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"Islam is part of the fabric of Canada" ~ PCP Leader Andrew Scheer

We have all grown up within this Leftist world. Subject to the orthodoxy of our time and the programming of ideologues, and from a very young age. Some of the most right-wing people, myself included, principled conservative types, still suffer from Politically Correct conditioning. Social ostracism is a powerful threat. These shackles keep us from distinguishing between right and wrong on fact-based terms and wrong from right on emotionally-based terms.

When the left sees the right accuse the left of racism, they laugh in our faces. Their cultural hegemony persists, and we keep aiding them. When center-right and Alt-Lite -I don't use Alt-Lite as a pejorative, rather a spectrum description- accuse others farther to the right of "real" racism, two things are guaranteed:

(1) Ground is lost by the right as a whole and cultural hegemony of the globalists is ensured, supported by those who are subject most to its repressive and unwarranted attacks; unwitting conservatives. We legitimize their tactics.
(2) The current pervasive disunity within the right side of politics persists.

I get it, you want a one-up on liberals, to underscore their lack of principles and sincerity, operate in a way that is, by today's standards, socially acceptable and won't alienate you from normal people. At the very least, when rightists use the left's rhetoric, power remains in the hands of anti-Western forces, as the rhetoric they use continues to be given legitimacy. The plethora of "phobia" words still hold weight, even and especially in the eyes of the conservatives, as we fear being labeled as such. Conservatives seem to have been so gaslit and browbeaten by leftist authoritarians, they are terrified of demonstrating themselves to be what they've been accused of -and denied being- for years. The weight is made that much heavier when conservatives begin using leftist (anti-White) rhetoric in all seriousness rather than in a mocking tone. But when conservatives do this, and I type this as a Christian man, it has as much weight as an atheist accusing a Christian of blaspheming.

What else do they have? Why cave in? Why re-power their shock weapons? We have been subject to a lifetime of leftist indoctrination. The conditioning is Pavlovian and that is not easy to undo. It is, on the other hand, quite easy to perpetuate.

The undermining and delegitimizing of left-wing offensive (as in, offensive maneuvering, though offensive personally, also) strategic rhetoric is where our efforts should be focused. Neutralizing their most powerful weapon, in this cultural war, should be of primary concern. The left's language, which enables the silencing and belittling of dissenters, is what secures their culture control through its limitation of the Overton Window.

"Democrats are the real racists!"

This perpetuates a left wing, politically correct moral framework. Our criticism of the left is the same criticism the left makes about the right? So, it's just White people arguing over who the real racists are, and who serves out-groups more compassionately.

The left does not like people of European descent. They celebrate the decline of White society and the dwindling numbers of our population. They rub it in our face. Demographic destiny is of far more concern to all Whites than whatever it is leftists have decided racism is now.


The other month I was watching Canadian Question Time. The Prime Minister gets put on the spot in parliament and is bombarded with questions from all sides. Squabbles between leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau quickly descended into this strange display. Two White people at each other throats over who implements the best solutions for every other group other than the founding stock of this county. The demographic base that is the backbone of our society. Of Scheer's base. The majority of people go unmentioned.

Trudeau had a good response to Scheer:
"I'm sure everyone is rolling their eyes at the idea of conservatives caring about immigrants."

If Conservatives are operating in a left-wing framework, I guess the only viable strategy must be to out-liberal the liberals. I fail to see how this is a win for nationalism.

The false assumption conservatives made was that the Social Justice left approaches political discourse in good faith when in reality they have not meant and will not ever mean "racist" as anything other than a trendy word bullies can use to bully out-groups and convince themselves they are not bullies while they do it.

Charlie Kirk, American free-market conservative pundit (who is more about the economy than the demographic makeup of a nation -as though the two are unrelated!) is against identity politics. Yet, he hosts Turning Point USA. TPUSA hosts Female conservative leadership conferences, Hispanic conservative leadership conferences and Black conservative leader summits. Definitely nothing related to inherent biological identity and ethnocentric interests and advocacy there!

Identity formed through thousands of years of history will bleed over into policy and culture. Completely acceptable. Unless we actively seek to increase the vote of the largest Republican demographic in the States, which is White people, the platform of the Republican Party will be fundamentally altered.

Jeb Bush during a 2016 primary debate wanted Republicans to speak Spanish to recruit new voters. In this writer's view, this does more to aid the growth of Democrat voters -or at the very least their cultural hold- as language is an intrinsic part of culture.

Imaging attempting to preserve Western culture by placating those who hate it, seek to subvert and undermine it, and ultimately change it by all recognition. Just because they don't finger you as a White devil now, it's in the post. If they accept you for who you aren't, they've rejected you for who you are.


Conservatives cannot espouse their ideas without adding caveats which are meant to satisfy leftist mob mentality, preemptively defending themselves against the anticipated charges of a phobia of some sort. Enforced morality through intimidation and loss of livelihood and social standing and status. Doxxing. Still, they placate, hoping their fairness is reciprocal. When has it ever been? In some vain hope to be treated fairly by the Alinskyite left, conservatives act as the polite, principled and fair-minded people they are. Easy marks, in the eyes of a rabid leftist anarcho-communist.

