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As Trump’s star has fallen, the Dissident Right has increasingly looked for a new figurehead. Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang are the so-called ‘edgy’ Democrat candidate that many in the Dissident Right have become interested in over the last month or so. These candidates are definitely enabling a paradigm shift in American politics; however, their manifestos and policies are sadly far from desirable.

Just because Tulsi Gabbard understands that bombing Assad doesn’t make sense when we’re fighting ISIS, that obviously doesn’t mean she is above criticism. If you’re a conservative and support gun rights, she has clearly stated she wants to take your weapons away, or at the very least limit your ability to use them. She also strongly supports migration from the Pacific Islands where she originates and is committed to changing the law in order to give them extensive welfare payments.

Then there’s Andrew Yang. He is clearly very articulate, productive and well educated, which is of course commendable. The ‘Yang bucks’ meme which refers to his proposal for Universal Basic Income is funny, but in reality, the policy is simply unworkable. Everywhere UBI has been tried or attempted it has failed, with Finland and Switzerland being the two latest examples. People work because they have to get an income in order to survive, but if that income is given in return for no labor, then people don’t really need to be productive. Some people might work/become product even with $1000 a month, but many sadly would not. Yang admitted himself in a Fox News interview with Stuart Varney that UBI would cost $2 Trillion a year, and if fewer people work because of this very proposal, it would become even more unaffordable.

The remainder of his manifesto is also based around large public sector programs. He wants funding for mental health, artists, local newspapers, abortion and contraception, marriage counseling and community colleges. Most alarming of all though, he wants state education for pre-kindergarten-aged toddlers. He also supports the DREAM Act, which would grant citizenship to those illegal immigrants brought into America as children, though interestingly he has said they should ‘earn their citizenship’. He also revealed in an interview with The Breakfast Club that he supports the moral case for slavery reparations, though, like other Democrat nominees, he has stopped short of endorsing any financial redistribution.

Perhaps most worrying for the Dissident Right though, is that Yang actually wants to create an Ombudsman to oversee all news websites and social media. He wants people who publish fake news to be investigated or punished, which is on the face of it a good idea if the mainstream media is targeted. However, if people complain about a source of news, then under his proposals that site could be investigated simply because of the number of complaints. This would inevitably lead to leftists mass reporting right-wing websites, just like they are currently doing with right-wing Youtube channels. The Ombudsman would also have the power to coordinate with social media companies to shut down individual social media accounts that they deem to be in the wrong, which again would undoubtedly lead to right-wing accounts being axed.

Both Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard have condemned the Dissident Right and the wider Identitarian movements; and as non-whites, it would be in their interest once elected to use the power of the state to destroy such entities. It is interesting how the Political Left can produce candidates who are genuinely interesting and engaging, but it is important to stress that these two are progressives with a hint of populism, not populists with a hint of progressivism. If elected, their administrations would be filled with progressive insanity – their campaign manifestos are already full of it.   With the corruption that prevented Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination 3 years ago still reigning supreme in the Democrat party, their chances of success are minuscule anyway.

The solution to our problems can only come from the Political Right because we are the ones who not only understand the important issues but also understand how to fix them in a way that benefits the West and our people. Trump, the Republican Party, and the wider Conservative Movement have for the most part failed, but that does not mean we should turn left in search of somebody to rally behind. Unlike in Europe, where populist-nationalist parties can gain power, America’s 2 party system limits not only choice but also strategic maneuverability. Using such candidates as a battering ram to force certain ideas into the mainstream is an interesting strategy, as long as we remain true to our own principles and keep our distance.

Overall though, don’t be fooled by progressives who hint at the needs of the white working class or Dissident Right, because in the long term they will not be your friend. If Trump, a right-wing populist, turned into a Zionist-Centrist once elected, just imagine the abomination that a left-wing populist candidate would become once he or she is elected.

We need a leader, but that leader must be one of our own.

Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.