thing that our very identities as Britons has been under assault. The brand of patriotism suggested by The Spectator was and remains a feckless perversion; framed as the sole alternative to the bellicose and imperial patriotism of the Victorian era, it misses the point of Kipling entirely. His patriotism was not the equally false my country right or wrong kind that is so easily twisted by the demagogue. Kipling was in love with his country, but not blinded by it so much that he could not criticize it. I too have learned to love England, and I take my lead in this from Kipling himself. We are lucky to have such a teacher available to us.

We thought we ranked above the chance of ill.
Others might fall, not we, for we were wise—
Merchants in freedom. So, of our free-will
We let our servants drug our strength with lies.
The pleasure and the poison had its way
On us as on the meanest, till we learned
That he who lies will steal, who steals will slay.
Neither God’s judgment nor man's heart was turned.

Yet there remains His Mercy—to be sought
Through wrath and peril till we cleanse the wrong
By that last right which our forefathers claimed
When their Law failed them and its stewards were bought.
This is our cause. God help us, and make strong
Our will to meet Him later, unashamed!
Rudyard Kipling, The Covenant. 1914

The Editor

by The Editor