If we don't accept them in their modern incarnation, why worry if we are rejected by them? You already accept so many loses in terms of friends and potential employment opportunities, hedging yourself in a way where you are at least mostly true to your beliefs is still a survival strategy in itself. Necessary. I get it, I've been there. But it cedes ground to our enemies. Playing nice and giving concession is what they've bullied us into doing for decades.

Conservatives had been gaslit into refusing to take consistent, honest and principled positions on what they stand for, or expressing themselves truthfully on how they feel about demographics. Instead, they would rather give concessions to the leftist mobs. Which, as cliche as this has become, is blood in the water which only attracts the sharks.

I've noticed American conservatives show a habit of criticizing Islam for how illiberal it is. So, if Muslims were about gay rights and women's rights, there'd be no problem with the implementation of Sharia? Many just feel safer couching their criticism of Islam within more acceptable terms, or with popular left-wing platitudes; The burqas are oppressive to women, and so they can be criticized in lieu, and thus the leftists won't beat you with the islamophobia stick. That is just weak! Making allowances left-wing identity politics and adopting their rhetoric only serves to perpetuate and reinforce the efficacy of these political strategies within our own nations, which will inevitably be redirected back on to conservatives. It does nothing to disarm the left, regarding the most effective weapon they have (claims of racism), and does more to perpetuate the legitimacy of claims of bigotry, founded or unfounded.

The problem with Islam isn't that it puts potato sacks on women; it's that Islam will oppress all of us. It will terrorize all of us into submission. The culture and way of life we all embrace is under threat. Stop couching criticisms of Islam in ways which render the criticism nothing more than the Christian mirror to the western atheist who execrate God and Christianity. Our problem with Islamic jihad isn't it's ultra-social conservatism; our problem is that it is an existential threat to each and every one of us, and it is expanding into the territory of European peoples. Ah, but it is racist to think that this will be a problem for the future.

The insistence to call Democrats "the real racists" is for conservatives and right-wingers a way to convince ourselves that we are not the extremists that the left wishes us to be. The cuckservatives walk a tightrope of smart immigration policy and xenophobia, making a point to vocalize about classical liberal values and adherence to individualism. Perhaps that is a political tactic, but we must openly proclaim that culture is collectively determined; we are a people. This statement is a extreme act in our current frame.

We have been gaslit by the leftist propaganda arm for so long, we do not want to be evil. Today, evil is bigotry at the worst end and conservatism at its most acceptable. This is the left wing frame in action; slowly we are drawn to the center by our own dislike of extreme thought- though our failing is in the acceptance of a definition of extreme that panders to literal communists.

But, the truth is the reality we see before us. We shouldn't reposition ourselves to a more socially acceptable stance by the standards of our opposition. Their social approval of us is firmly at the bottom of our list of priorities. Preservation of our way of Life, at all costs, is our priority. The left will only accept us once we accept their anti-Western and anti-White agenda- and therefore we cease to exist as anything other than red foam on a blue wave.

The MAGA phenomenon extends far beyond the borders of the US. It is unlike any other political movement. Europeans, Canadians, and Australians, actually following an American president with so much commitment. More loyal adherents to his agenda than to their own globalist leaders. This is not a cultural war, it is ethnic unity. In Europe, Canada, Australia, and the UK, we're all connected. Trump is the embodiment of White interests. Now, nationalist parties all over Europe are in talks about forming blocs.
Is this immoral? If Trump only had White supporters, would you feel less or more inclined to support him? Would it not matter at all? Would it be a deciding factor? Does the left wing moral framework permeate so far that it would prevent people from voting out of their own best interests?

There is nothing wrong with Trump appealing, implicitly, to White self-interest. We have interests. The treason going on is that our elites are selling our ancestral lands, to get votes and cheap labor. And they never asked us. We embolden them and further the globalist agenda by engaging them within a left-wing moral framework. Revealing how unprepared we are and how bullied we've been into making concessions. Abandoning what it is to be a nationalist. They want us to become a minority. We need to address their evil at its roots. Roseanne's firing conceded ground, approve of her tweet or not. It was a serious blow against the progress we've made against political correctness. Especially with her apologetic response, "I thought the bitch was White", Roseanne said. Because being anti-White is socially acceptable. It set White advocacy back one hundred years. And what ensured the blow? The lack of defense on the part of the right, the castigating of our own as "racist" to yield to the faux claims of racism by the left, and their insincere posturing. This only further validates their rhetoric, knowing it will only be used against the right at another date.

Only in a left-wing moral framework, the framework meant to silence us during the dismantling of our culture, our history and of our people, do Europeans hesitate to take their own side. Why are you only willing to stand for conservative principles so long as the based Black in a MAGA hat can convince you it isn't racist to support your own values, ideas and beliefs?

If we win at the polls but lose the culture, succumb to censorship, and change the face of a conservatism that it is at most fiscal conservatism with left-wing social policies, what else will we concede and refuse to stand our ground on next? Our existence? Our European culture? Western civilization itself?

The Millennial and Gen Z line has become "Conservatives conserve nothing." It's a fair criticism, and one which must be listened to. From now on, conservatives must preserve our way of life, our values, our traditions, and our people.

In this, we have nothing to apologize for; only pride for our sacrifice.


by Roman Blanco

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