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As I reported in these pages two weeks ago, Wilfrid Laurier University has a serious case of Neo-Marxism.

At the time of writing, ridiculous liberal arts Professors were claiming that

“Faculty and staff are scared to come to work right now.”


Because a 22-year-old Teaching Assistant was just too triggering for the snowflakes to handle. It has since transpired that no complaint was made against Shepherd at all. This means that Shepherd's boss, Nathan Rambukkana, ran what was in effect an entirely inappropriate witch hunt when he dragged Shepherd before his cult- I mean, advisory meeting. Was this action illegal according to Canadian employment law? If not, why not? This is surely persecution for ideological wrongthink. I'm sure we will discover that in due time, at the end of this legal process.

If this interrogation was indeed illegal, what fate can we expect for Mr. Rambukkana, author of seminal civilization shaping works such as Taking the Leather Out of Leathersex: The Implications of an Internet-mediated Sadomasochistic Public Sphere for Subcultural Identity Formation? Criminal punishment? Fired?

Not if Wilfrid Laurier have anything to do with it. No, as with all crybaby snowflakes, they're going to play the victim card.

Imagine our collective nonbinary transgender shock.

In a statement released today, Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association President Michele Kramer wrote;

To be clear, WLUFA condemns the violent speech and actions that have, unfortunately, become a daily occurrence on our campuses. In particular, the harm that has been leveled at our Trans Community and its supporters is unacceptable. WLUFA stands in solidarity with our LGBTQ2 community as they continue to battle their way through walls of ignorance and oppression — walls that seem to have been disproportionately fortified in the last few weeks.

Has it, Michele? Has it really become a daily occurence? I presume that unlike Nathan Rambukkana you have documents proving these complaints? There must be dozens of goose-stepping microaggressive people in Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys to take pictures of. Are these exact complaints not literal hate crimes in Canada now? Look at the language;

walls of ignorance and oppression!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for building big beautiful walls, but out of steel and concrete. How do you build a wall of oppression- except in one's own mind? Just a thought, Michele.

With the drafting of a task force to investigate 'freedom of expression' at Wilfrid Laurier in the works, may we make a small suggestion to the students of Wilfrid Laurier University?

Express yourselves. Freely. So long as you are not literally inciting violence, then you are not in any way falling foul of anything; and no, snowflakes, silence is not violence, words are not violence. Actual violence is violence. Sadly, incredibly, this is not the actual legal case in the Soviet Republic of Cancuckistan.

Strange though it is that alleged professors like Mr. Rambukkana have no problem delving into sordid details of grown men and leather parties; and similarly has no problem with a five-year-old child deciding to change genders and begin taking hormones- but for some reason, he cannot allow grown adults of 18 years to hear a differing opinion. That is a step too far. How dare you sickos even think the wrong thing or hear words of dissent.

Leftists. What is wrong with you? What kind of world are you building for the next generation? Of course, you don't care. You hate the family unit. We should all be genderfluid and childless, not that we would have a choice as in your sick future, everyone will have been sterilized by medical hormones as we genderbend on a daily basis. Maybe that's what Nathan Rambukkana wants. Maybe that's what Michele Kramer wants.** I wish they would tell us, instead of complaining how bad the world is treating them for calling the world evil. **

On the upside, at least the relentless tide of Islamic migration will put a stop to all Canada's troubles in this department soon. No one can be oppressed if everyone is in a burqa.

The Editor

by The Editor